Page 4, 28th December 1984

28th December 1984
Page 4
Page 4, 28th December 1984 — Blessings abound in Medjugorje

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Blessings abound in Medjugorje

WHAT A JOY it was to read Fr Richard Foley on Medjugorje December 7. It was necessary, I feel to clear up the recent distorted reports about these appointments.

The background information Fr Foley supplied on the 'Bishops ban' will be welcomed by all who seek the truth on this great mystery of Medjugorje. We who have been there know how good and wonderful these happenings are.

Itis interesting that Our Lady first appeared to the children on June 24 the feast of John the Baptist. She re-echo's John's call for repentance and conversion, the themes for Advent. The Baptist also fasted we know.

Anyone who has heard Fr Vlasic (the seers Spiritual Director) preach would have nothing but admiration for him. Like all saintly men he has now to suffer calumny.

We must pray for the Bishop of Mostar who has the great responsibility of judging this whole matter. Its significant that over two million people have visited this remote village and Church since June 1981.

Nothing but "good fruits" has come from Medjugorje. That is why I feel that it will be fully approved in God's good time. by the Church.

Diarmuid P. Collins

Longford Court, Bell Lane, Hendon, London, NW4 • It is very refreshing, after all the recent confusingly muddled reportage concerning Our Lady's visitation to read such reasoned, lucid and convincing ex-position that you printed by Fr Foley.

It has long been evident that the Bishop of Mostar is noticeably unsound on the subject, to the point of absurdity, as when he categories Fr Vlasic, the children's Spiritual Director as a "magician, liar and perjurer"! It is not possible to envisage a saintlier-looking and sounding Priest than Fr Vlasic — so much so that before even knowing his identity, on our first visit members of our party were remarking to each other that "wasn't it extremely fortunate that the children happened to have in their area such an extraordinarily exceptional group of Franciscan and Religious" as those we met.

It should be remembered that this most odd Bishop denounces even his own Parish Priest of the area who — initially a sceptic and convinced that the children were the victims of delusion — believes them now implicitly, as a result of having himself seen Our Lady there; and who would not?

Tony Lilley

Kingsdown Park House, Tankerton,

Kent • May I thank you for publishing the article by Fr Foley Medjugorje. Rumours so easily become distorted therefore we must feel grateful to Father Foley for his clarification of the situation in Medjugorje and his encouragement to all who firmly believe that Our Lady's apparitions are of supernatural origin and her messages are directly inspired from Heaven.

As he so rightly says "they vibrate with the music of gospel holiness, love and service."

Mr A R John 12 Lansdowne Road, Wimbledon SW20 8AN

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