Page 1, 28th June 1963

28th June 1963
Page 1
Page 1, 28th June 1963 — Doctors not bound to use life tubes'

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People: Pius Xil, John Moran
Locations: Durban, New Orleans, London


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Doctors not bound to use life tubes'

BISHOP FULTON SHEEN said at the American Medical Association convention last week that there was no moral obligation to use "extraordinary" medical means to keep a terminally ill person alive.

He said: "If the doctor told me that extraordinary means would be needed and I was lying with a body full of tubes to keep me alive, I would ask him to take them out. There is no moral difficulty in such a situation.

"Particularly if the family doesn't ask for such measures, there is no need to use them to prolong the final hours of life in a case regarded as hopeless", the Bishop said. Here we are dealing with a medical problem, he added, explaining that in such cases he would "counsel the family to take the advice of the doctor". Be stressed that this had nothing to do with euthanasia, the deliberate taking of life in so-called mercy killings.

Pope Pius Xil told an international congress of anesthesiologists in 1957: "Natural reason and Christian morals say that man . . . has the right and duty in case of serious illness to take the necessary treatment for the preservation of life and health . . But normally one is held to use only ordinary

means . . that is to say, means that do not involve grave burden for oneself or another".



HILDREN throughout the world have collected over 12 million in "Holy Childhood" money for the Pontifical Mission Aid Society of the Holy Childhood.

This was announced at the annual meeting of the society's Supreme Council in Paris last week. England and Wales was represented at the meeting by Fr. John Moran, National Director, who said that £30,000 had been collected by the children of England and Wales.

The money will be used to build mission schools. hospitals and orphanages, providing in general for the spiritual and material needs of mission children throughout the world. Over a thousand mission centres have already received help.

Racial stand is praised

ARCHBISHOP ROBERTS S.J. paid tribute to the stand on racial equality taken by the Archbishop of Durban and the Archbishop of New Orleans, when he preached on Sunday at evening Mass to mark Africa Sunday. Special prayers were also offered during the service, which was held at the Jesuit Church, Farm Street, London.

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