Page 15, 28th May 1937

28th May 1937
Page 15
Page 15, 28th May 1937 — REUNION IN MALABAR Progress of the Movement

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Organisations: Reunion, nonChristians


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REUNION IN MALABAR Progress of the Movement

It is now more than six years since the Holy Father blessed the Reunion movement among the schismatics of Malabar. By this time there have been received more than six thousand souls, including twentytwo priests, two deacons, and two Brothers, out of 268,363 schismatics and 1,007,997 non-Christians inhabiting a vast diocese of 6,433 equate miles.

Besides the convert priests there are at present working in Tiruvalla twelve other priests, including religious, and two Franciscan Brothers. Though the number of converts is insignificant when compared with the number of schismatics and nonChristians, the movement has been able to bring about a radical change in the attitude of the schismatics towards the Church and the Catholic missionary.

The needs are manifold—in fact, they are those of an infant diocese. Lack of funds has, as it were, tied the hands of the workers.

Social work in different forms is being taken up by the non-Catholic communities of Tiruvalla. Naturally people are attracted by such works. Hence, if Catholics would hold their own amidst these schismatics they, too, should undertake corporal works of mercy. There is the imperative need of starting an orphanage and an industrial school; the ambition is not to start on a big scale, but to begin with the minimum and gradually improve and increase. So benefactors are greatly desired.

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