Page 10, 27th November 1987

27th November 1987
Page 10
Page 10, 27th November 1987 — BISHOPS ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Cathedral Chapter, Holy Cross School, High School, Finance Committee, Council of Priests, St Anne's All Saints Pastoral Centre, Standing Committee, Lourdes Committee, Council of State of the Vatican City, St Joseph's Parish Centre, Reconciliation Service, Bishop's Council, Mental Health Committee, Bar Heritage Centre, FGP Committee, Diocesan Pastoral Council, Kent Ecumenical Council, Diocesan Priests' Council, Walker School, St Joseph, Ushaw College, Humberside Churches Council, Diocesan Assembly, St Joseph's Centre, Diocesan Education Committee, RC/Methodist Committee, Management Committee of St Mary, Holy Cross Church, Bishop's Music Committee, Catholic Social Services Management Committee, Ministry of Readers, Curial Office, Park College, Bath, Young Adult Pilgrims, National and Diocesan Legion of Mary, St Anthony's Church, Cumbria Ecumenical Executive Council, Cherwell Centre, St Andrew's Middle School, Essex Churches Consultative Council, Governors Standing Committee, St Catherine's Primary School, RAChD Centre, St Francis' Xavier Church, Linacre Centre, Visits Rosary Junior School, Diocesan Finance Committee, Upholland Northern Institute, Pastoral Council, Working Party, Rescue Society, All Saints Pastoral Centre, English College Retreat Centre, British Council, St Illtyd's High School, West Yorkshire Ecumenical Council, Advisory Committee, Pontifical Bureau for Pilgrims and Visitors, St Richard Gwyn School, Churches Evangelism Commission, Holy Family School, Clarke-Foley Day Centre, Ministry of Reader and Acolyte, St Vincent's Centre, Oscott College, National Catholic Fund


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I CANNOT recommend too highly The House of Peter, by Antonio Alberti-Poja, pictured above, and published by Van Duren Publishers, PO Box 1, Ger rards Cross, Buckinghamshire, SL9 7AE, Price £11.

It is a superb and simple history of the Vatican from the days of the first Christian Martyrs until our time. It would make an ideal Christmas present or stocking filler. It is quite the most informative book I have read on the history of the Vatican, and it is well illustrated by 16 pages of photographs.

The author, Count Antonio Alberti-Poja, is a member of the Council of State of the Vatican City. He is Head of the Administration of the Pontifical Bureau for Pilgrims and Visitors to the See of Saint Peter, and Vice-Governor General of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.

No better man to take you by the hand and tell you all he knows about the Vatican.

0 = Ordination, M = Mass, V = Vistation, C = Confirmation Cardinal Hume Archbishop of Westminster Sunday: St Bartholomews, St Albans, 10am. Reunion for members of Young Adult Pilgrims to Lourdes, 3pm. Monday: Meeting with Clergy of West London Area. Ealing Abbey, 11 am. Reception, Archbishop's House, 6pm. Archbishop Bowen of Southwark Monday: Area Bishops' meeting, Archbishop's House, 5.30pm. Tuesday: Requiem M for Father Leo Asciak, Norbury, 12 noon. Wednesday: Meeting with National and Diocesan Legion of Mary officers, Archbishop's House, 5.30pm. Thursday: M for Goan community of the diocese, Welling, 7.30pm. Friday: C, Waddon. 7.30pm.

Archbishop Ward of Cardiff Monday: V to St David's, Cardiff, 2pm. Tuesday: M of Inscription, for Pupils of St Richard Gwyn School, St David's Cathedral, Cardiff, 7.30pm. Wednesday: V to St Illtyd's High School, Cardiff, 10.25am. Mass of Thanksgiving for Beatified Martyrs, St Ethelbert, Leominster, 7.30pm.

Archbishop Worlock of Liverpool Sunday: Meeting with Deacons of the Archdiocese, 4pm. Tuesday: LIHE Meeting, 4pm. M in Thanksgiving for the eighty five Marytrs Beatification, St Mary's, Chorley, 8pm. Wednesday: Standing Committee, Ushaw College. Thursday/Friday: Diocesan Financial Secretaries, Upholland Northern Institute, 4.30pm. Saturday: National Catholic Fund, London.

Bishop Alexander of Clifton Monday: Induction of new Parish Priest, St Alphege, Bath, 7.30pm. Tuesday: M St Patrick's, Brockworth m honour of the Beatification of Gloucestershire Martyrs, 7.30pm. Wednesday: M at Holy Cross School, Bedminster, 10.30am. Service of Reconciliation Holy Cross Church, Bedminster, 7.30pm. Thursday: Induction of new Parish Priest, Holy Family, Swindon, 7.30pm. Friday: M at St Catherine's Primary School, Chipping Camden, 11 am. C Prior Park College, Bath, 7.30pm. Saturday: St Antony's Parish, Henbury.

Bishop Brewer of Lancaster Sunday: Presides at M in honour of the Beatificed Martyrs, Cathedral, 3pm. Monday: Signing of ecumenical covenant, Dalton in Furness, 7pm. Thursday: Finance Board meeting, Bishop's House. 10.45am. Meeting of Deans, Bishop's House, 2.30pm. Friday: Cumbria Ecumenical Executive Council meeting, Penrith.

Bishop Burke (Auxiliary for Salford) Sunday: V, 10am. C, 3pm St Teresa's Warn. Wednesday: Chapter M, Salford Cathedral, 12 noon.

Bishop Clark of East Anglia Wednesday: Diocesan Finance Committee, Diocesan offices, 3pm. Thursday: Diocesan Assembly, Hengrave Hall, Bury St Edmunds, 10.30am. Friday: Friends of St John's Cathedral, Dinner Dance, Maids Head Hotel, Norwich, 7.30pm. Saturday: M for 50th Anniversary of Knights of St Columbia in Peterborough.

Bishop Crowley (Auxiliary for Westminster) Sunday: Lourdes YAP Reunion, Archbishop's House, 3pm. Commissioning Eucharist Ministers, Hammersmith, 5pm. Tuesday: Reconciliation Service for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, St Vincent's Centre, Carlisle Place, 7.30pm. Wednesday: V and talk, High School, Farnborough, Hants, am/pm. Thursday: M, Missionaries of Charity, Bravington Road, 8am. Neo-catechumenate liturgy, Ogle Street, WI, 7pm. Saturday: M, Allen Hall, Ministry of Readers, 6pm.

Bishop Gray of Shrewsbury Tuesday: Luncheon at the Mayor's Parlour, Town Hall, Wallasey, 12.30pm. Wednesday: Presides at Meeting of the Bishop's Council at the Curial Offices, 11 am. Thursday: Presides at Meeting of the Rescue Society, St Joseph's, Malpas. 7pm. Saturday: Celebrates M to confer the Ministry of Reader and Acolyte on George Crespin at St Mary of the Angels, Hooton, 7pm. Bishop Hannigan of Wrexham Sunday: Return from Rome. Tuesday: Diocesan Priests' Council, Loreto, Llandudno, 10am. Wednesday: Diocesan Education Committee, Wrexham, 10.30am. Thursday: Taize Night, Mold, 7.30pm. Saturday: V to Flint.

Bishop Harris of Middlesbrough Sunday: Gives talk on the "Martyrs & Ecumenism", Bar Heritage Centre, York, 7pm. Tuesday: Meets with Northern Church Leaders, Bishop's House, am. Meets with Pastoral Council (North) Working Party, pm. Wednesday: English Martyrs Thanksgiving, M, S' Hilda's, Whitby, 7pm. Thursday: Concelebrates M, St Francis' Xavier Church, Richmond, 11am. Presentations by Bishop Harris, 1.30pm. Bishop Harvey (Auxiliary for Westminster) Sunday: North London Area, Afternoon for Marian Year, St Joseph's Centre, Hendon, 2-6pm. Tuesday: Deans' meeting, 11am. Chapter, 4pm. Wednesday: M, Silver Jubilee, KSC, Council 572, Enfield. 8pm. Thursday: C, Kingsbury Green, 7.30pm.

Bishop Henderson (Auxiliary for Southwark) Sunday: Induction of a Parish Priest, Sydenham Hill, 1 1 am. Meets confirmati, West Norwood, 2pm. Monday: Diocesan Finance Committee, 11am. RC/Methodist Committee meeting, Hinde Street, pm. Tuesday: Meeting of Kent Ecumenical Council, West Malting_ 10.30am. Thursday: SE Area Deans' Meeting, Blackheath, 10.30am. Caring Week M. Bishop Thomas Grant School, 7.30pm. Friday: Visits Holy Family School, Kidbrooke, am. Presentation of Bene Merenti Medal, Crayford, 7.30pm. Saturday: Finance Advisory Committee meeting, 11.15am.

Bishop Hitchen (Auxiliary for Liverpool) Sunday: V, St Teresa's, Birkdale. Monday: C, St Monica's, Bootle, 7.30pm. Tuesday: V continued and visit to school St Teresa's Birkdale. C, St Oswald's, Longton, 7.30pm. Wednesday: Executive meeting of Lourdes Committee, 10am. St Mary Magdalen, Lower Penwortham, 7.30pm. Thursday: Stonecroft Deanery Conference, St Mathew's, Liverpool, 10.30am. Friday: Catholic Social Services Trustees Meeting, 12 noon. Catholic Social Services Management Committee, 2pm. C, St Alban's, Warrington, 7.30pm.

Bishop Hollis (Auxiliary for Birmingham) Sunday: M in honour of the newly Beatified Oxford Martyrs, St Aloysius, 3pm. Monday: M at Cherwell Centre, Oxford, 3pm. Tuesday: M in honour of St Edmund Campion, Campion Hall, Oxford, 6pm. Wednesday: C at Our Lady & All Saints, Stonebridge, 7.30pm. Friday: Thanksgiving M at St Mary and St Egwin, Evesham, 7.30pm.

Bishop Jukes (Auxiliary for Southwark) Sunday: V. St Thomas of Canterbury parish, Rainham, 8.30am. Deacons in Kent Meeting, West Mailing, 2.30pm. Meets parish council, Rainham parish, 6pm. Monday: Chairs Deans' meeting at West Mailing, 11am. Bishop's Meeting, Southwark, 5.30pm. Tuesday: Meeting of Kent Ecumenical Council at West Mailing, 10.30am. Maidstone Deanery Meeting at St Francis, Maidstone, 7.30pm. Thursday: Meeting of the Management Committee of St Mary's Dower Trust Ltd., at Holy Cross Priory, 11.15am. Friday/Saturday: Official visitation to Cranbrook parish.

Bishop Kelly of Salford Sunday: M with Polish Community, 10am and 12 noon. M at Holy Name, Manchester with students, 7pm. Tuesday: Junior Clergy Meeting, 10.30am. Wednesday: Deans' Meeting, Wardley Hall, 1 1 am. Evening prayer, Drywood Convent, Worsley, 7.30pm. Thursday: Oscott College. Birmingham until Friday.

Bishop Konstant of Leeds Sunday: V, St Peter's, Belle Isle. Monday: M, St Andrew's Middle School, Moortown, 11 am. West Yorkshire Ecumenical Council, Curial Office, 3pm. Tuesday: M, St Walburga's First School, Shipley, 10am. Friday: Clarke-Foley Day Centre, Ilkley, 11 am. Saturday: V, St Robert's, Harrogate.

Bishop Lindsay of Hexham & Newcastle Sunday: VC, St Edmund, Blackworth, 3.30pm. Monday: Mtg, Mental Health Committee, Newcastle, 3pm. 0, Diaconate Ordination, Minster acres, 7 pm. Wednesday: Mtg, Ushaw Governors', Ushaw, 12 noon. Presents Certificates to Walker School in St Anthony's Church, 7pm. Thursday: C Immaculate Heart of Mary, West Monkseaton, 7pm. Saturday: Mtg, Diocesan Pastoral Council, St Joseph's Parish Centre, Gatesh, 11pm.

Bishop McGuiness of Nottingham Monday: Finance Committee, 11am. Wednesday: Meeting at Markworth, 1 1 am. Thursday: Lincs Church Leaders. Saturday: V Sick Woodhall Spa.

Bishop McMahon of Brentwood Sunday: M, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Stock, 9am. Presides at Advent Liturgy, Cathedral, 4.30pm. Wednesday: V and C, St Margaret's, Canning Town. Thursday: Chairs meeting of Bishop's Music Committee, London, 11.30am. Friday: Chairs meeting of Essex Churches Consultative Council, 10.30am. Bishop Mahon (Auxiliary for Westminster) Sunday: Commissioning of Special Ministers, St John Fisher, Shepperton, 10.30am. Commissioning of Special Ministers, St Lawrence's, Feltham, 6pm. Monday: Meeting of Cardinal with Area Clergy, Ealing Abbey, 10.30am. Wednesday: M, Gumley House Convent, 6pm. Thursday: Meeting of FGP Committee of Linacre Centre, 12 noon. Visits Rosary Junior School, 2,30pm.

Bishop Mullins of Menevia Wednesday: Clergy Study Day, Carmarthen, 11.30am4.30pm. Saturday: Requiem M at St Joseph's Cathedral for Deceased Nuns, 2.30pm.

Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel & Brighton Sunday: V, Dorking. Tuesday: Surrey and Sussex Church Leaders Meeting, Brighton, 12 noon. Wednesday: TVS Religious Advisers' Panel meeting, Maidstone, 12 noon. Saturday: M and opens new Parish Hall, Banstead, 6pm.

Bishop JO'BrIen (Auxiliary for Westminster) Sunday: V, Our Lady Immaculate, Hitchin. Monday: Herts Area Justice and Peace coordinating group at All Saints Pastoral Centre, 8pm. Tuesday: Catecumenate ceremony at St Alban & Stephen's church, St Albans, 8pm. Wednesday: M at Sunnydell House of Prayer, St Albans, 5.30pm. Thursday: V to Holy Rosary Priory, Bushey, 5.30pm. Friday: Justice and Peace meeting at St Anne's All Saints Pastoral Centre.

Bishop K O'Brien (Auxiliary for Middlesbrough) Sunday: C, Market Weighton. Monday: Humberside Churches Council, 1 1 am. C, St Andrews, Middlesbrough, 7pm. Tuesday: C, St Anne's, Eston, 7 pm. Wednesday/Thursday/Friday: British Council of Churches Evangelism Commission at Damascus House, London. Saturday: M at Bransholme 11.30am. Honley Male Voice Choir at St Charles, 7.1 5pm.

Bishop Swindiehurst (Auxiliary for Hexham & Newcastle) Sunday: V & C, Sacred Heart, Windiestone. Wednesday: Meeting of Governors Standing Committee, Ushaw College, Durham, 12 noon. Thursday: C, St Joseph's, Norton, 7pm. Saturday: Priestly 0, Rev C Hughes, St Bede's, Jarrow, 11am.

Bishop Thomas of Northampton Sunday: V & C, Stony Stratford. Monday: Visits Stony Stratford (School). Tuesday: Council of Priests, 1 1 am. Junior Clergy Meeting The Grail, pm. Wednesday: C, Wendover, pm. Thursday: Finance Board, 2pm. C, Great Missenden, 8pm. Saturday: Meeting for Religious, St Bernard's Convent, Slough, 1 1 am, V, Woburn Sands.

Bishop Tripp Auxiliary for Southwark) Sunday: Catholic Children's Society Conference. Wednesday: Lourdes Pilgrimage Directors' Meeting in Birmingham, 4pm, Friday: London Churches Group Meeting, 10am. Saturday: C at North Cheam, 11 am. V at Barnes, 4pm.

Bishop Walmsley (HM Forces) Sunday: Pastoral Council, RAChD Centre, Bagshot, am. Monday: Renewel Course, English College Retreat Centre, Rome, until 10 Dec.

Bishop Emery of Portsmouth Sunday: Christ the King, Bitterne, Southampton Parish V. Tuesday: Bishop's House, Portsmouth, Meeting of the Cathedral Chapter, am. Meeting of the Diocesan Council of Priests, pm.

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