Page 8, 28th January 1994

28th January 1994
Page 8
Page 8, 28th January 1994 — BISHOPS ' DIARIES 30 JANUARY TO 5 FEBRUARY Cardinal Basil Hume

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Keywords: Religion / Belief

(Westminster): No official engagements. Archbishop Maurice Come de Murville (Birmingham): The: Chapter mtg, 11.30am. Chapter M, 12.45pm. Wed: M, Bishop Ullathorne Sch, 10.30am. Blessing new organ, St Chad's Cathedral, 7.30pm. 'Tlau: School Chaplains' Day, Maryvale. Sat: M, Oscon College, 1 lam. V, St Mary of the Angels, Aldridge. Arehbiahop John Ward (Cardiff): The-Thu: Conference, Swanwick. Fri: Presentation, St Clare's Convent, Potthcawl, 7pm. Archbishop Derek Worlock (Liverpool): sun: Education Service,

Liverpool Cathedral, 3pm, Toe: Opens new Customs and Excise Building, Liverpool, 10am.

Archbishop Michael Bowen (Southwark): Sun: C, Dulwich Wood Park, 10.30arn. Tue. St John's Day, Wonersh. Wed: Council of Priests, II.30am, Mtg, Archbishop's House, pm. Thu: Opening of Blessed Sacrament Chapel, St John's Sch, Gravesend, 7.30pm. Sao Centenary Celebration, St Agatha's, Kingston, 6.30pm. Sun: C, ST Benees, Abbey Wood I 1.30arn, Bishop Corm= Murphy O'Connor (Arundel and Brighton): Sun: M, St Teresa of the Child JEWS, Meratham, 10am. The-Thu: Mtg, Storrhagton. Fri/Sat Mee, London Gainey. Bishop Terence Brain (Birmingham auxiliary): Wed: Organ rededication, St Chad's Cathedral, 7.30pm. Thu: V/C, St Marie's, Rugby, 7.30pm. Bishop Philip Pargeter (Birmingham auxiliary): Mon-Fri: On retreat. Sat: CCR entg, London' llarn. Bishop Thomas McMahon (Brentwood): Fri: M and C, Leyton, 7.30pm. Sat: J & P AGM, 1.15pm. Sun: V and C, Beckton and Silvertown. Bishop Mervyn Alexamder (Clifton): Sun: M, Clifton Cathedral, I lam. Thu: M, St Bemadeue's Comprehensive Sch, Bristol, 9.15am. Sat: V, Holy Redeemer, Salisbury. Bishop Alan Clark (East Anglia): No engagements this week. Bishop John Brewer (Lancaster): Sun: V, St William, Pilling. Tue: Chapter M and Mtg, Cathedral, Lancaster, 1 lam. M for ASDC, 8pm. Thu: Council of Churches Mtg, Bishop's House. Fri?Sat: Mtg, London Colney, Bishop David Konstarit (Leeds)e Sun: Mon: AGM CHAS. Bradford. Wed: CES Mtg, Cromwell Road, Thu: jrir Clergy Gathering, Myddleton Lodge„ Fri/Sat: Mtg, London Caney. Sun: V, St John's, Norm:anon. Bishop Vincent Malone, (Liverpool auxiliary): Sun: Education Service, Anglican Cathedral, 3pm. Mon: Churches' Anchorage Mtg, Liverpool, I I tart, Toe: Bishops' Conference, London. lprn. Wed: CES Mtg, London, Noon. Thu: Consecration of St Jerome, Formby, 7.30pm. Fri-Sat: Moral theologians mtg, London Colney. Bishop John Rawsthorne, (Liverpool auxiliary): Sun: V, Sacred Heart, Liverpool. Education Service, Liverpool Cathedral, 3pm. Mon: V Sacred Heart Cont/d. CCRS Conference, Upholland, pm. YS Committee Mtg, 5pm. Carmel College Governing Body, 7pm. Wed: St Wilfred's HS Governors, 6pm. ThuCES Forum 3. Fri: CES Forum 3 cont'd am. Mfg, London Colney, pm. Sat: Mfg, London Colney Cont/d. V, St.Cuthbert, Uverpool, 6.30pm. Bishop John Crowley (Middlesbrough): Sun: V, M Sacred Heart, NorthaLlerton, 8.30, 10.30am. Toe: Priests Holy Hour, The Cathedral, 11,15am. Wed: Course, M, Pastoral Centre, Hemlington, 7.30pm. Fri: /vlig, London Colney. Sat London Colney Cont'd am. V,M, St Ohm's, Middlesbrough, 7pm. Sun: V, M, St Clare's, loam, 5.30pm. Bishop Kevin O'Brien, (Middlesbrough auxiliary): Fri-Sat: Moral theologians mtg, London Colney. Bishop Leo McCartie (Northampton): Wed: Vespers, St Chad's Cathedral, Birmingham, 7.30pm. Bishop James MeGutiuseas (Nottingham): Sun: V/C Beeston, Mon: cyp Mtg, Cathedral, Toe: S/V Holy Cross Hucknall, am. V/C Holy Cross Hucknall, 7pm. Wed: Conference, Swanwick. Thu: S/V Christ the King, Nottingham. Fri-Sat: Moral theologians nits, London Colney. Bishop Christopher Budd (Plymouth): V, Kenya and CAFOD Projects in Ethiopia and Eritrea until Feb 23. Bishop Crispian Hollis (Portsmouth): Sun -Tue Feb 9th: V, Archdiocese of Bamenda, Cameroon, W. Africa. Bishop Patrick Kelly (Salford): Sun: V to Ecuador all week. Bishop Joseph Gray (Shrewsbury): Sun: V, Our Lady of Lourdes, Leasowe. Mon: V, Cont/d in sch. Fri: Trustees' Mtg, Curial Offices, llara. Bishop Charles Henderson, (Southwark ausiiisey): Sun: Waterford Association AGM, Irish Centre, 3pm. The: Dulwich Assembly, 8.55arn. St John's Day, Wonerah, I lam. S London Churches Enabling Group mug, pm. Wed: Mtg. 11.30am. College of Consultors, 3pm. Thu: M and C, Crayford, 7.30pm. Sat: Christian Unicy nits Blackheath, I lam. Commences V, Pena Wood, 6pm. Bishop John Jukes, (Southwark auxiliary): Sun: V, Tonbridge. Wed: V. ST John Fisher Sets, Chathru:n. Thu: Discussion, Tenon, Kent, 12.30pm. Fri: Mtg, London Colney, 4pm. Sat and Sun: V, Cranbrook Parish, Bishop Howard Tripp, (Southwark auxiliary): The: St John's Day, Wonersh, Ilam. SW J & P mtg, 7pm. Wed: Council of Priests.

Fri: Mtg, London Colney, 4pm.

Bishop Victor GuazzeRi (Westminster, east area): sun: v, Holloway, ant Tee: Islington Deanery Mtg, 2am-4.30pm. Wed: Cardinal Pole Sch, Area Heads of RE 11 am. Pre Rite oFElecdon, Hoxton, 8pm. Bishop Vincent Nichols, (Westminster, north area): Sun:M for the Sick, Ponders End, 3pm. Tye: Deans Mtg, llam. M for CES Conference at London Colney, 5prn. Wed: Clergy Catenian Evening, Southgate Circle, 7.30pm. Thu: Barnet Deanery M, Golders Green, 8pm. Sat: V, Golders Green, Bishop Patrick O'Donoghue (Westminster, west area): Sun: Mtg, St Joseph's HIVIWC11, 3pm. The: Cathedral Chapter Mtg, 4.15pm. Allen Hail Student Group, Osterley, 7pm. Wed: Jubilee M, St Peter & Paul's, Northfields,1 ism. Golden Jubilee Mtg, Borwell Seta, 7.30pm. Fri: E Lunch, St Mary's, Osterley, 12.3llpm Candidacy Ceremony, Allen Hall, 6pm. Sat: V, Cornbini Sisters, Chiswiek,noon. Commissioning, St Vincents Osterley, 6pm,

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