Page 1, 28th June 1963

28th June 1963
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Page 1, 28th June 1963 — Mgr. Murphy off to Rome

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Mgr. Murphy off to Rome

Keywords: Religion / Belief

Will represent Hierarchy at Coronation

ARCIIBISHOP MURPHY of Cardiff will represent the Hierarchy of England and Wales at the Coronation of Pope Paul VI on Sunday. He flies to Rome tomorrow (Saturday).

Last Sunday the Archbishop celebrated Pontifical High Mass at St, David's Cathedral, Cardiff in thanksgiving for the election of the Pope. It will be recalled that the Archbishop of Birmingham represented the Hierarchy at the Solemn Requiem Masses in St. Peter's during the last three of the nine days of suffrage for the late Pope John XXIII. The Archbishop of Liverpool was present for the burial service. Archbishop Cirimshaw of Birmingham, as senior member of the Hierarchy, will pontificate in the presence of the Apostolic Delegate. at a Pontifical Mass in Westminster Cathedral on Tuesday, July 2, at 6 p.m.. to celebrate the Coronation of Pope Paul VI.


THE acting head of the Catholic Hierarchy in Hungary, Bishop Hamvas of Csanad. has been quoted as saving that there has been a substantial increase in the number of young men seeking to enrol in Hungarian seminaries.

The Catholic weekly Uj Ember (New Man) said, however, that Bishop Hamvas voiced regret that today there are no students from Hungary in the two major seminaries abroad for Hungarians—the German Hungarian College in Rome and the Pazmaneutn in Vienna.

He expressed hope that the situation is only temporary. and noted that the Hungarian government "naturally . : . demands assurances that Hungarian seminarians would not he exposed to an anti-government spirit at the foreign seminaries".

`Cuba's Religion is bound to disappear'

A PROMINENT Cuban politician claimed on Saturday that Cuba recognizes the freedom of cults and individuals, but that religion will eventually disappear. Senor Blas Roca. a member of Cuba's ruling directorate, and editor of the Havana newspaper Hoy, told members of the United Party of the Socialist Revolution, "Our party has no God or saints. It believes in men and the masses, in work and sacrifice.

"The Marxist considers that religion is a product of the conditions of exploitation in which humanity has lived through the ages. Religion will disappear when we eliminate the causes from which it rises, and which sustain it."

Cathedral for Tokyo

WORK has begun on a new £400,000 Cathedral on a hill overlooking Tokyo, to replace one destroyed in a fire-bomb raid during the Pacific war.

Mr. Shigeru Yoshida, a former Japanese Prime Minister, who is not a Catholic. is chairman of a group of prominent Japanese who have agreed to act as a fund-raising committee for the new cathedral.

. Mississippi plea after murder

MISSISSIPPI'S Catholic Bishop has appealed to local leaders to seek "a civic order based on human dignity and a concept of justice under God's taw", following the murder of Mississippi Negro leader Medgar Evers, who was shot in the back by a gunman outside his home earlier this month.

Bishop Gerow spoke of "the grave racial situation in which we now find ourselves", and said that the murder of Evers was "a shocking and saddening occurrence" which was "more meaningful than the death of one man."

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