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28th March 2003
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Page 13, 28th March 2003 — NOW WE CAN CHANGE 171

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People: Nicola Reardon
Locations: Birmingham


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Dear Catholic Times reader...

Please stop whatever you are doing, sit down and read this letter very carefully. Lives depend on it.

The following is an excerpt from an account in The Sun (March 4, 2003) of a Birmingham doctor dubbed 'The Butcher'.

"A woman suffered horrific internal injuries and nearly died when a consultant gynaecologist botched her abortion, a General Medical Council hearing was told recently the doctor reputedly ruptured her womb and pulled out her right fillopian tube and ovary, a ureter and part of her bowel....

The 20-year-old woman's life was only saved by emergency surgery from three other consultants, although a kidney had to be removed. They found a huge tear in her uterus and the foetus was still present, minus an arm and a leg He conducted the bungled abortion at a private abortion clinic in England. Staff were said to have been horrified as he attempted to remove the 20-week foetus " Earlier the same day, "he left parts of foetuses, including skulls and spines, inside three women, but then managed to remove them "

This appalling horror story illustrates the true vicious anti-woman, anti-life attitude pervading the entire 'abortion establishment'. Their famous cries of "Women's Rights" and "Women's Health" are but hollow catchphrases used as a propaganda tool to fool people. Of course, these phrases are also the 'marketing slogans' of the abortionists. We must never forget that abortion is about money, big money, and abortionists do indeed grow fat gorging themselves on human misery and death. Financially speaking, abortion is a boom industry and a very lucrative one at that; a glance at any clinic's car park will show you just how profitable the killing of babies actually is.

Blood Money

The whole 'industry' acts as a giant bloodsucking parasite sapping the innocent lifeblood of our next generation, and our young women, yet we seem powerless to stop this juggernaut of death. Well, no more! With your help I plan to take on the so-called British Private Abortion Industry and expose it for what it really is.

will strip back the veneer of respectability that they have built up over the years and lay bare the true nature of their grisly business for the whole world to see. For instance, did you know that nearly all the private "Clinics" are registered Charities? Incredibly, these people have managed to secure charitable status, yet many of Britain's oldest and most respected mainstream Pro-Life groups have been consistently refused charitable status.

'Quack' Doctors

Another disturbing fact I plan to fully expose is their employment of Doctors who have had, shall we say, rather colourful pasts, and who are sometimes unbelievably, hired without references being taken up! But most worrying of all is the spiralling death toll of young women in these clinics, not to mention the obvious carnage inflicted on the hundreds of thousands of tiny innocent babies who have had Mil"brains sucked out, and their lives brutally extinguished in these human slaughterhouses.

Surely it's time to expose these butchers and make them legally accountable for their disgraceful actions!

Pro-Lifers On The Offensive

I believe the time is right to launch a professional, legally documented, crossreferenced private inquiry into the running of these clinics, and the fat cats who are raking in vast profits built on exploitation and greed. To be honest, it should have been undertaken years ago, when such horrendous tragedies and other

horrible scandals first made the papers. But, as they say, hindsight is a great thing. At

least now the IJKLL will be setting about this massive task. I will see this through and twill fully expose the shameful goings-on in these terrible places.

It needs to be done. It should be done. But, thank God, now it ES be done.

As you are well aware, the LifeLeague are recognised throughout the country by friend or foe alike as the experts when it comes to publicity and public awareness campaigns. And there's no doubt that UKLL are uniquely qualified and structured to undertake this task. And that's why I know you will want to help ensure the success of this project. Can you imagine the damage to the abortion industry that a full-blown exposé of their abuse of women and babies would cause?

Hearts And Minds

Think of the all-round knock-on effect of this, women perhaps pausing to reconsider their abortion or sufficiently deterred to say 'No' to killing their unborn child! Perhaps even some abortionists or nurses will resign their posts and quickly get out of this vile business. You see, there's just so much potential for good that we must pursue this initiative as a matter of great urgency.

This groundbreaking project could prove a huge step in the battle to overturn the culture of death which threatens to consume us, towards restoring a positive culture of life where each and every

human being made in the Image and likeness of God is respected in all their uniqueness and afforded their rightful worth and dignity In a truly civilised and just society. We simply must not let this opportunity pass

by. THE SUN, 04/03/03

I know this can work and I know this could be one of the biggest and most successful attacks on the entire abortion camp even in the UK. Will you help me make this plan a success? As usual the only missing ingredient for this recipe for success is cash, or should I say, the lack of it. That's why I urgently appeal to you for financial assistance.

Currently I have about half the money that is required to see this project through. This money was given by a marvellous and saintly group of priests who are completely convinced and greatly excited by this bold initiative. These wonderful shepherds have

really sacrificed and stretched their personal finances to launch this project and I am determined not to let them down through lack of money.

To make this project work I urgently need: £18,000 To hire a full-time independent qualified researcher for one year, to investigate, document, and catalogue, all abuses that have been reported over the last number of years.

£7,500 To support intelligence gathering through our nationwide network of volunteers as well as involving pro-lifers from most other groups throughout the UK and Ireland.

£20,000 For press advertising, seeking out women who have a story to tell regarding any aspect of the abortion industry, especially those who have been coerced, lied to and damaged physically or emotionally by their experience, even if their experience occurred many years ago.

Would it be possible for you to consider a gift of £1000? If not, would a gift of £500 be within your reach?

I am earnestly praying that you will dig deep and make the biggest sacrifice you can. I am counting on a multitude of gifts of £25, £35, £50, £100 and £200. Please send whatever you can straight away.

Chance OM Lifetime

This bold initiative really will be a watershed in the Pro-Life fight in the UK. It is a "dambuster" of a strategy and it can and will work. But it will require faith and prayers and guts and determination, intelligent and professional handling, and your kind help.

have been greatly assisted up until now by some fantastic and holy people and now I need that extra last piece of the jigsaw to set the wheels in motion. I need an urgent response to this appeal! Lives are literally at stake! Every day lost in launching our campaign will cost lives so please respond today. I know I can count on you.

Yours in Life,


Nicola Reardon, Campaign Director

P.S. I need to raise this money within 21 days to make the necessary arrangements and preparations for this project. The proabortion, anti-life people hope that you will set this letter aside and forget about it that's why I'm praying that you'll send your most generous gift right away.

Don't put it off please act today!

"But I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion" Mother Teresa

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