Page 8, 28th March 1980

28th March 1980
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Page 8, 28th March 1980 — Bishops' Engagements

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Bishops' Engagements

Keywords: Chrism, Oils

A o Presentation of Award.

C Confirmation.

M = Mass.

0 c. Ordination.

V = Visitation.

Cardinal Hume, Arc:1161th., of Wilietrterwter:

Friday: Arend, Ampere:rein Schots C.oneart, Si .101. s. Srnith Square. 7.30 pm. Sunday: Palm Sunday Liturgy, Westminster Catherine, 10 arn Monday: Leads Public way of the cross. North Kensington. 6.30 pm. Thursday, Chrism M, Weetmineter Cethedral, 10.30 am, M, e the Lords Supper. Westminster Cathedral, Bem Aroltblahop Bowen of Southwark: Fridey: English /unfree. Valladolid. SaturdayDiaconate Southwark Students English college, Valladolid. Tuesday, Chapter meeting. 12 noon. Thuredayi Chrism M_ Cathedral. 11.15.

Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham: Sunday: teaming of Palms, St Chad's Cathedral, 10.30 em. Tuesday Chapter Marring and M. 1145 ern. Wednesday: 0. Osten College. 6.30 pm, Thursday Chrism M, St Charts Cathedral. 11 arm M, Lest Supper. Sr Chad s Cathedral, 8 pm Archbishop Warlock of Liverpool: Saturday, Returns horn Rome. Sunday Palm Sunday M, Metropolear Cathedral, 11 an-1 Monday. Archbishop's Council, 10 am, Thursday. Omani M. Metropoliten Cathedral, 11 am. Lunch at Maryland Hall Maryland Street. M, of the Lords Supper, 7 30 ten

B ishop Aleasnder of Clifton: Friday • Berm Ingham Province Church Leaders meeting, Berm ingham. Swindon Deanery Lenten Station M. Holy Rood. Swindon. Sunday. M. Clifton Cathedral. 11 arc M, St Joseph's and Teresa's. Wells. 6 30 pm Wednesday, Attends Diocesan Finance Committee meeting. St Ambrose. Leigh Woods. 4 pm. Thursday. Chrism M. 8 pm and M. of the torrra Supper, Clifton Catherlral. 8 pm

Velure Brewed, Aural:Dry of Shrewsbury: Friday: Anglican / Catholic Meeting of Bishops. Birmingham. Saturday, AGM Catholic Nurses Guild, Tuesday: Sation M. Little Sisters, Birkenhead, 7.30 pm Thursday, Chrism M. Si ,lairreneds. Birkenhead. 11 30 am.

B ishop Burks, &Milan, of Salford: Saturday: St Sebastian Parish Effort. St Albert's, High School, Salford. 8 prn Thonedate Chrism M. 11 am and M. at the Lords Supper. Si John a Cathedral. Salford. 7 30 pm

Mishap Casey of Brentwood: Friday. 0, English College, Rums Tunarlevi Chapter M, end Meeting, Brentwood, 11 sm. Thuredeyi M of Chrism. Cathedral, 11 30 urn M. of he Lord's Sueeret and Mandatum. St James the Less. Colchester 7.30 pm B ishop Clark of &at Amite: Saturday Elections, Carmelite Mormist.y, Guidenham. SundayM, St John's Cathedral. Norwich. 11 ern Monday • Preview and opening Sue Ryder Rooms, Norwich. 2.30 pm Werelexlay• Chrism M. Si John's Cathedral, Norwich. 7 prn. Thursday: M. Little Sisters of the Assumption. Norwich

B ishop Claw, Auxiliary of Sirminghsm: Suriday Messina of Palms and M, Snuw Hill, Wolverhempton. 11 am Tuesday. M St Thomas More School, Walliall, 9 45 am Chapter Mewing and wdel7tehophampeeo.n, ,v7.30coomp..n..16:

M. Sr Chad', Cathedral. 11.45. Thursday: Chrism M, Sr Grettory's Langton, 11 am. M, of the Lan Supper.

Friday, Lenten M. and Commissions Area delegates for NPC, Sr Joseph's, Bracknell. 7 pm. Saturday, M Park Place Pastoral Canoe, 12.16. Sunday, M and blesses Palms Si Aches Cathedral, tom. Thursday: M. of Chriam. St John's Cathedral. 11 ern.

lUehop Foley of Lancarter: friday, M. St Maria Goleta School, Preston, 11 am. Offers St Walburge's Deanery Station M. Sacred Heart, Preston, 7 30 per Sunday: 0 end Blessing of Palms. Cathedral, 11 am. Tuesday. Attends Chapter M, and Meeting. Cathedral. 11 am. Thursday: Chrism M. Cathedral, 11.30 um. M of the Lord's Supper, Cathedral, 7 pm.

B ishop Own ef Nortissnarton: Sunday: M. Cathedral. Thursday: Chrism N. Cathedral, 11 am.

B ishop Grew of Shrewsbury: Friday: Anglican / Catholic. Meeting of Bishops, Birmingham Sunday. M, and Blessing of Poem, Cathedral, Shrewsbury, 11 am TharsclayChrism M, Sr Laurenee's, Birkenhead. 11.30 am. M of the Lords Supper, Cathedral Shrewsbury, 7,30 per

B ishop Grey, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Sunday M. Broadgreen Hospital Chapel, 3.45 pm. C, Si Donlinic s Hiedon. 6.30 pro Monday Arai bishop's Council meeting, Curial Offices. 10 am, Tuesday: M. and Inducts Canons, 11 arn. Thursday: Chrism M. Cethedtal. 11 am. M. St Jude's. Wigan, 7.30 pm.

Mehop Ousrealli, Blehop in East London: Saturday: Meeting, Prisoners' Sunday Committee,

11 am islingum. Clow of Mission. S pro Sunday, V. Lazton Place. Wednesday: CDA. 5 pm. Thursday: M Of Chrisrn, Cathedral, 10.30 itelian HosPeel, 5.30. M, Millwall. 8 ion

D ishes Hanle of Middlesbrough: Friday: Meeting of Committee for the handicappod, 11 arn.

SiineayBlessing of Palms. Cathedral. 10 am. Wed. nerichey, M of Chrism. Si Cherries Borten.° Church, Hull, 7 pro. Thursday: M of Chrism. 1/.30 and M of the Lords Supper, Cathedral. 7 30

B ishop Harvey, Bishop in North London: Tuesday' Meeting of Deans. 1.30 pm. Chapter. 4.15. Wedneaday: CDA 7.30 pm. Threw*. Si Joseph's, Wealdstorte. 7.30 pm.

B ishop Henderson, Auailiary of Southwark: Friday: Meeting of Area Head Teachers, Sr Theresa's School. SE13. 10 an Deanery Lenten M,

St Saviour's. Lewisham, 13 pm. Saturday: V. Youth All Night Vigil. Cation'. 10 pm Sonctoy M. St Georges

Calhadrel. Southwark. 11.30. Tuesday: Chapter M and meeting, Sr George's Cathedral, Southwark, 11 arc Thursday. Serviee of the loots Supper, St Mary's. Blackheath. M of Chrism, Sr George's Cathedral, Southwark, 11 15

Bishop Hitchen, Auxiliary of Uverpool: Saturday' Catholic Teachers Federation. Lapholland

Sunday, Walk of Witness. Kirkby, 3 pm Our t ady's. Korenby, 5.30 pm. Monday: Archbishop's Council, 10 am. Catholic Social Services. 2 pm. %indite, Meeting with the Priests ol Kirkby deanery, 2 pm. Thursday. M of Chrism. Metropolitan Cathedral, 11 am. M of the Lords Supper, Our Lady's, Formby. 7.30 pm.

B ishop Holland of Salford: Friday: Cornpetters Firswoorl V. SuirriayBlessing of Palms and M. Salford Cathedral. 11 am. Thursday: M of Chrism. 11 ant and M ol the Lords Supper. St John's Cathedral. Saliord. 7.30 pen.

B ishop Jukes, Aindliery of Southwark: Friday, V. Ashford, Sunday. Dim:renal 0, Waterloo. Penitential Service, Tunbridge Walls, 7 pm. Wednesdm, Ayresham to moor C group. 7 pm, All night `Mirth Vigil. Hythe, Kent. Thursday, Chriam 55, Sr George's Cathedral, M ot the Lords Supper. Canterbury

Bishop Itenatent, Bishop in Central London: Friday: Station M. St Augustine's, Hammersmith, 13 ern. Saturday: Talk, Conference of Catholic Colleges meeting. Digby-Stuart College. 5 per Sunday / Wednesday: Retreat. MIII Hal. Wednesday: C.D.A. meeting, 7.30 pm Thum:lay: Chrism M, Westminster Cathedral. 10.30 am St John's Wood, M. 8 ore.

Bishop Lindsay of Hexham end Newcastle: Serials/ Meeting of N P.C. delegate,, St Marys College. Fenham, Newcastle upon-Tem. 11 am. SundayM. Cathedral, Newcastle. 11.3a Thursday, Chrism M. Cathedral Newcareln. 10.30 am M of the Last Supper. Cathedral. Newcastle. 7.30 one B ishop McCord*, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Surgery. Pain, Sonclay I. Hovey. Holy Feeley, Coventry. 11 are Monday: Ecumenical Service. Christ Church, Oxford. 1 30 pro Tuesday. Chapter meeting arid M. St Chads. Cathedral. 11,45 am Thursday rd nt Chrism, St Almelo& (Need 11 am. Liturgy of the Last Supper. Sacred Heart. Henley-onIhnmee. 8 pm B ishop McGuinness of Nottingham:Prides: Cathrrie. Chapl.sins conker:rico Leicester. 10 30 tun M. Si Patrick s School. Nottirigharn Sunday Bless me of Palms, Cathedral Monday: BBC Radio. Derby. 9 am Cetechetical Commission meeting, Hightields. Derby. 11 arr. Station M. St Mary's, Derby. Tuesday: Station M. Cathedral. Thursday: M of Chrism. Cathedral. 11.30 am M ni the 1 nols Supper, Cathedral. 7.30 pm.

B ishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel end Brighton: Thursday: Worthing deanery pastoral cooncil meeting, pm Friday: Youth evening. Bishops House, Storrington. Saturday: Meeting of Diocesan Pastore/ Council, St School, Crawley. Sunday, M. blessing of Palms, Arundel Cathedral. 11 am Tuesday, Meeting of Education Team_ Diocesan Educates Centre, Cr/way. 10 30 Thursday. M of Chrism Arundel Cathedral. 11 am M. of the Lord's Supper Arundel Cathedral 3 pre.

Mishap O'Connor, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Friday Clay conference, Christ College Sunday' Retreat Day, Notre Dame Coment. Birkdale. Keeley Archbishop's Council, 10 am, Ecumenical Service, Chest Church, Fccleston, 7_30 pm thersday: M of Chrism, Metrpoliten Cathedral, 11 am Bishop O'llrien, Whop in Hertfordshire: Friday. V. Holy Ghost Fathers. 6 pm. Monday: M. Sr Lawrence's. Faithana 7 pm Wednesday. C a A_ Westminster. 7 pm Thursday: Chrism M.

Wesiotomrdirtseterp,10 am Parish renewal, Holy Rood, we

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