Page 7, 28th June 2002

28th June 2002
Page 7
Page 7, 28th June 2002 — Mutilated doctrine

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Mutilated doctrine

From Mr M Brucciani Sir, I am amazed that the signing, on June 2nd, in the presence of Her Majesty, the Queen, of the Covenant by the presidents of "Churches together in England" has not caused any disturbance in the Catholic press.

Cardinal Archbishop MurphyO'Connor signed this covenant along with Dr Carey and other Protestant Church leaders. They committed themselves to work churches with common faith, worship, witness and life.

It is a matter of faith that Christ founded a Church and that He founded it as one. (Pope Leo XIII encyclical "Satis cognitum") It can never lose its unity, consequently, the Cardinal Archbishop is planning to join the Spotless Bride of Christ to the churches of those protesters who have placed themselves outside the unity of the one Church of Christ.

The result will be something different from the Church founded by Christ. If the protesters are unwilling to embrace the Catholic Faith, it will have to teach a mutilated doctrine to keep everyone happy. In past times, when the notion of "truth" was held to be important, this would have been call apostasy. May God have mercy on His wandering sheep.

Yours faithfully, M BRUCCIANI Leicester.

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