Page 1, 28th March 1947

28th March 1947
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Page 1, 28th March 1947 — Pope Warns Germans New Evils

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Locations: Bratislava, Rome, Santiago, Beirut


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Pope Warns Germans New Evils

Are Emerging To Follow Nazism " We are confident that the German Catholics will build up the front of resistance—the Christian vonscience—against their enemies and be prepared for the hour of trial. One enemy has gone, but others are emerging and. will follow."

This is one of the concluding paragraphs in a letter to th. German Bishops, from Pope Pius XII, which is to be read in an Catholic Churches on a Sunday between Easter and Whitsun.

The extracts printed below were broadcast by Cologne Radio in the British zone on Friday last.

The Pope refers to the Fulda Bishops' Conference last year, and says: " During the 12 years which now lie behind you like a bad dream, propaganda, pursuing a certain aim and sponsored and directed from a high level, iried to drum into the German people that the belief in Christ is incompatible with the mission of the German.


"The whole art of distortion arid vilification was brought into play to stiginaiise the Catholic Church in German lands as despicable and unpatriotic.

" Your letters, however, show that the better part of your people remained immune against the infection in this spiritual war of germs.

" Those, however, who at the time were inclined to distrust the Holy Sec and its altitude towards the then authorities, will have to admit that resistance against the fundamental errors and dreadful offences of a system which had lost all moral inhibitions, was by no means due to any hostile attitude on principle towards your nation's truly vital interests, but to the sacred duty of an office whose attitude towards all members of the comity of nations is one of justice and benevolence. " Hunger and misery, illness and stiffering, housing shortage and cold, mourning for those we have lost and persistent anxieties about prisoners of war, social conditions bad beyond endurance, threatened to wear down your physical and spiritual power of resistance. The Church of Rome has unfortunately only limited means at its disposal to alleviate effectively your sufferings."


Dr. Joseph Tiso, the Catholic priest who was President of Slovakia during the German occupation, was condemned to death by the court at Bratislava last week.

Reliable sources in the Vatican are quoted by Reuter as stating that Dr. Tiso may be pardoned by Dr. Benes, President of Czechoslovakia_

Two New Nuncios. Appointed by Rome

The Pope has appointed two new Apostolic Nuncios.

Archbishop Alcide Marina, formerly Apostolic Delegate to Turkey, has been apliointed the first Apostolic Nuncio to the Lebanon. Aretr bishop Marina will take up his residence in Beirut.

Archbishop Mario Zanin, who was formerly Apostolic Delegate to China, is the new Apostolic Nuncio to Chile. He will take up his residence in Santiago.

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