Page 10, 28th May 1971

28th May 1971
Page 10
Page 10, 28th May 1971 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Episcopal Engagements

Page 9 from 13th April 1962


Cardinal Heenan of Westin mster

Iticia Y. Opens community Centre, NOrthwoOd. 6.30. Saturday: Says Mass to celebrate Canonisation of Patroness of _W L.. Cathedral. Sunday. Sins High Mass of Pente:ast. cathedral. 10 30.

Bishms Butler, Auxiliary of West fulaster-Fridav. Concelebrates and preaches at open aJr Mass in honour ni Douay Martyrs, St. Edmund's College, 9.30. Lectures to Ecumenical conference, .1 S Saturday! Old Erimundians Cricket Match Sunday: Mass and Confirmation. Cranford, 5. Tuesday: AnglicanliRC

meeting. Christchurch, Oxford, I. Wednesday: Administration meeting. WestminSter, 11. Lectures to Synod of Society of Holy Crats, 3.

Bishop Guarxelli, Auxiliary, ol Westm inster-TUesday: Attends A.g.m. of Roman Association. K.S.C. club, Lansdowne Road, 11. Thursday! Mass and Confirmation St. Mary's, Hampstead. EL

Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary of West minster-Friday7 Mass. Volunteer Missionary Movement Training Course, 3.15. Confirmation, Grove Park, chitwick, 6.30. Saturday: Carders Diaconate, Sacred Heart Church. Mill Hill. 3.30. Sunday; Confirmation. Osterlev, 6_30_ Archbishop Dwyer of BirminghamSunday: Pontifical Mass and ConfirmaVein, St. Chad's Cathedral. Birmingham 3.

Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary or Birminoham-Sunday: Mast and Confirmation. Christ the King Church, Kingstandlng, 6.30. Monday: Concelebrates Mass. Cotton College, North Stan.. 11.30. Tuesday: Chapter Mass. meeting of Chanter, St. Chad's Cathedral, 11.45.

Bishop Emery, Auxiliary of Birmingham-Tuesday: Chapter Mass and meeting of Chapter, St. Chad's Cathedral. 1145.

Archbishop Beck of LiverpoolFriday: Children's Mass, Sacred Heart. St. hiclons, 3 Attends K.S.C. dinner

Wiriness. Sunday: Men's Mass, Cathedral. 5. Mass. St. Patrick's, LiverPool, 6.30. Tuesday: Meets LourdeS OrIests. Grange Park Hotel. 11. Wednesday Diciresan Schools' CommisSiOn meeting, 10-45. Cardinal Allen School Governors meeting, 5.45. Thursday' Attends Bishop Boisguerin's Mass, fle1mOnt Road, 11.30.

Bishop Harris, Auxiliary of Liverpool -Friday: Visits sick, St. ChriStOisher's, Speke. Mass. All Hallows Bens • School. Confirmation, St. Chrlstonher's. [peke Sunday: Visitation, St. Christopher's.

Speke. Tuesday: Chanter Mass. Cathedral, 11. Wednesday. Mass, St. John Almond Secondary School, Thursday: Attends Silver Jubilee mass, COnvent of Little Sisters of the Poor, Belmont Road. Friday: Visits sick. St. Bernadette's. Liver050L Confirmation. St. Bernadette's.

Bishop Gray, Auxiliary of LiverpoolSunday: Solemn High Mass for fourth anniversary of opening of Ntetranoillan Cathedral, 11, Mass and Confirmation. Church of SS. Peter and Paul, Crosby. 3.30. TueSclay. Visits sick, St. Richard's, Bootie, 10.30. Thursday: Mass of E DIScopal Silver Jubilee of Bisheo R. BeIsguei In, Convent cd the Little Sisters of Poor. 11.30. Friday: OrdinatiOn ceremony, St. Joseph's Seminary, Upholiand, 9.30.

Archbishop Cowderoy of Southwark -Sunday: Pontifical Mess and Confirmation, Cathedral, 3.30.

B.shou warlock of PortsmouthSaturday: Centenary celebrations. St. Matthew's, Jersey, 5. Sunday: Visitation arid Confirmation. St. Patrick's. Jersey. Monday' Mass at Annual Altar Servers' Rally, Holy Rood. Oxford, 12. Tuesday: Addresses Missionary Inatitute, Totterldge.

Bishop Grant of NorthamptonSaturday: Confirmation, St. Gregory's. Northampton, t n and 4,7S0, Sunday: Confirmation. Cathedral, Northampton, 11. WodnesdaY: Diocesan Council of Priests meeting, Cambridge. Thursday: A.g.m. Catholic Needlework Guild. Convent Of Notre Dame. NOrthampton, 3.

Bishop Holland of Salford-Saturday: Interviews candidates for Priesthood. Cathedral House, 10.30, Catholic.

!clic ChannaiOriShiPS, LOngfOrd Park, StretfOrd, 4. Sunday: Pontifical Sung Mass, Salford Cathedral, 11. Lunch, Manchester Town Hall. 1.30. Leads Whit riroression, Albert Square to Piccadilly, 2.30, Wednesday: Ecclesiastical Edutation Council, .Cathedral House, 2.30. Thursday: Rescue Council. 11. ECUMenical Commission, 4.30. Bishop Clark, Auxiliary of Northampton-Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Lynford and Brandon. Monday: Theological Conference, Waitingham. Wednesday: Senate meeting, Cambridge.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of SalfordSunday: Lunrh. Manchester Town Hall. 1.30. Manrhester Whit procession. 2.30.

Mass and Confirmation, Salford Cathedral, 6,30. Wednesday: Chapter Mass, Salford Cathedral, 12, Ecclesiastical Educat,On COunril, Cathedral 1-10uSe, 2.30. Thursday: Rescue 'Council, 11. Ecumenical Commission. 4.30.

Bishop Restieaux of PlymouthSunday: Pontifical Mast, 11. Confirmalion, 3. Cathedral.

Bishon Casey of Brentwood-Saturday: Ordains sub:deacons, Our Lady of Fatirna, Harlow, 6.30. Sunday: Ordains deacons. Our Lady of Fatima, HarlOw, 11. Tuesday. Chanter Mass and meeting, Cathedral, 11. Thursday: Consecrates Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Stock. 5,

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds-FridayFriday: Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Bishop Pole, of Lancaster Sunday: Confirmation. Lancaster Cathedral, 3. Tuesday: Broughton Catholic Charitable Society meeting, Wednesday: Attends Chanter Mass and meeting. Lancaster, 11. Thursday: Mass for Golden hibilarian, Little Sisters, Fulwood, Pres:ten, 11, Bishop Grasar of Shrewsbury-Sun

day: Mass 11, Confirmation, 3.


C aidt id e a I . esday: Attends Roman meeting, London. Thursday; Conry


firatierr and visitation. St. Pius X. A Edge.


Bishop Bowen of Arundel and Brighton-Friday: Mass and Confirmation. IlamInden Park. Sussex. 7.30. Saturday: A.R.M. Covenant organisers, Haywards Heath, Sunday: Mann, 10.30. Confirmation, St. Edward's, Sutton Park. Guildford, 10.30, Tuesday: Diocesan Council Of Administration meeting. Hove, 11. Thursday: Confirmation and visitation, HatIsham, SaSSee, Bishop Cunningham of Hexham and Newcastle-Sunday: Pontifical Mass, 11.30. Pupal blessing. Confirmation, 3. St. Marv'S Cathedral, Newcastle.

Bishop Lindsay. Auxiliary of Plexham and Newcastle-Sunday: Confirmation. St. Joseph's Hartlepool. 3.

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