Page 13, 28th May 1937

28th May 1937
Page 13
Page 13, 28th May 1937 — Do Women Know How To Dress ?

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Do Women Know How To Dress ?

By A Mere Man

There seems to be a prevalent idea nowadays that women are neat and workmanlike in their attire. As a mere man I would question this. As I go about from day to day I notice many things to bear this out.

I see a woman appear in a coat which She invariably kept close by grabbing it with her hand, for all the world as though it were a dressing-gown. Such a coat has generally only one button and that an ornamental one which I would wager has not even been securely sewn on, and would come off if put to its ostensible use. Then ninety-nine women out of a hundred have no idea how to choose a frock, and seem to think that their sex is more all of a size than are men. So they never worry about getting the right size for themselves individually. As to the cut of a garment, whether it should be "square" or "oblong," they do not seem to have ever heard -of the existence of such. I have seen a "square" women wearing an "oblong" frock, and could only presume that she had bought it because she liked the colour. The result was that the frock, in order to accommodate itself to her hip measurement, rucked up and was an inch or two short when she stood up, and was shorter still when she sat down. I have seen an "oblong " girl

in a " square" frock, and it hung on her like a pole—ghastly!

As with frocks, so with footwear. The majority of women have no ideas that are sensible about footwear. They do not wear shoes at all—they wear slippers. pretty ones often, but still slippers, and even these are chosen without much care, much less care indeed than a man would take over his bedroom slippers. Fit, again, is never apparently the primary consideration wah women. Most women seem to have come to a decision that the possession of two or three pairs of smart, cheap shoes are better than one good pair; probably because they imagine a good pair would soon be outof-date. So fit does not count, and the result is that the smart, cheap shoes are badly out of shape in a few weeks, hardly last a few months, and are an eyesore for all time, unless, as so often happens. a heel comes off and they have to he • discarded. With art ancient writer, I would say that the woman who is wisely shod with a practical eye to the weather, is one who " far and from the uttermost coast is the price of her."

As for hats, words fail me. How many women know their size in hats? Yet in a men's outfitting shop, even a girl saleswoman asks a customer's size as a first

step to the sale of a hat or cap. It seems that only women with freak heads or long hair ever trouble about the size of a hat, and even then a " I can stretch it for you, moddam " usually settles it; and if on the other hand the hat is too large the purchaser snips a gusset out, or inserts a pad of tissue paper. What would a man look like with a gusset snipped out of the back of his hat!

When dressing a little titivating in front of a mirror is expected to put everything right and to turn out a neat ensemble. And yet, I see women with red hair often wear a rose-pink dress. It was probably "enormously reduced and so irresistible. I have seen a woman wearing a royal-blue hat with the rest of her wardrobe in shades of green; and other women wearing hats of flattering shapes, or with hard lines and crude colours. Then who has not seen plump women in jumpers with circular stripes so that the effect was that they looked like beer barrels? Or thin women wearing dresses so shaped as to accentuate their thinness? In the same way, women with the fattest legs and the thickest ankles always seem to choose tinned-salmon coloured stockings and elaborate highheeled shoes; and women with square masculine hands seems to have a morbid passion for pink nail varnish; and women with thick lips more often than not paint them a dazzling scarlet.

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