Page 10, 27th September 1968

27th September 1968
Page 10
Page 10, 27th September 1968 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Cardinal Heenan of Westminster Saturday: Presidm and preaches at Mass For Czechs. Wessminsier Cathedral, 6. Sunday: Says Mass. Si. Michael's Cot Stevenage. 6. Monday: Concelebrates Mass in celebration of 4th Douai Centenary, Si. F.dmuntes °allege, ware. Tuesday: Presides an Rod Mass, Westminster Cathedral. 1130. Wednesday: Cencelebrates Mass tor Reda Associaticrn foltoeed by lunch at Rembrandt Hord. Oratory, 12.30. Offers Requiem Mass for Sir Richard Elwes, O.C., Westminster Cathedral. 6. Attends Livery Dinner, Haberdashers' Hall, 7 30.

15151101) Itessey, auxiliary or Westminster -Monday: Concelebrates Mae for Douai Centenary, Si. Edmund's Celeste, 11.30. Tuesday: Attends Chapter Mass and electing, Westminster Cathedral, 10.30. Wednesday Visitarion end Confirmation. Our Lady of Walsineham. Enfield.

• Archbishop Dwyer of 'BirminghamSaturday: Blesses new Church of St. Miehael, Wolverhampton, 4. Sunday! Cemermatien, Sacred Heart, Tamale 3.30. Wednesday: Visits sick nr parish, Si Francis. Kenilworth. Thursday! Blesses Bishop Walsh School. Smron "Aildrefih:hil. Ii

shop Beck of Liverpool-Thursday: Attendi meeting of Northern Bishora at elsbaw Collate.

Illshop Crawl of Northampton-Salerdav and Sundae: Arienda meeting el thc K.S.C. Supreme Council. Si. Antise on Sea. Monday: Concelebrates at Si. Edmunds; Coitege, Ware, during the 4th Centenary relebratione. Tuesdae: eTeering of Deans in Cambridge, II Artends Golden Jubilee Dinner of the 5th Nerthernrunn S.C. Samar Group. Northampten, 7.1.P, Wednesday! Concelebrates Si the Reda Assoztatlen Annual Mass. The Oratory, I (under,. 12.1e.

triahop Ellis of NertInehnm-Sunday! Viseialien and Confirmation. Si. Bernedeity's Seenthorne. Tuesday! Vieitarfon and Confirmation. Barton on Humber. ron. Wu-dinettes!: Visiration and Con• lirmatinn. Crosse:. 7. Thursday Via-ea/0n nerd rearifirmation, Market Ranee. 6.30. Friday: Addressee Conference on of NfiddiesIsraughA dliclkiehtaiopu Saturday: Centers Soh-diaconate. 'aridleurron. Stmulae renconare Ordination, Pretlincenn. Ir. elondase presents Priers. Si. Attenstine's Schoel, Searhorouph. Wednesday: Attends X.S.C. Dinner. Middlesbrouph. Bishop Itudderham of Clifi on-Su n dye.: Visitation Si May Redeemer Church. Salisbury. Confirmation, Monday: Confirmation at St. Osmond-a. Salishery. 7. Wednesday: Blessing and °noting of new S.. Patrick's church, troekwerh, 7. Friday eleerinp of Dire aesan Fournenieal Commiasien at la autraite Cement. Cliftote 1 Bishop Bestir:Inc Of Piyiltonth-Friday: Centers the leiacunate, Plymouth. Monday to Friday, Visits seminaries in Der%•It sho Cunningham of Restam rind Neerrasee-Saturelay: Celebrates Mass and attends annual crucial meedne of diocesan Branch of Caiholie Women's League, Veld:day Bay. Bishop wheeirr or 1,eem-5,

Dedication ef Windnw and Concelehrates Mast, St. JOSerh'S„ bishop Thornton,

lo Sunday; Visitatien and Confirms. SS. Peter and Paint. Waeufteld. elenday: Formal Opening of Corlett

eitati Sahred. I eats, 3. Tuesday: 5! ends Day of Res:election. Ilkley. Saes Mesa for Little Slaters of locus. g Wechiesday Meerine of Governors of Trinity and All Saints' Colleges. II. Thursday mid Friday: Attends meeting of Northern Bishop on leshaw.

Bishop rule. et I ansasier-Friday to

Suntan! Autepea Centenary celehrationa t the Fnaush College, Douai, Teesdale Attends C'hapier Meeting of Laneester. 11. Wednesday: anenas meceing of the Priests Eucharistic League at Atlantic House. Liserpool. Bishop Gram of Shrewsbure-Friday: rrize-inv.ina at the Flee Trade Hale Manchester, 7,30, tereto Corneae Altrincham. Monday: Attends Official Opening of the Chapel-Orthopecelie Hospital, Oswesiry, Shropshire, 2.30. Bishop Cashman of Arundel and arighton-wednesday: COTISCCMICS altar and blesses chapel at St. Mary's Convent, Westbrelake. Worthing.


Key. A. Toffee., ey Bishop Restivaux of Plymouth. in Holy Farina Church, Ply-mouth.


Fr. Frantz Horn, 0.S.Carn.„ Prefect of the carnittan Order in Denmark, aged Egt, in Aalborg. Born tri Germany, he went to Jutland's most northerly province Si wan's ages and establIsheel the church In Viborg, Juiland's capital in preReformation times.

Er. Weibull Ehomea Baylla. Se., of the parish of the Sacred Wert, Blackpool, died on Saturday at Seram:ea. his native town, where he was cares Mg out holiday/supply duties. lie was 65. Fr. Baylis was a railwaa ereman for tive years before hie ordination in 1935. From 1940-45 he was a military chaplain and he had been al Blackpool since 1957.


SUNDAY: Third Plograrnme

6.55 teme-Vieuoria scunta di reiesa. Mime. Simile car Regnum Coelenun, preceded by (he Guerrero Motel on which ii is based_ Recording of part of a conUrn in Noire Dame de France, Leicester Square, on February 6.

WEDNESDAY: Recess 3 (15.40 WEDNESDAY: Recess 3 (15.40


reme-Organ recital by Philip Dare. from Ample:teeth College Chapel.

FRIDAY: Radio 4 (7.50-7.55 a.rn.)'len to Eight. Prmer end Medhation led bur Fr. Agnate: Andrew, O.E.M.

"flied Proetamme (e.513-10.te a.m.) Absolutely Nell and Utterly Vold? The unreeolleed Question of tee validity of Holy Orders in the Anglican Church is discussed by a Carbolic theologian, Fr. John Dv Hughes, alithew of a recent book oil (he subject.

Two priests will advise Harlech TV

APANEL of six clergy appointed as Religious Advisep by Harlech television company includes Fr. Michael House. of the Church of St. Gerard Majella, Knowle. Bristol (for the West of England), and Fr. Edwin 'Regan. chairman of the Cardiff Archdiocese Cateehetical Commission (for Wales).

All major denominations are represented on the panel, which met in Cardiff for the first time last week. The meeting was attended by C'. J. N. Martin, Religious Programmes Officer • of the Independent Television Authority.

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