Page 8, 27th September 1940

27th September 1940
Page 8
Page 8, 27th September 1940 — THIS SCOTTISH SEMINARIAN • Came Home With King Zog

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From Our Own Correspondent GLASGOW.

The interesting statement that the ship on which he escaped from France contained a " cosmopolitan galaxy which included King Zog of Albania, a man believed to be Kerensky, English workmen and

millionaires, as well as Belgian,

Dutch, Czech, Polish and British soldiers," was made to me by the Rev. D. P. Boyle, a Scottish student who made his escape from the seminary at Limoges, France, and who was last week raised to the ptiesthood by the Most Rev. Andrew Joseph McDonald, O.S.B., Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh.

A native of Donegal, who was brought up in Mid-Calder, Scotland, Fr. Boyle was completing his studies

when the surrender speech of Marshal Petain warned him, and his British colleagues, that it was time for them to make their escape from France.

With unbelievable luck the students managed to get hold of a cur and get through the patrols of Gardes Republicaine, who had been ordered to stop all traffic.

AIR RAID SHELTER NIGHT Wearied out, the students sought rest in a public park, but were warned on by the Gerdes Republicaine, and settled down for ;heir night's rest in an air-raid shelter in Bordeaux. Their shelter was happily itosen, for barely had they settled down when the town was subjected to a terrific 'r-raid. When quiet came Father Boyle settled down to rest. He said afterwards, " I slept rather uncomfortably because mosquitoes were amusing themselves on my wrist."

At the American Consulate at Bayonne (they had taken over the work for the British) Father Boyle found a crowd of British subjects seeking evacuation. " 1 learned that the greater part of the British colony of 15,000 established on the coast in and around Biarritz was seeking repatriation. Most of these lordly Britons were most cordial and courteous A few others, however, were loudly bawling their commonplace experiences to the wide world," There were hours of delay and waiting while they got a ship—and what a passenger list it had! " We students; a young boy from Egypt ; a few English workmen ; a rich Briton, who couldn't speak a word of English; a Y.M.C.A. man in a soldier's uniform, who said that he was a Catholic: sa-King Zog of Albania, and a man believed to he the Russian Revolution leader, Kererisky."

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