Page 2, 28th July 1950

28th July 1950
Page 2
Page 2, 28th July 1950 — PSYCHOLOGY FOR CATHOLICS Sue-When Mr. Farrell starts bombarding Miss Rorke

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People: Rorke, Farrell
Locations: Birmingham


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PSYCHOLOGY FOR CATHOLICS Sue-When Mr. Farrell starts bombarding Miss Rorke

with twenty questions. one feels it is time to come to her aid. Let us first clear the ground by asserting that empirical psychology as such and for practical purposes, whether educational or medical or other. is not concerned directly with the Soul, in the sense of an immortal Spirit, or its Creator. The Scholastics make this distinction between empirical and rational psychology. Mgr. Fulton Sheen in a recent book distinguishes between peace of Mind -the province of the psychiatristand peace of Soul. a principle of

Divine Justice. Mr. Farrell's analogies are beside the point. Next. Mr. Farrell made some assertions in a previous letter about Approved Schools. He quoted one case of a boy who had failed after being to three such different schools -is this any argument at all ? As to their success let him ask the Headmaster of any Catholic Approved School. Psychologists have nothing to do with the set-up of such schools, they are under the Home Office. As to their cost-is it met right to spend what is considered necessary to give of the best to boys and girls who have often had nothing but the worst from life ?

Another typical suggestion of Mr. Farrell's is that the authorities want to " whisk " away a child from its home for care and protection. With any experience he would know that any authority is very unwilling indeed to remove any child except in the most gross cases of cruelty, neglect and moral danger. There are a great number of questions. Sir. which are not susceptible of absolute scientific proof but which can be answered reasonably on one's experience, if this be instructed and intensive, and that of others working in a similar field.

It is evidently the experience of Miss Rorke and myself, who have never met, that there is sufficient consensus of opinion and practice in the field of Child Guidance, which is based on a psychology consonant with Natural Law, though not based explicitly on religion, rendering it possible to do good. useful. and necessary work with backward and maladjusted children; and that this is not sufficiently recognised by Catholic Schools and Institutions.


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