Page 4, 28th May 1937

28th May 1937
Page 4
Page 4, 28th May 1937 — Ethics

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Organisations: Free State Government


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Idealism Makes Its Demands

The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World, by Rev. Denis Fahey, C.S.Sp. (Browne and Nolan, 8s. 6d.) Reviewed by HUGH DE BLACAM.

An honoured Irish priest, whose inspiration is mystical and devout, views history, especially that of the revolutionary ages and today, and discerns a world-wide conspiracy against the Kingship of Christ. Father Fahey hardly can be surpassed in those passages in which he describes the Divine plan and the Christian soul's part in it. He teaches his readers to see in all their actions. especially in collective actions, something done for or against the interests of the Mystical Body.

The analysis of the opposing forces is on a different plane. Turning from what is taught infallibly of God, the Church and the soul, to the facts of wordly history, Fr. Fahey deals with what is debatable. Some will think that he goes too far in his accounts of world-wide, secret, Jew-directed intrigue.

In Ireland, exception has been taken to Fenians who were in touch with Masonic and other subversive agencies, and to his view of what should be done by the Free State Government to ensure a completely Catholic form of society, though a quarter of the people of Ireland are Protestants.

He does not make enough allowance, his critics say, for inevitable defects of form in the modern world, where the Confessional State cannot be upheld, and where orthodoxy is to be sought rather through the personal allegiance of rulers.

However that may be, here is a book which states the maximum demand which Catholic idealism makes on the modern world, and which no one can read without deep stirring of the heart and mind.

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