Page 6, 28th March 1969

28th March 1969
Page 6
Page 6, 28th March 1969 — Counsels for the Catechist

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Counsels for the Catechist


Teaching Religion to Adolescents by Pierre Babin and J. P. Bagot (Burns & Oates 12s.) IT seems hardly possible that -Iso much could be included in such a small volume. Modestly called "guidelines" we are given the results of much research and long experience on the problem of adolescent faith and its formation.

Beginning with "Ten Counsels for the Catechist" the book goes on to an outline of the catechesis of the adolescent for which so many teachers are crying out.

A deep analysis of "Salvation History", its real meaning and revelatory nature shows how far removed this is from the gigantuan efforts made in schools to teach "biblical

history" as an academic subject instead of a vehicle of God's approach to man's bean. "The Christian experience is not something which can be taught but something which each individual must find for himself." The role of the teacher is to be that of Christ, who revealed God to men in a personal, two-way exchange.

Those teachers who are perplexed as to how the Bible should be used and how to present the Church as a "permanent, sensible, visible link between God and man today" together with a relevant catechesis will find here the beginning of an answer and gateway to vaster horizons which could transform their whole approach no matter what age group occupies their present efforts.

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