Page 9, 28th February 2003

28th February 2003
Page 9
Page 9, 28th February 2003 — Forming Catholic citizens to fight the libertarians

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Forming Catholic citizens to fight the libertarians

From Mr Michael J.Cowie Sir, Reading Mrs Anne Rowntree's "Reflections on Roy" (January 31) gives rise to further reflections. What are Catholic voters doing to fight against the libertarian agenda of our Government; what, indeed can we do / should we do? For a start, do we all avail ourselves of the opportunity to vote in local or general elections? It has, after all, been made so much easier for us to do so.

Obviously we may subsequently find that, in spite of our efforts the anti-life/permissive camp still prevails and so feel, "What's the point of voting?" I cannot deny feeling that way myself.

Another course of action (which I am sure I do not take often enough) is to write/email MPs, especially over pro-life and education issues. Perhaps the more articulate of our number would undertake to form groups to put pressure on MPs and make sure that we join them in their efforts.

In the meantime what is being done to erect a potential bastion against moral decline for our youngsters, to ensure that it is promoting among other things morality, marriage and the family, namely the Catholic school system? Ever since the Sixties, especially, our schools have been under attack from within, from certain individuals within the very catechetical establishment meant to provide our teachers, through training and catechetical materials, with the wherewithal to learn about and to pass on the faith in its entirety to up and coming generations of voters; many such children have now reached their majority, voted in Mr Blair and other adherents of Mr Jenkins and come, themselves, to have a very anti-family/anti-life outlook.

The dire situation has been made only too clear to us by concerned groups monitoring the situation. What of the teachers? How many of them (among whom I have many good friends) are also suffering the aftereffects of "progressive" catechetics and so, with the best will in the world, cannot perceive the defects in what they are given to pass on?

The situation is self-perpetuating and will be so until serious pressure is put upon the catechetical establishment to ensure that all who are responsible for passing on the truths of faith and morals in all their beauty are equipped and committed to do so without adulteration.

Once we can guarantee that all our Catholic schools are enabled to form pupils correctly in the faith then perhaps we can also hope that these pupils will be able to deny, through future elections, access to Parliament for those who do not see Christian teachings, including reverence for human life as the basis for all legislation.

Yours faithfully, MICHAEL COWIE London SWI6 5TX

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