Page 6, 28th January 1949

28th January 1949
Page 6
Page 6, 28th January 1949 — F amily by Philomena

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Locations: Philadelphia


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F amily by Philomena


pow well we know them ! They always seem to " choose our own particular district to scatter in, and to prefer the time when we do our shopping. The only thing to do is to be so well prepared that even a downpour will leave us undismayed. Here are some suggestions:

Tie a handkerchief round your head and tuck the ends inside the collar of your macintosh, If you find a macintosh uncomfortably tight over your winter coat, try the cape variety, with two slits for your hands. This will go over summer or winter clothing alike, and will shelter you, your bag, shopping basket and library book all at the same time.

Then your umbrella; you probably leave that at home *hen you go shopping. either because it makes one more thing to carry or because you have left so many in buses and really can't afford to go on doing it. Well. get a short one this lime, with a loop handle. Slipped over your wrist. you can forget all about it, and if it is really short it won't lash out at your fellow-passengers as you get into a bus, as the full-length kind are so apt to do.

Last, but most important—your feet. Rubber bootees are smart and comfortable and keep your ankles dry as well as your shoes. But when you buy them, see that they go comfortably over the shoes you mean to wear with them, and keep that particular pair of shoes for wet weather.

Equipped in this Way you will feel ready for anything (and the day will probably turn out to be fine and sunny !)

eGod's Choosenest Animal"

A RRADER from Philadelphia, who has contributed several items to this column now writes: "The coloured woman who does my housework said the other day: ' Yo know, yo will always have good luck bekave yo are good to dem cats. De Scriptures say dat de cat is God's choosenest I can't imagine in what part of the Scriptures she read that. I think she manufactured it because she thought it would please me."

Foreign Fare

HAVE you ever tried Lyonnaise Potatoes ? They are simply sauté potatoes with fried onions (lightly fried in another pan) added to them, and all browned together. Serve covered with chopped parsley,

Tangerine Cake

TRY it—if there are still tangerines to be had in your district. It is very simple to make: Grate, or chop finely. or put through the mincing machine. the freshly-peeled skins of two tangerines. Cream 5 ozs. of lard or margarine with 5 ozs. of Sugar and work the minced peel thoroughly into this. Whip up one egg with three teaspoonfuls of milk. and pour this, alternately with the creamed milk and sugar (a very little of each at a time) into 8 ozs. of flour. Mix thoroughly. Put into a greased tin and bake in a moderate oven for an hour-and-a-quarter.


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