Page 10, 28th April 1995

28th April 1995
Page 10
Page 10, 28th April 1995 — BISHOPS ' DIARIES 30T11 APRIL TO 61 . 11 MAY

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Cardinal Basil Hume (Westminster): Sac Interviews prospective seminary students, Archbishop's House, 9.30am. Archbishop Maurice Couve de Murville (Birmingham): The: Chapter M, 12.4Spm. Wed-Thu: Emmaus Conference. Fri: Diocesan Trustees Mtg, 11.30am Archbishop Derek Worlock (Liverpool): Sun: M, International Diaconate Conference, Metropolitan Cathedral, 3pm. Mum Bishop Mullins' silver jubilee, S..varwea, 12 noon. Wed: Clergy day of reflection, St Joseph's, Upholland, 10.30am. Thu: Consecration/rededication, St John's, Wigan, 7.30pm. Sat: VE Day concert, Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, 7.30pm. Archbishop Michael Bowen (Southwark): Sun: C, West Norwood, 10am. Mon: Silver Jubilee of Bishop Mullins, Swansea, I 2 noon. The S London Church Leaders' Mtg, 10.30am. Wed: Knights of St Columba Mtg, Archbishop's House, 7. Optn. Thu: C, Rochampton, 7.30pm. Bishop Terence Brain (Birmingham auxiliary): Sun: Oxford Handicapped Fellowship, Silver jubilee, I inlemore, 3pm. ;don: Bishop Mullins silver jubilee, Swansea. The: Chapter M, I2.45pm. C, Cathedral, 7.30pm. Wed: V, St Joseph's, Warndon,NIVorcester, 10.30am. Wed-Thu: Emmaus conference. Thu: C, St Joseph's, Warndon. Fri Sat: Social Welfare Cttee Mtg, Ushaw. Bishop Philip Pargeter (Birmingham auxiliary): Sun: Leads 86th Tyburn Walk, London. The: Chapter M, 12.45pm. Wed-Thu: Emmaus Conference. Bishop John Brewer (Lancaster): Sun: International Mtg of Permanent Diaconate, Liverpool. Mon: Silver jubilee for Bishop Muffins, Swansea, 12 noon. The: Chapter M and Mtg, Thornton. C, Kirkby Langdale. Wed-Thu: Emmaus Assembly, Birmingham. Fri: TECTIC mug, Penrith, 2pm. Bishop David /constant (Leeds): Sun: V, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Silsden, 4pm. Peru Commission AGM, Bishop's House, 4pm. Mon: Silver Jubilee of Bishop Mullins, Swansea, 12 noon. Tue: Deans Mtg, 10.30am. Good Shepherd Presentation, Cathedral, 2pm. C, St Patrick's, Huddersfield, 7.30pm. Wed: College of Consultors Mtg, Bishop's House, I lam. C, St Anne's, Keighley, 7.30pm. Thu: Fisher M, University Chaplaincy, Cambridge, I lam. Fri; Lourdes Association M, Cathedral, 7.30pm. Bishop Vincent Malone, (Liverpool auxiliary): Sun: International Diaconate Conference, Liverpool. Mon: Churches' Anchorage Meg, 10.30am. C candidates Mtg, St Joseph's, Honvich, 4pm. Tue: C, St Catherine's, Farrington, 7.30pm. Wed: Clergy day of reflection, Upholland. C, St Agnes, Eccleston, 7.30pm. Thu: C, St Joseph, BlundeUsands, 7.30pm. Fri; C, St Mary's, Euxeon, 7.30pin. Sat: Archdiocesan Education Council, Upholland. Bishop John Rawsthorne, (Liverpool auxiliary): Sun: International Diaconate conference, Liverpool. Wed-Thu: RC1A Meg, Damascus House, London. Fri: C, St Joseph's, Leigh, 7.30pm. Sat: Chorley Handicapped Group, Sacred Heart, Chorley, 3pm. VIM, St Teresa's, Upholland, 7pm. Bishop John Crowley (Middlesbrough): Sun. M, St John of Beverley, Beverley, Sam, 9.30ans 11 am. Preaches at Beverley Minster, 6.30pm. Tut: Holy Flour, Cathedral, 11.15am. Meg on Former Anglican Clergy, 2.30pm. Wed: Talk, St Anseim's Institute, Margate. Thu: Priests' Mtg,

Stockton, am. Deaneries M, Hull, 7.30pm. Fri: Sch. Retreat of St Mary's College, University, Hull, 10am. Sat: Youth Cure Meg, 10.30am. V/C, Sacred Heart, I iornsea.

Bishop Kevin O'Brien, (Middlesbrough au:ciliary): Wed: Mother Teresa Group Meg, St Bede's, 1.30pm. Thu: Hull Deaneries M, with Bishop Crowley, 7.30pm. Bishop James McGuinness (Nottingham): Sun: Beauvale pilgrimage, Mon: Bishop Mullins' Silver jubilee of episcopal ordination. Tue: Meg, Dutch children, Cathedral, 10am. Wed: Student interviews. Thu: V, Blue Nuns, Nottingham. Sat: Katyn Service, Southwell Minster, 11 am. Bishop Christopher Budd (Plymouth): Sun: C, Wareham, am. C, Weymouth, pm. Tue: Adult education, Torquay, pm. Wed: C, Tomes, pm. Sat: C, West Moors, pm. Bishop Crispian Hollis (Portsmouth): Sun-9 May: Diocesan pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Bishop Joseph Gray (Shrewsbury): Sun: V, St Bernadette's, Brinnington. Mon: Silver jubilee of Bishop Mullins, Swansea, I 2 noun. Tue: Deanery C, St Mary's College, Wallasey, 7.30pm. Wed: Junior Clergy Mtg & M, Malpas, 12 noon. Deanery C, St Vincent's, Ahrincham, 7.30pm. Fri: V, St Bernadette's, Brinnington, 10am. Sat: VIM, St George's, Whitchurch, 6pm.

Bishop Charks Henderson, (Southwark auxiliary):

Sun: !WC, Blackheath, titan. Mon; Bishop Mullins' Silver Jubilee, Swansea, 12 noun. Tue: S London Church Leaders' Meg, 10am. M/C, Thamesmead South, 7.30pm. Thu: SE Area Deans, Blackheath, 10.30am. M/C, Notbury, 7.30pm. Fri: M/C, Frith, 7.30pm. Bishop Howard 'Tripp, (Southwark auxiliary): Sun: V, Purley. Mc: S London church Leaders' Meg, lOam. Hospital Assessors Panel, 2pm, Thu: Catholic Association AGM, 5.30pm. Fri: V, Purley. Sat: Legion of Mary pilgrimage, Aylesford.

Bishop Victor Goas-ss-Ili (Westminster, east area): All week: Pilgrimage to Sinai.

Bishop Vincent Nichols, (Westminster, north area): •

Mon: Silver Jubilee of Bishop Mullins, Swansea. Tue: Deans Meg, 11 am. Good Shepherd M, Westminster Cathedral, . 2.15pm. C, East Finchley, 7.30pm. Wed: CCBI Steering Cure Mtg, 102m. C, Preston Road, 7.30pm. Thu: NL Area Clergy Day, London Colney C, Barnet, 7.30pm. Sat: V, North Harrow.

Bishop „Panes O'Brien (Westminster, Hertfordshire area): Sun-Mon: International Diaconate Conference, Liverpool. Thu: Catenian Association Dinner (Circle 98), Watford. Sun: C, Holy Rood, Watford. Bishop Patrick O'Donoghue (Westminster, west area): Mon: Silver jubilee of Bishop Mullins, Swansea. Tue: W Area clergy day of reconciliation, Campion House, 2pm, Wed: W Area Team Meg, I lam. Launch of Council of Christians and Jews London office, 7.15pm. Thu: V, Gunnersbury School, 10.30am. Fri-Sat: V, Ealing Abbey. Bishop Francis Walmsley (Forces): Sun: Diaconate Conference, Liverpool. Fri-Sat: V, Army Units & families, Germany.


Archbishop Joint Ward (Cardiff): Sun: M, University Chaplaincy, Cardiff, 6.15pm. Mon: Silver Jubilee of Bishop Mullins, Swansea, I 2 noon. Tue: C, SS Julius, Aaron and David, Caerleon, 7pm. Wed: C, Sacred Heart,

Pontllanfraith, 7.30pm. Thu: C, St Cuthbert's, Cardiff, 7pm. Sat: C, St Alban's, Cardiff., 7pm.

12arthnouen: noon.

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