Page 7, 28th June 2002

28th June 2002
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Page 7, 28th June 2002 — Which comes first: Unity or Truth?

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Which comes first: Unity or Truth?

Keywords: Religion / Belief

From Ms Angela Fuller Sir, Reading the June 7 issue of The Catholic Herald I came across Father Rolheiser's column "Is unity really more important than truth?" Amazed, I then turned to the following week's copy to read all the letters that surely must have been written in reply. Possibly lack of space prevented you from printing more than one, but certainly this one, from Fr Robert Copsey, expressed the indignation that all Catholics must have felt. I reiterate everything, said so well by Fr Copsey, and my letter is not to say anything that has not already been said by Fr Copsey, but to add another protest as I simply cannot remain silent.

Certainly we must, on many occasions, give up "our right to be right" and we all know when this applies, but in the case of denying Christ's words. "This is my Body, This is my Blood" i.e. The Real Presence, with the excuse that "too often, what's at stake under all this is more pride than truth, more the need to be right than the need to worship" to me, sounds like heresy. How can he suggest that we trade our belief in Christ's words, the Real Presence, for some unity bonding deal? Frankly, Fr Rolheiser needs to return to the Gospels once more. "Accept God's message for what it really is: God's message, and not some human thinking." Thess 2-13.

Yours faithfully, ANGELA FULLER Norwich, Norfolk.

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