Page 15, 28th May 1937

28th May 1937
Page 15
Page 15, 28th May 1937 — PROTESTANT WHO WAS AT BADAJOZ

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Organisations: Congress
People: Queipo de Llano


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Experiences at Nationalist Hands

Allegations that the Nationalists in Spain have consistently persecuted Spanish Protestants were rebutted by General Queipo de Llano in a recent broadcast when he

quoted the case of the Evangelical Pastor Lilian, who was among the prisoners taken at the fall of Badajoz, the city where the Reds spoke of thousands of their comrades being slaughtered by machine-gun fire after being driven into a bull-ring. The entire

fabrication of this story was quickly shown up by competent witnesses.

Since de Llano's broadcast the pastor in question, now living in Zaragoza, has sent the following letter to the General at Salamanca: Zaragoza. April, 1937.

Esc-autism—In one of yonr recent talk, by wireleas yon mentioned me SR residing at Itadajos .

Art the house I was living in offered very little protection against air raids, I took refuge in the cellars of the military hospital on the invitation of the director of the hospital. We were a large number of refugees taken in there and were. of courite, all made pViS011erA When the town was taken. I WAR kept a prisoner during nine days, and not only were we all treated with the utmost courtesy, both by the authorities and by our jailers. hut. an soon as it was known that I was a Protestant pastor, I was treated Will even greater kindness than before.

AP soon ne it was proved that I had taken no part. in anything, I was immediately apt free and allowed to go where I pleased. and it Was then that 1 came over to Zaragoza.

The only time I was in danger of being shot was when a fled militiaman, before the town was taken, thrust a pistol in my hack and 1 was threatened with being shot for having sainted a friend with the usual Spanish salutation of " Adios." equivalent to the French " Adieu." as it has reference to the name of Clod. which among the Iteda is not allowed.

I enjoy the mast complete freedom now and am allowed to go about as 1 will. nobody interfering with me or say profession. What Protestant parsons expect would be their fate in a Communisd Spain I cannot imagine. hut. T do know the fate of many Protestant bishops and parsons cruelly killed in Russia, as I had a detailed meolint of what happened to them from a lady missionary who had been through the Russian revolution and whom I met at a Congress at Hollywood. I formulate my most fervent wishes for the trinmph of your cause, which is the cause of your beloved. and my beloved, Spain.

Tour Irceoml(aselin ltalny'e(snobedient servant,

Evangelical Pastor.


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