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28th March 2003
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Page 12, 28th March 2003 — Bishops' diaries

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Bishops' diaries

Keywords: Religion / Belief

March 30 to April 5

Cardinal C Murphy-O'Connor (Westminster): Sun:10:30am M Holy Apostles Parish (Pimlico). Mon:pm Attends Dinner tit Middle Temple in honour of Sir Sigmund Sternberg (London EC4). Tue: Interviews and Engagements. Wed:7:30pm Third Lenten Mtg with Young People (Westminster Cathedral). Thur: Interviews and Engagements. I,ri:10ain Archbishop's Council. Sat 5 April-Wed 9 April: Private Retreat ArehhIshop V Nichols Marniinglaun): Sun:9:15am Addresses Secondary Heads Association, Bimiingharn. 11:30am C St Patrick's. Dudley Road. Tue:12:15pm Chapter Mass. 7pm: South Oxfordshire Deanery Evening, Theme, Wed:7pm Worcester Deanery Visitation Closing Mtg & Mass, Blessed Edward Oldcorne Selma Thur.7:30pm Birmingham North Deanery Visitation Closing Mtg & Mass, Sward Heart, Walmsley. Archbishop P Kelly (Liverpool): Sun:9am, 10:30am & 4:30pm V M St Anne, Orntskirk. Tue:11:30am Church Leaders' Local Radio Interview, BBC Radio Merseyside. Thur.:12:30pm Police/Clergy Liaison Group mtg. Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. 6pm: Meets with Junior Clergy. St Mary, Lowe House, St Helens. Sar9:30am Merseyside and Region Churches Ecumenical Assembly, Friends Meeting House. Liverpool. 5:30pm V M St Mary, Aughton.

Archbishop M Bowen (Southwark): Mon: Mtgs, Archbishop's House. Thm: Mtgs, Archbishop's House. Sat: Interviews prospective students Mr the Priesthood, Archbishop's House Bishop K Curry (Anindel & Brighton): Wed:I lam V Notre Dante School, Lingfield. 7:30pm Addirsses the Bother Valley Churches Together, Midhursi_ En:12pm Meets with Primary Heads, Storrington. Sat:am Surrey Churches Together Forum, Cobham. 4pne Diocesan Gift Aid AGM and Mass. liaywards Heath. 6;30pm Attends Production at Si John's Primary School. Horsham.

Bishop PPargeter (Wham nix)]): Sun: V St Oshurg's, Coventry. Tue:10: 30am Chapter Mtg, Cathedral. 12:15pm Chapter Mass. Wed:7pm Worcester Deanery Visitation Closing mtg and Mass, Blessed Edward Oldcorne School. Thur7:30pm Birmingham North Deanery Visitation Closing mtg and Mass, Wahnley. Sat:9:30am Interviews, Osoon Bishop T McMahoit Brentwood): The: Miss/Interviews, Cathedral House. Wed: Installation of High Sheriff, Chelmsford_ Thur. Ecumenical Society of Our Lady Pilgrimage. Walsinghum. Fri: Future Planning Mtgs, Cathedral House. Sat: Vigil Mass, Ss Peter & Paul, Ilford.

Bishop M Evans (East Anelia): Wer:1:7:30pm Lenten Station Mass fr the Kings Lynn Deanery. Holy Family RC Ouch, Kings Lynn. This will be a special Mass of Welcome for the new Bishop. Thur7:30pm Lenten Station Mass for the Norwich Deaney at St John's Cathedral. Norwich. This will be a special Mass of Welcome for the new Bishop. Fri:7:30pm Lenten Station Mass for the Cambridge Deanery at Our Lady & the English Martyrs, Cambridge. This will be a special MatiS Of WCICOMe for the new Bishop. Bishop .1 Rawsthorne (Hallam): Sun:V St Vincent de Paul, Sheffield. Tue: II tun. deanery rntg St Peter in Chains, Chweaster, 2.30pm. Liturgy Commission, pastoral centre; 7.30pm All Saints Catholic High School. Wed: 10am, CAFOD mtg, London, Fri: 2prn. Clarenient Hospital 50th anniversary Cathedral.

Bishop A Griffiths (Hexharnak Newcastle): Rie:2pm Attends 'Continuatg Educ_ation of Priests" Conference, Minsteracres, Conscu is there a Clerical Culture'?". 7pm: Hindu Temple Prayers for Peace, West Road, Newcastle upon Tyne. Wed:11am Attends mtg of Diocesan Priests. Ushaw College, cc: Child Pniteclion Guidelines. 6pm: Attends Installation of High Sheriff of Tyne and Wear at The Law Courts. Newcastle upon Tyne. Thuo 11 am M and Launch of Healuun and Newcastle Catholic Partnership (South). Our Lady tithe Rosary. Peterlee. Sat:11am Council of Laity Mtg. Si Joseph's, Gateshead. 7:30pm Annual Provincial Catenian Dinner Dance. Rarnside Hall. Durham.

Bishop P O'Dottoghue (Luca...ler): Mon: Consultanon on Asylum Seekers:. Vaughan House. Tue:6:30prn Diocesan Trustees mtg. Lancaster. Thur. 1pm V Lancaster Royal Grammar School. Fri:10:30am Bishop's Council hug, Lancaster. Sat:12:15pm M Diocesan Women's Group, Lancaster Cathedral, Bishop D Konstant (Leeds): Tue:10:30arn Governors mtg, Trinity & All Saints. Horsforth. 3pm: Bishops' Council. Hinsley Hall. Wed:10:30am Council of Priests, Hinsley Halt Thur6pni Council of Laity Steering Group. Hanley Hall. Sat: CAFOD mtg, Birmingham. 7:3Upm Leeds Festival Chorus. St John Passion, Leeds Town Hall.

Bishop A Roche (Coadjutor, Leeds): Sun: Hlam V Si Bon iface. Bentham. Tue:3pm Bishops Council. Hinsley Hall. Wod:10:30am Council of Priests. Hinsley Hall. 7:15pm Young Peoples' Lectio Div Um. Cathedral. Thar: If I:30am Clergy Surgery Day, Stoncleigh Court Bishop V Malone (L' pool aux i I ): Sum iftam M Si Edmund of Canterbury, Waterloo. Mon 1:30pm Blessing of School Extension. St alitry's RC Printery School,

I Atte Crosby. Tuc: 10am V Southport Infirmary. I :341pni V Christ the King RC High School. Southport. 7:30pm C Xli Apostles. Leigh. Wed:7prn C St Joseph, Brindle. Thu:12:30pm Police/Clergy liaison Group Mtg. Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. 7:30pm C St Charles Botromeo, Liverpool. Fri:7:30pm C All Saints, Liverpool. Sal:9:30am Merseyside and Region Churches Ecumenical Assembly Friends Meeting House, Liverpool. 6:30pm M St Thomas of Canterbury, Waterloo. Bishop .1 Crowley (Middlesbrough): Mon:7:30am Lenten Station Mass. Tue:11:15am Holy Hour for Priests. Cathedral. 7pm: Lenten Station Mass. Wed:12:10pm Lenten Station Mass. 79pin: Meets with Young People. Knights Club. Middlesborough. Thurl(knm V Si 1)ominic's Primary School, Bedew; 7pm: Lenten Station Mass. Fri:7:31.atm Lenten Station Mass. tun: V Sawed Heart School. Betimr. Sat:7pm V M Our Lady Star of the Sea, Staithes.

Bishop K McDonald (Northampton): Tuc: pm, mtgs Milton Keynes. TireWed: Post-ordination course, Turvey Abbey. Sat: am. Youth Leaders' Training Day, The Becket School. Northampton.

Bishop M McMahon (Nottingham): Sun: V Holy Trinity. Holbeaelt. Wod:7:30prn M II) mark the Ruby Anniversary of The Priory Prinun-y School, Eastwood, Thuol lam . Bishop's Council mtg. Bishop's House. Sat: 7: 30pni Attends Concert at the Methodist Church'. Bonowash.

Bishop C Hollis (Portsmouth): Sum9:15ant Sacred Heart Sisters Farewell Mass, St Colman's, Coshant. Wed:10:30am Clergy Formation Day. !Aber Hall. Winchester Fri-Sun 6th April: Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, Church Representatives Mtg, Bishop T Bruin (Salford): Sun:11:30am V St Bede's. Bury. 4:30pm Mtg with Young People, Ward ley Hall. Wed:10:30um Council of Priests, Cathedral House. Thur:10:30am-4pm Mission

Review Gmup. Inter-Faith Leadem ' nag, David Hurwich Hall, Salford. Eri: Private Appointments, Wardley Hal. Bishop C Henderson (S"wark Auxil): Sun: lOuni M C Our Lady of the Rosary, Brixton. Mon:6:45pin Annual Report and Dinner. Lambeth College. Sat:6:30pm M C Our Lady and St Philip Nett Sydenharn. Bishop J Hine (S'wark Auxil): Sun: Gives Engaged Encounter Weekend at West Wickham. Mon: I I wit-2:30pm Mtg of the Southern Province of Marriage & Family Life Group, The Hermitage, West

Tue: V St John.Fisher School, Chatham. Wed/lbur No Official Engagements. Fri:2:30pm Bishops Conference Marriage & Family Life nag, Bxlestone Square. Sat: No Official Engagements Bishop A Hopes (Wininster Auxil): Eri:am Archbishop's Council nag. pm: Interviews and Engagements, Archbishop's House. Sat:4:30pm Pmcession of Blessed Sacrament, Wearminster Cathedral Bishop B Longley INV'minster Auxil): Tue:4prn Consultors' nag. 7:30pm I eaten Thlk. Limehouse. Wed.:3pnt Prison Chaplains mtg. ITO 10am Archbishop's Council Bishop G Stack ( W ' mi nster area): Tue:4pm Consultors' mtg. Wed:2pin St Edmund's School, Milwall. 5pm: Evensong, St Paul's Cathedral. Thur: Primary Heads Conference in Poole. Fri:10am Archbishop's Council. Sat: 6pm Induction of Fr. Mehal Lowry at St John Fisher. North Harrow Bishop H Tripp (S'wark Auxil.) : 'Ilie7pm Chairs intg tithe South London Justice and Peace Commission. Fri-Sun 6 April: Attends Church Representative Mtg of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland at Maynooth Bishop T Burns (Eames); Mon: Medical Appointment. Tue-Thur. In Office. Fri: USCA Council WALES Archbishop P Smith (Cardiff): Wed:1 lam Bishops' Conference mtg 'Day for Life', Eceleston Square. London. Thor:II am Council of Priests mtg, 'Pastoral Resources Centre. Cardiff. 7pm: C Sr Albans, Cardiff

Bishop M Jabale (Menevia): Sun:11am C Holymod & Si Teilo's Parish. Tenby. Mon:7pm Lenten Station Mass, Holy Cross Parish, Aberaeron. Wedaan Engagements at Curial Office. Thur:7pm V Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, Briton Ferry. Ern7pm Lenten Station Masa, St Joseph's Parish, Neath. Sat:10am Diocesan Pastoral Council mtg, Curial offices. Swansea.

Bishop E Regan (Wrexham.): Sun:11am 40th Jubilee Celebration Mass for Er. Webb, Mold. •Fue:10am RC/Anglican Study Day, Dolgellau Deanery Lenten Service, Cathedral. Wed:10am Priests' Council mtg. Llanchalrio. Thur7pm Deanery Station Mass, Machytaleth. Sat: V St Asaph Key: M-Mass. C-t'ontirmation. V-Visitenon. 0-Ordination, Mtg-Mceting. SchSchool. ES-Ecumenical Service.

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