Page 2, 27th October 1950

27th October 1950
Page 2
Page 2, 27th October 1950 — POINTS FROM LET TERS

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Locations: Hereford, York, Canterbury


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November Five

Could there be a Votive Mass (High Mass) of the Assumption on the Sunday after the Papal Pronouncement to give us all a most welcome opportunity to show our love for Our Ladyand for Christ's

Vicar Incidentally that Sunday is Nov. 5, a date associated in the past with much anti-Catholic bigotry in England! CitewroRn E. Comet:, B.Sc.(Loncia, Singing during the Centenary The lone voice of your correspondent Fr. Atkinson raised in protest at the enforced silence of the congreeation of priests at the Southwark lslass makes one wonder if there is not a conspiracy of silence among the Catholic Press regarding the singing at both Wembley and Southwark. I have yet to meet a single person who was at Wembley and who does not regret that the congregation were not allowed to participate more fully in the singing of the Mass. .Surely the singing of the Credo confounded the critics who say it is not practical. What could have heeri more inspiring at the end of the Mass than that vast congregation giving vocal expression to the Deo Gratias which was the sole motive for our pilgrimage to Wembley and which had to remain stifled on our lips ? Wm. .I. GaeFere,y (Rev.), The Presbytery, St. John's Road, March, Cambs.

"Sung Mass helps the children "

In your last issue, under the above heading, reference is made to a children's Sung Mass, composed

by Fr. Furnise C.SS,R. I daresay quite a number of readers would like to have a more detailed description. and to know where copies can he obtained. Joner H. HEYWOOD, Bracton, Tregonwell Road. Minehead, Somerset.

Joseph Edgar Richardson With reference to your obituary notice, Joseph Edgar Richardson, grandson of John Richardson, Catholic organist and composer of many well-known hymn tunes. was himself an organist and composer cf considerable merit and a zealot-1s exponent of Bach. He served as organist at St. Alban's, Warrington, for forty years, up to the time of his last illness. As a partner in the firm of J. Richardson and Sons. Ecclesiastical Decorators, he was responsible for the decoration and stained-glass in many churches in England and Wales, par ticularly in the North-West. He died on September 24, and was interred at the Warrington cemetery on Wednesday, September 27. He leaves a widow and eight children, two of whom are Benedictine monks and one a Poor Clare.-Dow ROBERT RicunansoN, 0.S.B., Belmont Abbey, Hereford.

Foreign Missions

1 wonder how many of your Catholic readers can boast of 27 years of faithful help and correspondence with a Holy Ghost Father in Southern Nigeria. and I am only a very poor humble working woman. When I see Catholics, rich and poor, discarding their Catholic papers to lighting fires or into dustbins,

imagine what I think or feel. Our beloved priests and nuns in the mission fields would be cheered by such papers-MARY E. MoRoNEv, 6 Carlingford Road, N.W.3.

Anglican Archbishops May 1 state through the medium of your paper, that as a member of the Church of England. I do not agree with the Archbishops of Canterbury and York's rejection of the Bodily Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven. The Pope is to he praised and not censured for his reverence of Our Lady. W. H. WootuteM, St. Seven, 34 Glebe Rd.. Stanmore. Middx.

Catholic Sea Scouts It may interest Mr. A. P. Feueheux to know that we have a flourishing Sea Scout Troop-8th Guernsey: De La Salle Coll.. if Guernsey can be considered in the Southern Counties, The Founder, Br. Charles, has just (Oct.) started a new S.S. Troop at St. Peter's School, Southbourne. near Bournentouth.-BRo. RALPH, F.S.C. (S.M.), De La Salle College, Guernsey, Cds, Religion on the B.B.C.

I often find non-Catholic sermons and non-Catholic speakers on " Lift Up Your Hearts" much more concrete, helpful and practical. more in touch with the everyday problems of ordinary people than our own speakers. M. WYLIE. 48 Bishops Mansions, Bishops Park Road, S.W.6, A Swede calling I am a Swede recently converted to Catholicism and I am anxious to use my knowledge of languages in order to translate Catholic watts into Swedish. Sweden has too small a population, and is too little conscious of Catholicism for there to be much demand yet for major works, but I think there might be a better chance if I could find shortish works with a popular appeal. Could you or your readers offer any suggestions in the matter?-P. KELLY, 10 Manor Close, Ruislip. Middlesex.

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