Page 7, 28th June 2002

28th June 2002
Page 7
Page 7, 28th June 2002 — See no evil From Mr Frank Magro Sir, For years

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See no evil From Mr Frank Magro Sir, For years

I have been an assiduous reader of The Catholic Herald, which I find very helpful. There are always a number of very well written articles which demonstrate the Catholic ethos of this famous newspaper. However, of late Iles which the scandalous newspapers would have been expected to print, but which truly practising Catholics would have avoided reading. Is it so essential for those who are trying to lead a truly Christian life to know what some priests, who have forgotten their vows and are now living a hypocritical existence, to be so prominently exposed in a famous Catholic weekly? The only way to help those unfortunate clerics who have lost their way is to pray for them, not expose them to ridicule. Don't we Christians always declare ourselves to be sinners, therefore why pick on those who err sexually, as if that were the only way of offending God? Priests who cause scandal need help not shame.

Please do not allow the Catholic Herald to become a sort of "holy" scandalous newspaper. Leave that to the vulgar popular Sunday press, which does not pretend to be Christian.

Yours faithfully, FRANK MAGRO Firenze, Italy.

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