Page 8, 27th September 1985

27th September 1985
Page 8
Page 8, 27th September 1985 — BISHOPS ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Lourdes Association, John Wall School, Council of Diocesan Affairs, Diocesan RE Teachers' Committee, V Discharged Prisoners Association, Supreme Council, Si Hugh's College, Consecrelee St Teresa's Church, Sacred Heart Church, St Thomas More School, Area Pastoral Council, Department of Christian Cilirenahes Landon, Civic Service, Catholic High School, Diocesan Ministry, Kent Schools Commission, Sixth Form College, Derby Ecumenical Council, Commission for Ministerial Formation, Catholic Pensioners Welfare Committee, St Teresa's Church, Session Service, Portsmouth Diocesan Pastoral Council, Upholland Northam Institute, Bishops Committee for Deaf Manchester, Special School, SI Adrian's School, School's Commission, National Cothdfic Fund, Upholland Northern Institute, Lincolnshire Church, Fleeced Giving Service, SI Francis Church, Alliance of Catholic Knights In Glasgow, Napsbury hospital, Marist Church, Murder Rescue Council, Advisory Committee, SI John Fisher Church


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0 Ordhietion, M Mass, V Visitation. C =


Cardinal Hume. Archbishop of Wenminwor Sunday M for Cubs sod Scouts St Joseph's, Wealdstorie, 3pm,

Archerlahop Bowen of Southmark Sunday: Diocesan Ministry lo Priests' Retreat, Ayloeford Friary (until October 4).

Archbishop Worlock of Liverpool Sunday Opening of new Cherch Si Peter's Jersey, Returns Tuesday. Wednesday. Municipal Alineve Liverpool. am. Church Leaders' Group, Friends Meeting House, 4pm. Thursday: Liverpool Head Teachers, Curial Offices, 3pm. Consecration of Church and Altar. SI Plus X, Widnes, 7.30pm. ericleyr National Cothdfic Fund, London. Saturday L'Arche Community eisfi, 2pm. 0 of Rev A Slingo, SI Mary's, Lowe House, ?pm. Archbishop Ward of CredIff Sunder M for Association of Divorced S Separated Catholics, St David's Cathedral, 7pm eienery Mooting of Church Leaders in Weise Shire Hall, Shrewsbury, loam Wednesday: C, Our Lady of the Rosary. Merthyr Tydfil. Thursday: Beginning of Session Service. Univentity Cotiege of Swansea. 4.30pm. Friday V Poor Clare*. LOWer Bellingham. 3pm.

Mishap Alexander of Cithon Tuesday: Meeting 01 Clifton Catholic Diocesan Trustees, Registered at SI Ambrose, 10.30are M and Consecrelee St Teresa's Church. Fitton, 7pm. Thursday: Inaugural Mal SI 'tredve.* Sixth Form College, Brislington, 10 45am M at St flemeriene's Church, Whacnurch on the occasion of retirement at lietelleacher of St Bernadette's. followed by bullet, / 30pm Friday Farewell M for the Franciscen Conventual, el St JOSOPfri. POrtiehead, talloWed by reception at Slade Road, 7.30pm. Bishop Blower of I/infester sunder M for Anniversary nt DedIcatice Of the Cathedral, 110M. M tor tne Golden Jubilee of Stella Matutine Convent, Ansdell, 4pm. The Official inauguratlue el the new Cartnelite Community, St Ignatius', Preston. Monday/Tuesday: Meeting pi lite Commission for Ministerial Formation, Damascus House. Wednesday: Annual Dinner of the Workington Catholic Pensioners Welfare Committee, 6 15pm. Theo sday: Speaks at the Clergy Fraternal, Gockermouth, 11am. 150th Anniversary Of Church at Creel Feeleslon. Saturday. V 8 C, Holy Family, ingol, Preston B ishop Burke, Auxiliary lee Salford Sunday: V d C. St Gretege's Nelson.

10ehop Clark IN East Anon' SumSay: JWO, WGCACC Meetings In Rune until Oct 8th. MondayWortley: Rome.

B ishop Emery of Portsmouth Sunday: Jersey, Chan tat Wednesday: Bishop's House, Portsmouth Diocesan Pastoral Council, 6.30pm. Thuredsy Storming of SI John Fisher Church, Whilchurch, Andover, 7pm. Friday: Winchester Cathedral International Youth Year service, 130pm. Saturday: St John's Cathedral, Portsmouth, M lot CWL and UGM, 11am.

Bishop Gray of Shrewsbury Sunder V S C, Holy Family. Sale Moor_ Saturday Young adults' course, Savio House.

Bishop Stamagen of Mensal. Sunder V S C, Abergele. Monday Meeting of Church I. enders, Shire Shrewsbury, 10.30em. Wednesday: Finance Meeting, Wrexham, 2pm. FrialyiSaiurdey, V lu Connah's Duey.

Bishop Harris of Middlesbrough Sander Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, Marist Church, Hull Concelebrates M, 10.30am. Tuesday: C, SS Mary Romuald, Vann. fa, 7.30pm Wednesday; Sliver Jubilee Celebrations. Our Lady 01 Perpetual Help, Market, Weighton, )pm. Friday: Mahlon Jubilee Celebrations, SI Francis Church, Middlesbrough, 7pm Bishop KIM, of North Londe.. Sunder C, St Teresa of the Chtid Je11.111, Headstone Lane, 11are for the Handicapped. St Joseph, Wembley, 3pm. Monday: Dedication M lot Teachers (Brent Deanery), Jesus and Mary Convent, Willesden, 4.30pm. Tuesday: Deane' Meeting, Hendon, 1tent CDR, 5pm. Wednesday: CDA, 10am Dedication OA lot Teachers (Haringey Deanery), St Thomas More School, Wood Green, 4.30pm Friday: Dedication M for Teachers (Barrel Deanery), Flnchley Catholic High School, a.JOmn Area Pastoral Council, Hendon, 7.45pm. Saturday: M and AGM, Westminster Diocese Covenant S Fleeced Giving Service. St John Fisher, North Harrow, 3pni Bishop Henderson, Austliary lOr Southwark Sunday V, Petts Wood, Sam-6pm. Monday-. Diocesan Finance Meeting, 11am. Continuation of pastoral V, Pelts Wood. 1.15 10pm. Ender Meeting with South London Area Leaders. am. Finance Advisory Committee Meeting, Wealmlnater, 3.30pin. Saturday: Catholic Media Trust Meeting, 10.30am Afternoon Meeting of Prayer Groups, Slackten, 2 30.5pm. Bishop Hhohen, Auxiliary for Liverpool Sunday. V Sacred Neen, Leigh. Tuesday V of School and Leigh General, Hospital. C, Sacred Heart, Leigh, 7.30pin. Wednesday: Lourdes Association. Upholland Northern Institute. Merseyside Church Leaders' Meeting, Friends Meeting House, 4pm. Thursday C. Cur Lady 01 Vleteries, LIverpuul, 7.30pm. Saturday: SCIAF, Glasgow. Preaches in Glasgow. 6.3Upm. Bishop Juke*, Auxiliary for Southwark Sunder V to Birchington parish. Monday Chairs Deans' Meeting al West Helena, I lam, Tuesday: Gerdy Retreat. Ayiestorn wedneedar Kent Schools Commission Meeting, Weal Stalling. 10.30em. Celebrates M tor Mart a1 Conterbsee7pni. Thursday, Clergy Retreat. Aylesiord. Rider Meeting of Christian Crli7onahip, Official V to Sevenorvis pahsh, I lam Saturday Head Teacher's Conterence at West Mailing, Official V to Sevenoaks parish, 9.30am. Bishop Kelly of Salford Sundey: V d C Sacred Heart Coins. Tuesday: Deanery Study Day. Blackburn. Wednesday. Youth Commiaslon. Gerald Road Pendlelun, 1 larn.3.30pm 'Murder Rescue Council Meeting, Dinshury, 1tern. Bishops Committee for Deaf Manchester. Friday-Saturday V C. Mt Cannel, Blackely.

B ishop lionstant of Leeds Sunder C. Raney Carr, 11am Thuradey: C, High Bentham, 7pm Sehoday. Christian Unity Commission Study Day, Leeds, lOarn B ishop of Nottingham Sunder C, English Martyrs, *icemen, OE, 10.30am. Monday: Derby Ecumenical Council, Duffield, 7.30pm Tuesday: Chapter Meeting, Cathedral. I lam. Friday Lincolnshire Church Leader's Meeting, Si Hugh's College, Tellerten, NG. Item. Saturday PA, Lincoln Convent, First Profession, Noon.

Bishop McGinty, Auxiliary for Birmingham Sunday: PA S C: St Patrick, Coventry. Item, Monday: V 61 John Wall School, Birmingham. Tuesday: Chapter Meeting S M: St Chad's Cathedral. 11.45arn Wednesday: V of schools S sick. Allserstone Thursday: Ecumenical Vocations Meeting. Birmingham, I 30pm. Beaford Court Special School, 7pm. Friday Meeting of Department of Christian Cilirenahes Landon, 11am. Saturday Newman Pilgrimage. Oxford, 7pm. B ishop McMahon of Brentwood Sunday: Pastoral V S C. St Thomas of Canterbury, WOodired Green. Mendel. Civic Service tar retirement 0: Bishop of Clielmstonel, Cathedral, Chelmsford, Bpm. Tuesday Dedication or St Teresa's Church, Newbury Park Wednesday. Addresses conference of diOCesan Primary School Headteachers, London Gainey. pm Friday. Reception for Merv:nine of New Jersualem Bible. Westminster Abbey, Spot Bishop Mahon. Auditory for Westminster Sunday, Adult Education session re Synod, St Benedict's Abbey, Laling, Born Monday: Day for Area WcakteS. Wednesday: Council of Diocesan Affairs, Archbishop's House, lOare. Thursday. Meeting of Deane. 34 Whitehall Grine, 10.30em. NI for Hounsiow Deanery leachers, Fellham, e3Opm. Saturday: Pastoral V, Our Lady vl Lourdes, Acton Bishop Moverley el Hallam Sunday: V s C at the Holy Family, Sheffield, 10.30em. Tuesday.Vol school and parish el Saint Theresa, Sheffield In the afternoon. M for silver Jubilee of church, 7.30pm. Wechresday Lunch and presentation of nurses' awarsdhos. la p MurphrO'Conner of Arundel 5 Brighton Sunday Youthgather, Arundel. IV Tuesday: Heels Ministry In Priests Team, St Joseph', Hall, Storringlon, 1 lam. Friday: Flout/06On for Hosanna Hoene Appeal, Ciandon Park, 7.30pm. Saturday Leads Day of Recollection, Park PlaCe, Wickham.

Bishop .1 O'Brien, Aurdlieri for Hertfordshire Sunday V el Holy Rood, Wallerd. Tuesday: CDA el Archbishop's House, 5pm. Wednesday: CDA al Archbishop's House. lOarn Thursday: Blessing of Ecumenical chapel at Napsbury hospital. London Colney, 3pm. adder C at St Augustine's Hodaesdon, Spec (Needier Jubilee PA at SI Adrian's School, St Albans, 12 noon. V at St Joseph's Bishop's Sluelord, 6pm Wallop K O'Brien, Auxiliary for Middlebrinaah SundayfThureday: Lead WaisIngham Pilgrimage to Bishop Itawthome, Auxiliary Bishop of Liverpool Monday, Meeting no Chaplaincy in FE University Chaplaincy, 8pm. Tuesday: RC Secondary Heed Teachers' Heeling, Upholland Northam Institute, 12.30.4em. Wednesday Church Leaders' Meeting. Friends Meeting House, 4pm. St Richard's, Skelmemdale, 7.30pm. Thursday: Racial Awareness Training Day. Friday School's Commission Meeting, 10.15am. Diocesan RE Teachers' Committee Meeting, pm. Saturday: Diocesan Education Council Day, Upholland.

Branco hataleaux of Plymouth Sunder V Ar PA, Sacred Heart Church, Kingsbridge, lam, C, 3pm. Bishop Thomas of Northempion Sunder V & C Bourne End Mender Northampton Assocletion for the Homeless. pm. Tuesday: Inaugurates Milton Keynes ecumenical project. Wednesday: PA and mooting Manchester University Chaplaincy, em. Thursday V Discharged Prisoners Association. Head Teachers Study Day, pm. flume: Lunen with throw of Peterborough Saturday V Christ the King Bedford, Readers Course pm.

Bilsbop Tripp, Auxiliary in Southwark Sunday:. Lauda Knights of St Columba Southern Province Pilgrimage to Aylesford. Mender Presides at Meeting of Immigrant Chaplains' Group. Tuesday: Wetting Reny Meeting of South Lnretnn Area Church Leaders. Wednesday. Presides at Meeting al Tolworth for the Kingston Deanery, 8pm. Thursday international Alliance of Catholic Knights In Glasgow. Friday Concelebrates M at SI Mlrin's Cathedral. Paisley, 5pm. Saturday: Supreme Council Meeting of KNOBof St Columba in Glasgow. thehop Welmsley Pal Forces) Sunder Intercare AGM, Leicester, 10.30am Thursday. USCA M A AGM. London, st•Sam

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