Page 8, 28th November 1980

28th November 1980
Page 8
Page 8, 28th November 1980 — Bishops' Engagements

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Organisations: Westminster senate, Si John Pleseingten High School, Priests Senate, Area Education Committee, Cathedral Social Centre, Mayfield College, Liverpool University, Immaculate Conception Church, Legion of Mary, Meats Committee, London University, Ecumenical Commission, Diocesan senate, St Thomas More School, St Edmund Campion School, Keswick College, Area Pastoral Council, Theological Education Committee, Lancsatar Diocesan Pastoral Council, Catholic Commission for Racial Justice Conference, Cuthben Mayne School, Senate of Renate, Attends Catholic Commission for Racial Justice Residential, Mary's Primary School, SI Joseph's School, Congress, St Mary's College, Compton SchOol, Mary's College, United Nations, Diocesan Finance Committee, Clergy Senate, Christ's College, Service of the Neo-Catechumenete, Uphulland College, Setordny• Finance Committee, University of East Anita, C. Cotton College, Secretariat for Catholic Jewish Relailene, Upholiand College, Joseph's School, Abbey Church, Foreign Mission, Bishop Douglas's School, Edmund Campion School


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Bishops' Engagements


A-Presentation of Award CConfirmation M-M...

0-Orcenetion v-Vialtation

Cardlnel Huns& Archbishop of Weetmlneter: Friday: Ministry to wrests programme pre. mention, am. Cathadrei Conference Centre, pre Sliver Jubilee of Ordination ea sr jetsam., ~noisy, 7 pre Sunday: Advent M, Weetmineter Cathedral 10.30 am. welcomes Diocesan young people to advent Festival, Cathedral Heil, 11.45 am. M for YOUng People. Cathecirel, 530 pm Tuesday: Receives Honorary degree. London University, pm Wednesday. Meets with area bishops, Archbishop's horde. 10 am ke Providers:* Row, 6.30 pm. Thous day Diocesan senate of onsets. Archblehop's House, 10.30 am

Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham: Sunday, M and C. St Bernadette, Fogg Hayes. 4 pm TuesdayV. SI Joseph's School, Carterton Archbishop INoelook of Uvensool: Saler

day: Meeting of National Catholic Fund, Arcn000uro, House, Westminster. Sunday: V. St Merry's, Leyland Monday: V. St Mary's Primary School. Leyland, 9 15 ern M, Compton SchOol, Liverpool. 12.30 pm -foamier trituration of new Canons. Metropolitan Cathedral. 11.30 ern. Meeting of Merseyside Church Leadere. Bishops Lodger e pm. Thursday: Meeting of Uoholland Governing Body. Upholland Callao*, 12 neon Mehop Alexander of Clifton: Friday. V. Sr Joseph's School, Bridgwater. 10.30 in Saturday: V. Bridgwater, 4 pm. Suncley: V. Si Joseph's, M, ern, 9.30 ern, 11 are end 6.30 pm. M and C, 3.30 pm, BridgWater. Wednesday: Attends Diocesan Finance Committee Meeting, St Ambrose. Leigh WI:ode 4 pm. Thursday: Attends in Service Course, for Deana at Arnmerdown Conference Centre S ishop Brewer, Auxiliary of SIsrerenleury: Friday: Meeting ol Theological Education Committee, London Saturday/Monday, V end C, Our Lady of Lnurdas. Leasowe. Tuesday: Vocations Team Meeting, Shrewsbury. Meeting of North West Region for Deaf. Wednesday: M for Foreign Mission's. Si John Pleseingten High School, Wythenshawe. Thurs. day: Uphelland Ciovernon Meeting.

B ishop 111/114e, Auxiliary of Salford: Friday: V. Shadswedh. Sunday: V. 11 ore, C. 3 pm. SI Anthony's. Shadswonh. Monday: Secretariat for Catholic Jewish Relailene, Harborne Hall. Birmingham. 2 urn. Toescley: Clergy Senate, Allen U.N. Falloweeld. 10.30 am. Wednesday. Chain., M. Salford Cathedral, 12 noon. Thursday. Upholiand College. Governor, B ishop Clark, of Eau Anglia; Sunday: University of East Anita. Monday: Keswick College, Norwich. Thursdey/FridaY: OBCOTt College B ishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham; Setordny• Finance Committee meeting, London. Sunday: M and C. Cotton College. 3 pm. Mondry. M. for Patron& Feast. St Edmund Campion School, Wolverhampton. 2.30 pm. Tunedey• M, Neon Collage, 12.20 pm. V. Wolverhompton Cermet, 3.30

Dm Presents Certificates, Stuart Bathurst School Wednesbory, 7.30 pm

Mohr* FON), of Lenseater: • Friday: Attends 51 of Thanksgiving In, 25th year viperish priest. Mgr. B. Lockwood. Sr Joseph's Lancaster. 7 pm. Situ, day: Meeting of Diocesan Pastoral Council Chaplaincy Centre Lancaster. 11 am. Sunday: M. for HCJ Sisters, Preston, 11 sm. Monday. Attends UCM Christmas Dinner, Cathedral Social Centre, 7.300w Tuesday. Attends Chapter M arid Meeting. Cathedral, 11 am V. Pilling, 2.30 pm Wednesday M. Cathedral. 11,30 am. M. for La Sagasse Slaters. Sr Annul, 4 prn. Thursday: Northern Bishops' meeting, Ursholland College

B lohop Grant of Northampton: Friday: Centenary M, Deventry Saturday/Sunday: V and C, St Francis Cebrini, Bedford

S tehop Grey, Stehop of Shrewsbury: Friday: Attends meeting of Liverpool University. Reception for 900111 Anniversary of Abbey Church. Shrewsbury Castle Sunday. C. Holy Angels, Hale Berns TuesdayVocations team meeting. Shrewsbxrry Wednesday: Sie for Foreign Missions. Cardinal Newman High School. Wythenehawe. Meets priests and people of St Bonaventure Scenery. Thursday, Upholland Governors Meeting

B ishop OuttowiN, Bishop In East Landon: Friday. In Service Training day for priests, 10 run C. Eden Grove, 7.30 pro

'Whop Pierrls of Middlesbrough: Sunday: V. Holy Name of Mary, Middlesbrough. Tuesday, Meets with liturgy Commission. Ampieforth. 11.30 am Thursday: Attends Northern Bishops' Meeting at unhoiland College. B ishop Hervey, Shams In North London: Friday: Clergy meeting. Westminster, pm St Thomas More School, Wood Green, 7.30 pm Sunday. C, St Luke's Pinner. B pm. ponday; Bishop Douglas's School. East Finchley. 9.30 am, Area Pastoral Council, Committee meeting. B pm Tuesday: Meetrng of Deans, 1.35 pm. Chapter. 4 15 pro. Wed• neaday CDA 10 am. Area Education Committee meeting B.1 B pm. Thursday, Senate of Renate,

10.30 ere.

Illehop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwork:

Feclay/Saturdoy, Attends Catholic Commission for Racial Justice Residential meeting, London ColneY Sunday. M, with induction of new perish priest. Charlton, 10.30 am. M and C. Streatham. 3 pro Monday. Presides at Diocesan Finance Meeting, It am. Tuesday: Chapter M and Meeting. Cathedral. 11 am. Service of the Neo-Catechumenete. Streatham Hill, B 30 pm Thursday. South East Are. Ecumenical Commission, Thernearnead. 5 45 pm. B lehop Mahan, Atudllary of Liverpool: Friday: Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Fr. Kennedy. Christ's College. Sunday: V. St Peter and St Michael, Woolliest,. Monday. Meeting, Newcastle Tuesday. V. St Deter and Si Micheal, Wooleton. Staff Meeting, Arehhishop'e Heirs.. 3 30 pm Church Leaders meeting. Bishops Lodge. 6 ton Wednesday' Deanery Congress meeting, Kirkby. 7 15 ow Thursday' Upholiand Governors' meeting. MAW Holland of Salford: -Friday: V. Lostock Hall Sunday: V. 10.45 am. C. 3 pm. Our Lady end St Gerard, Lostock Hall Tuesday, Clergy Senate. Allen 'fall. Fallowfield. 10.30 am. Wednesday. Junior Clergy_ Centime Crynvpnt. Manchester,

1 t 30 am, Thursday' Uphulland College. Governor,.

B ishop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwest': Frirley: Presides et priregiving ceremony at St Joseph's Academy Blackheath. 7.30 pm. Seturdey: V. Bish00 Jukes' residence at West Melling by the East Kent Curls of Legion of Mary. 3 pm. Monday: Attends Conterence of Vicars for Religious at. Damascus House Wednesday, Attends Kent Schools Commie/Inn. Springfield. Maidstone. 2.30 Pm, Thursday' V. House of Hospitality. Heathfield. Sussex

B ishop !Constant. Illohop In Control Landon: Monday: Talk. St Mary's. Twickenham. B pnr TuesdayHernmersrnith Deanery. 11 am. Wednes day CCM Meeting. Archbishop's House, 10 am Thursday: Priests Senate, Archbishop's House. 10 am.

Illehop Undeay, of 4whom end Newcastle: Saturday: Attends meeting of Diocesan Socretres for N P.0 follow -up, St Mary's College Fermat,. 11 are Sunday: V and C. Si Mary's, Whickhem. 3.30 ow Thursday, Attends Governer.' Meeting, St Joseph's College Upholland

Mehop McCort* Auxiliary of SIrmInghars: FridaylSaturday: Catholic Commission for Racial Justice Conference, London Coiner/, Sunday! C. and M, St John, Banbury. 12 noon. and 3 pro. Meridey Feast bay M. St Edmund Campion School. Beni. Ingham, 7.30 pm Toesdey V. SI Mary's. Wed

neshury. 9.30 am

Illohop McMahen, of Brentwood: Friday. Meeting with priest ol Chelmsford Deanery. Immaculate Conception, Chelmsford, 11 am, Sabi, rely adents cendidetes for Holy Order,, SI John's Seminary Minarets 11 45 am. Sunday, Confers ministry of Acolyte and order of Deacon. St John'. Seminary. Wonerah, 11 am. Tuesday! Attends Chapter M end meeting. Brentwood, 11 am. Meats Committee for diocesan office. Brentwood. 3.30 am. Wednesday. Meeting with priests of Basildon Deanery, Most Hrey Redeemer, Billericay, 12 noon. NI and C. most Holy Redeemer, 7 30 pm. Thursday: Conducts clergy day of recollection. Chigwell conwint. 10.30 am.

B ishop McGuinness of Nottingham: Friday: M for Fr Brady's Liver Jubilee of 0. Nottingham Ueiversity Saturday: Opens Buser, Earl Winton. Sunday: V and C Earl philton Wednesday. CVSC Executive meeting, London. Thursday: M. Nazareth House, 5 pm.

B ishop O'Connor, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Sunday C. Our Lady's Lydlete. 10.30 ern. Day of recollection. Barn House, Little Crosby, pm. Monday, C. St Arldraws, Hunts Crude. Tuesday Chapter meeting. Metropolitan Cathedral, 11 am Wednesday: Deanery Centres!, meeting. St Rreherds, Skelmeradale. 7.15 pro Thursday, C. Skelmersdale, Prn Illehop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel mad Brighten: TueedayeThursday. Attends Clergy Inservice Course Maryvale Pastoral centre.

Bishop O'Brien, Wallop in Hertfordshire: Friday' Meeting of Westminster Clergy Sonday• C, SI Peter's, Hatfield. 11 am, Youth Day, Westminster Cathedral, 3 poi. Monday: V. Cuthbert Mayne School. Hemel Hempstead, 11 ern. C. Our Lady Immaculate and St Andrew, Hitchin. 7.30 pm. Wednesday: C.D.A Archhishnpa House, 10 ern. Justice

and Peace working Committee, 4 pm. Thursday: Westminster senate of vitiate.

1111.hap Pomo% Bishop In Cumbria: Saturday: Attend' meeting of the Lancsatar Diocesan Pastoral Council. Sunday, Commissions special Ministers of the Eucharist, Boarbank Convent. Grange over Sends. Tueedey. Attends meeting of the parents of Christ the King parish. Carlisle. Wednesday! Attends meeting at St Gregory's Workington Thursday: Attends meeting of Upholland Governors B ishop Reatiseux of Plymouth: Friday: M. St Mary. for Patronsi Feast of Cuthben Mayne School, 11 sm. Saturdey: V. Menet Convent Bernsteple, North Devon. Sunday: V. and M, at the Immaculate Conception Church, Barnstaple 10.30. C. 3 pm Sistine SwIndiehuret, Aualltaty of Hextum end Newasetle: Friday: induction M. St Joseph's, Hartlepool. 7 pm. Saturday: Attends meeting of Diocesan Societies for NPC follow up. St Mary's College. Fenhern, 11 ern. Sunday: C and V. St Reefs, Washington Thursday: Attends Governors' Meeting, St Joseph s College, Upholland

B ishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday/Monday: V. South Croydon Tuesday: Croydon Deanery Day of recollection, West Wickham. Wednesday. Patrueel M, Mayfield College. Thursday: Meeting with Dean Bishop Waimaiey, Bishop of the Forms: SatirrdayANednesdey Pastoral V. Clyde Submarine Base. Scotland,

B ishop Wheeler of Leads: Tuesday Recollection Ilkley, Thursday; Northern Biahop meeting. Upholland

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