Page 8, 28th November 1980

28th November 1980
Page 8
Page 8, 28th November 1980 — IBA says

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IBA says

religion can compete

THE INDEPENDENT Broadcasting Authority has underlined its conviction that religion can compete on equal terms with other subjects on television.

It says in its annual yearbook, published yesterday. that "one thing that is becoming clear in the 1980s is that religion makes news."

The impact of religion on everyday life had been demonstrated by, for example, the power of Islam and the travels of the Pope, it says, adding: "ITV's programmes at 6 pm on Sundays are there to reflect that engagement inviting attention in open competition with whatever programmes are on the other channel."

In addition both the IBA and the BBC were committed to providing a religious programme for 35 minutes on a Sunday evening. "Religion therefore has its continuing place on ITV, not as 'churches' airtime' but as an integral part of the whole programme output, the yearbook says. "The programmes are not intended to sell religion; they are there to assert that for everybody there is room for the things of God."

The reason for such religious documentaries was that "religion touches us ;All": "Everybody has a God of some sort even though many people would not naturally use that term."

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