Page 5, 28th March 1969

28th March 1969
Page 5
Page 5, 28th March 1969 — SCHOOLS, MASS

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People: Adrian Firth
Locations: Surrey


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ISHOULD be grateful if -11you would give me space to put forward three suggestions, the product of an analysis of the difficulties I encounter in living as an overworked businessman, a father, and a Christian: DAILY MASS: thisI find impossible, because I cannot get up half an hour earlier than I have to, and because I travel to work at different times during the week, so that a Mass time that suited me one day would not suit me the next. What I would love to do is pop into church for Cornmunion on the way to the station. Could not the parish priest offer Communion from, say. 7.30 to 8.30 instead of Mass? MISSALS: I have bought two missals in the last two — yearsboth now out of date. What about a loose-leaf missal with pages which could be replaced when out of date? A loose-leaf missal would also have the virtue of optional extras, like prayers in preparation for Corn munion and Confession, and Masses for special saints. In parenthesis, a new version of the Stations of the Cross is needed. SCHOOLS: There are no top-class State-aided Catholic schools round here. So the main reason why I have put my children's name down for public schools is that they must receive a full education in their religion. However, when the time comes, I may well not be able to pay the fantastic fees, and will send my children to one or other of the excellent State schools near here. For children like mine. could not the public schools arrange crash courses of two to three weeks during the summer holidays, solely devoted to religious education. put these suggestions for ward as solutions to my personal problems. Have any of your readers like problems. and do they agree with my solutions?

Adrian Firth Walton-on-the-Hill, Surrey.

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