Page 3, 28th May 1993

28th May 1993
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Page 3, 28th May 1993 — BISHOPS' DIARIES

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Bishops ' Diaries Cardinal Basil Hume (westminster): Sun:...

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Keywords: Religion / Belief

Cardinal Basil Hume (Westminster): Sun: M. Cathedral, 10.30am. Wed: Open new wing, Irish Centre Hostel, Highgate, 3pm. Thu: M, St Anselm's, Cliftonville. I lam. Fri: C, Pimlico. 7pm. Sat: C, Garston, 7pm.

Archbishop John Ward (Cardiff): Sun-Sat: Welsh National Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Archbishop Michael Bowen (Southwark): Sun: C, St George's Cathedral. 3pm. Wed: Bishops/Staff mtg, St John's Seminary, Wonersh. Sat: Knights of Holy Sepulchre M, Cathedral, am.

Bishop Cormac Murphy O'Connor (Arundel and Brighton): Sun: C, Arundel Cathedral, 11 am. Lord Mayor's service, Arundel, 3pm Tue: Surrey Church leaders' mtg, Guildford, 12 noon. M for diamond jubilee of Sr Gabriel, St Francis. Littlehampton. Thu: St Mary's centenary, Westbrooke, Worthing, 12 noon. Sat: Worthing deanery C, Cathedral, I lam. Cathedral deanery C, Cathedral. 3pm. Bishop Thomas McMahon (Brentwood): Sun: M/C, Cathedral, I 1.30am. Wed: mtg, St John's Seminary, Wonersh. Thu: V, Anchor House, Canning Town, 5pm. Sat: 0, St Basil's. Basildon, 11.30am.

Bishop Mervyn Alexander (Clifton): Sun: V/C, Clifton Cathedral. Wed: M, St Augustine's, Downend, 7.30pm. Thu: C, St Peter's, Swindon. 7.30pm. Fri: Opening, Phase 2, Glastonbury Visitor Centre. 6.30pm. Sat: Priestly 0, Bro Luke Bell OSB, Downside Abbey, I lam. C. St Gregory's, Cheltenham, 4pm.

Bishop Gerald Moverley (Hallam): Sun: V/C, Balby, I lam. Bishop Ambrose Griffiths (Ilexham and Newcastle): Sun: C, St Mary's. cathedral, Newcastle, I I.45am. Tue: M for Assoc. of Ven. English College, Ushaw, Durham, 12 noon, Wed: M, Catholic Social Workers Guild Dinner. 6pm. Thu: Vision of the Church mtg, Ushaw, 10.30am-4pm.

Bishop John Brewer (Lancaster): Sun: C. Cathedral, 10.30am. Tue: Broughton Society mtg. Wed: Student interviews. English Martyrs, Preston, lOarn. M for bicentenary of St Wilfred, Preston, 7.30pm. Thu: Memorial M, St Michael's, Workington, 6.30pm. Fri: c, Garstang.

Bishop David Konstant (Leeds): Sun: Priestly 0, Fr Kevin Gleeson, Cathedral. Tue: Selby clergy lunch, bishop's house. 12.30pm. Wed: Memorial M, Christ the King, Brantley, 1 lam. Thu: C, St Paulinus deanery. Fri: V, St John of God Brothers, Bradford, I 1 am.

Bishop Daniel Muffins (Menevia): Sun-Sat: Welsh National pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Bishop John Crowley (Middlesbrough): Sun-Fri: Diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Bishop Kevin O'Brien, (Middlesbrough auxiliary): Sun-Fri: Diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Bishop Leo McCartie (Northampton): Sun: C, Cathedral, 3pm. Fri: C, Shefford, 7.30pm. Sat: Mystagogia M. Cathedral, 11.30arrt V/C, Christ the King, Milton Keynes, pm. Bishop James McGuinness (Nottingham): Sun: V/C, Cathedral, am. Sun-Tue: Rome. Wed: M, 40th anniv. Fr McDermott, St Joseph's, Retford, 11.30arn. Sat: Presents CCRS certificates.

Bishop Christopher Budd (Plymouth): Sun-Sat: Diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Bishop Crispian Hollis (Portsmouth): Sun: C, St Paul's, Cosham, 10.45am. C, St John's Cathedral, 3pm. Tue: Berkshire clergy lunch, Windsor, 1pm. C, Sacred Heart, Waterlooville, 7pm. Wed: Jubilee M, Douai Abbey. reading, 11.45am. Bishops/Staff mtg, St John's Seminary, Wonersh, 4pm. Thu: Governors mtg, LSU College, Southampton, 2.30pm. C. St Boniface, Southampton, 7pm. Fri: Bps' Europe Cttee mtg, London, 12.30pm. C. St John the Baptist, Andover, 7pm. Sat: WV, St Joseph's, Havant, 6.30pm.

Bishop Joseph Gray (Shrewsbury): Sun: M, Cathedral, 10.30am. Fri: Student interviews, I lam-4pm. Sat: Annual adopter's M, St Peter's, Hazel Grove, 2.30pm. M for sick. St Ambrose, Stockport, 630pm.

Bishop Charles Henderson, (Southwark auxiliary): Sun: V/C, Camberwell. 3pm. Tue: M and benediction, Diocesan UCM pilgrimage, Aylesford, 11.30am-2pm. Wed: Bishops/Staff mtg, Wonersh, 4pm. Thu: C, St David's, Abbey Wood, 7.30pm. Fri: Conference mtg. Sat "Family Fest" Bishop John Jukes, (Southwark auxiliary): Toe: St Mary's College, Strawberry Hill. Wed: Bishops/Staff mtg, Wonersh, 4pm. Thu: Institute of Business Ethics mtg, London, I pm. Fri: V, Broadstairs (until Sun). Blesses chapel, Minster Abbey, Minster, 2pm. Sat: World of Work Conference, 12.15pm. Bishop Howard Tripp, (Southwark auxiliary): Sun: C, Thornton Heath, 11.30ant C. Walworth, 6.30pm. Tue: Justice and Peace mtg, Southwark, 7pm. Wed: Bishops/Staff mtg, Wonersh, 2.30pm. Thu: Liturgy commission nag, 6pm. FriSat: V, Putney. Sat: C, Tolworth, 6.30pm.

Bishop Victor Guazzelli (Westminster, east London area): Sun: C, Haverstock Hill, 12.30pm. C, Poplar, 5.30pm. Wed: Opening, new wing, Irish Centre Hostel, Highgate, 3pm. Thu: Cafod mtg, I lam. Sat: M, Camden Town, 7.30pm. Bishop Vincent Nichols, (Westminster, north London area): Sun: C. Muswell Hill, 6.30pm. Sat: C, Mill Hill, 2.30pm. C, White City, 7pm.

Bishop James O'Brien, (Westminster, Hertfordshire area): Sun: Jubilee, Fr John Millar. Our Lady's, Potters Bar. Mon: Youth Walk_ Wed: Ministerial Formation Cttee, London, I lam. Thu: Hens Area Advisory Council, London Colney, 4pm. Fri: C, Sacred Heart. Bushey, 7.30pm. Sat: C, St Bonaventure's, Welwyn Garden City. 6pm.

Bishop Francis Waimsley (Forces): Sun: C, Aldershot. Thu: Bishopric Administration Day, Aldershot. Sat: Birmingham CWL mtg, King's Winford.

Key: M Mass. C Confirmation. V Visitation. Mtg Meeting. 0 Ordination.

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