Page 8, 28th March 1947

28th March 1947
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Page 8, 28th March 1947 — SPECIAL AUDIENCES. The Holy Father has also received in special

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SPECIAL AUDIENCES. The Holy Father has also received in special

audience : -Mgr. Laroche, Senior Chaplain to French Catholic railWay workers ; Mgr. Giacomo Testa, Apostolic Delegate in Greece ; Fr. Leo Ha lleron ; Fr. Hirsch ; Fr. Maned Cintra, Visitor Apostolic to the seminaries in Brazil ; Superior General of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary; Superior General of the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady ; Princc Lucinge De Eaucigny; Mr. Denis McDonald, Councillor of the Irish Lmbassy; Lady Garnett Cavendish, Lade Virginia Cavendish and the Hon. M. R. S. Gordon-Evas ; Mr. Anthony Take; Lady Tichbome ; a group of Friars Minor Capuchins, about to depart for the missions; a group of Brothers of the Christian schools, recently appointed Superiors in housss nEurope; a group of pharmacists.

APPOINTMENTS.—The Pope has appointed Cardinal Luigi Lavitrano, Cardinal Protector of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit and of the Sisters of the Cross of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, both of whose Mother Houses ate in Mexico; Mgr. Neuhaeuster, Auxiliary Bishop to Cardinal Faulhaber, Archbishop of Munich ; Mgr. Alexis Evreinov, Titular Bishop of Pionia, to be Titular Archbishop of Patio; Archbishop Mario Zanin, ApesWile Nuncio to Chile ; Archbishop Mei& Marina, Apostolic Nundo to the Lebanotio.

THE POPE has been pleased to appoint as the first Assistant at the Papal Throne, Prince Don Aspreno Guiseppe Colona,

CARDINAL EUGENE TISSERANT, Secretary of the Congregation of the Eastern Church, has left Rome by air for a two-month visit to the United States, Where he will hold a series of conferences on the present situation of the Eastern Church, with special reference to the

losses sustained during the war and the degree to which the flourishing Eastern rite communities in America can help.

THE DEATH is announced from Rome of Bro. Alexis Clark, the 72year-old Procurator General, of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. Bro. Clark died suddenly, of paralysis of the heart, while writing tickets for audiences with the Pope for newly-married couples.

BELGIUM MGR. KEFtKHOFFS, Bishop of Liege, has written a letter, which was rend in all the churches of his diocese on Sunday last, March 23, confirming and recalling the declaration he made with regard to the apparition of Our Lady at Banneaux, on March 19, 1942. The Bishop's letter states that the blessing of the foundation stone of the Basilica to be erected there will take place in the autumn, following the many religious services and pilgrimages that will be held during August.


THE DEATH is announced from Rio de Janerio of Mgr. Cirillo de Paula Freitas, Titular Bishop of Antipatride, at the ago of 87: Mgr. de Paula Freitas was made Titular Bishop in 1905, and was Bishop of Carumba, in Brazil, from 1911 to 1918, when he retired to the Titular Bisbopric of Antipa tilde.

CANADA A DEMAND for the recall of Zako Popovitch, recently-appointed Consul General for Yugoslavia, has been voiced in die Canadian House of Com mons by Frederic Dorion, Member of Parliament for Charlevoix-Sagnenay, Quebec. The Consul General roused a storm of prq;est by attacking and slandering Mgr. Stepinae, Archbishop of Zagreb.


THE CAMPAIGN for the taking over by the State of all schools con tinues in Slovakia. It is stated that if Catholics and Protestants each had their own schools, religious antagonism would be increased.

. FRANCE THE DEATH is announced of Mgr. Le Marec, Vicar General of the diocese of Haiti, and Superior General of the Senior Seminary of Haiti. Mgr. Le Marec, who was 67, had worked in the mission of Haiti since 1901 and had been Superior of the Seminary since 1911.

GERMANY CARDINAL VON PREYSING has returned to Germany after a six-weeks tour of the U.S.A. During his tour the Cardinal visited 15 cities scattered right across the U.S., from New York to San Francisco on the Pacific and New Orleans on the Gulf.


THE ASSOCIATION of Catholic Scientists, Professors, Artists, and Journalists, observing the 310th anniversary of the death of Peter Cardinal Pazmany, the great Hungarian scholar of the Middle Ages, held a meeting at which Cardinal Mindzenty gave art address.

HEATED DEBATE has broken out inthe Hungarian Parliament following a proposal by the Government coalition parties to make religion merely an optional subject in the classrooms and to give the Government a monopoly on all text-books. Both measures have drawn sharp opposition in Catholic circles in this 70 per cent. Catholic country.


ALMOST three-fourths of the warbombing debris has been removed from the Basilica of the Monte-cassino Abbey, and it as been found that a number of chapels and relics amazingly

escaped destruction, Osservatore Romano, Vatican City paper, has reported.

SPECIAL PRAYERS were offered

and a special collection was taken among Italian Catholics 'all over the country on Sunday (March 23) for the reconstruction of the University of the Sacred Heart in Rome, which was seriously damaged in an air raid during the war. Its library and archives were destroyed.—B.U.P.


THE NATIONAL UNION OF PARENTS has protested that Communists occupy the main positions in the Secretariat of Education. The Director General, the head of the Primary Schools Department, the head of. the Secondary Schools Department, the Chief of the Department of Cultural Missions, are, alleges the statement by the Parents' Union, all declared Communists.


The little BENEDICTINE MONASTERY, built on the site of the glorious pre-Reformation abbey at Egmond, in the north of Holland, which was completely destroyed in 1573, has been given the status of an independent priory. Funds are being collected to rebuild the medieval abbey in modem style, for which tho plans are ready. On this occasion, almost coinciding with the 14th century of St. Benedict, the Bishop of Haarlem, Mgr. J. P. Huibers, who still uses the magnificent crosier of the former abbots of Egmond, sang Pontifical High Mass in the priory church.

POLAND The POLISH BISHOPS, greatly disturbed by the demoralisation of the family life, have decided to publish, in 600,000 copies, a pamphlet recalling the duties of the Catholic parents and explaining the Christian idea of marriage.

URUQUAY THE SMALL POLISH colony in Montevideo, capital of Uruguay, has spared no effort to build a Polish church. They succeeded and a fine building. decorated with pictures of the Polish saints, was erected. It was consecrated by Mgr. Antonio Barbieri, Archbishop of Montevideo, and Fr. I, Chudzynsid said the first Mass, U.S.A.

THE DEATH is announced of Mgr. MkLaughlin, first Bishop of Paterson, at7he age of 65. The Bishop had been in ill-health for some years and died In his sleep. He was appointed to the diocese of Paterson in 1937. He was born in New York City.

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