Page 13, 28th May 1937

28th May 1937
Page 13
Page 13, 28th May 1937 — The Letter Competition

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Organisations: Christ Church
Locations: Southend


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The Letter Competition

What Did You Do On Coronation Day ?

Here are some of the letters which have already been sent to me. Some people seem to have had a pretty good time on Coronation Day.

Didn't you? If so, write and tell me all about it. Letters should not be more than 400 words, and any boy or girl under the age of 15 can enter for it. The prize will be a book.

Please do not get any grown-ups to help you. Of course, you can ask how to spell words—but what I want is your own description of how you spent Coronation Day.

All letters must be in by June 1.

Margery Brock, age —. Dear Mr. Editor, I have great pleasure hi descibing what I did on Coronation Day. When I awoke it was very light which gave me the idea that I was. So I scrambled out of bed dressed and washed so that I was ready for Mass which was the most important part of the day. It was quite a long way to church but it was most interesting looking and admiring the gorgeous decorations. At last I reached the church where I was ready to hear Mass. After Mass we sang the National Anthem and then set set off in the buss down to the Stadium, where there a Non-Catholic service was on but our school did not take part in it. We were going to make a display of country dances. However the service was soon over and we started dances one of which was called Christ Church belles.

Well after finishing the dance we again sang the National Anthem which the Mayor of Southend attended and I have told you" how I spent the morning. In the After Noon we had a party and were amused by a conjurer who did many funy and amusing things. When that was over with songs we were presented with books which were very interesting. Then we had tea and other amusements. After the long day we had to go home-and thats how I spent an enjoyable Coronation day.

Felicity Maloney, age 9. My Dear Editor, I shall always remember May the twelth 1937 the day when there Madjestes the King and Queen were crowned.

First of all I got up and went to Mass and prayd for the King and Queen. Then I listened to the wirless and then went to look at the percessian which was taking place then we all came back to tea. We had Coronation Cake.

It in deed a memorable ocasion. ke t was Clare Stephen, age 7. Dear Editor, I heard the Coronation. on the wireless.

I expect you did too. we couldn't have our sports on Coronation day it was too Wet. so we had to have it a different day. my Mummy got me out of my bed and took me down to the drawing-room to hear the kings speech.

There was a fancy dress procession through the village. I was dressed up as a Dutch girl With a flag.

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