Page 3, 28th July 1995

28th July 1995
Page 3
Page 3, 28th July 1995 — Life slams sale of pill

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Life slams sale of pill


PRO-LIFE GROUPS this week raised ideological arms against the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists for backing the availability of the morning-after pill (MAP) without prescription.

Nuala Scarisbrick, Trustee for LIFE, led the vocal opposition against the medical establishment's campaign to allow women to buy the pill over the counter, which she said was a "con" that covered up its true nature and a series of alarming side effects.

Mrs Scarisbrick argued that in order to "sell" the morning-after pill, "the Establishment has invented a new biology according to which conception and pregnancy begin several days after fertilisation". Such a new definition of life was that it begins upon implantation rather than upon fertilisation five days earlier.

"This intellectual legerdemain allows the abortifacient MAP to operate outside the terms of the existing abortion law and disguises the fact that these pills abort and do not stop conception," said Mrs Scarisbrick.

She disputed the claim by the Royal College that the pill has no side effects.

"The British National Formulary lists diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and cigarette smoking as important contraindications for drugs in this class.

"The College neither cares for the unborn victims of such chemical abortions nor for the physical health of the mothers involved."

"By erecting a so-called 'second line of defence' the authorities will actually be encouraging those high-risk activities which have already caused epidemics of sexually transmitted diseases and infertility. Far from reducing promiscuity and unwanted pregnancy, the proposed freefor-all will increase them".

Nervous lawyers from the pill's manufacturer, Shering Health Care, are reluctant to see the drug sold with prescription. They fear that any subsequent legal action would be aimed at them directly rather than the doctors concerned.

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