Page 8, 28th November 1986

28th November 1986
Page 8
Page 8, 28th November 1986 — BISHOPS ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Sheilield University, Anglican Church, Finance Committee, Council of Priests, ST Edmund's School, Council of Diocesan Affairs, Mission Service, BCC Committee on Evangelism, Italian Church, Tile City University Graduation Service, Ushaw College, Lady's Primary School, Catholic Social Welfare Society, Camden Hausa College, °soon College, Churches' Council on Alcohol & Drugs, Wednesdey Diocesan Schools Commission, Sheffield Catholic Teacher Federation, Folder C. Church Of the Resurrection, Westminster Advisory Centre on Alcoholism, Harts Area Advisory Council, Bishops' Pastoral Liturgy Committee, St Charles Church, Committee on Evangelism, Primary School, Carpi Service, All Angels Primary School, Methodist/RC Committee, Bishops' Committee, Youth Centre, Bortaventure's Church, St Marys School, Finance Board, Ecumenical Executive Council, Justite & Peace Commission, Board of GOvernors, Institute of SI Anselm, Campion School, Management Committee, Upholland College, Osoott College, Ecclesiastical Education Commission, Catholic Record Society Council, Oscott College


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0 W Ordination, M Mem V Re Visitation. C Confirmation

Page 8 from 22nd February 1985


141 o Mam. V o Visitation, C = Confirmation, G= Ordination.

Cardinal Hums, Archbishop ol Westminster Monday: M and bleSsieg Of premiSes. Institute of SI Anselm, Margate. 11.30am. Tuesdey: ht at Puckeridge, 7.30prn. Wednesday: Council of Diocesan Affairs. 10am_ rhumisy: Off icial opening or St Mary of All Angels Primary School. Bayewater. 11am. Editor V to English Martyrs School, Hartlepool. Seturday Diaconate 0 or White Fathers. ' ',dents St Mary Magdateres. Vvhetetone, 3prn.

Archbishop Bowen of Soultaverk Sunday: 0 al Peter Simply, SOS, to the Diaconate, Battersea West, II Seam. monde,: Meeting, Westminster Advisory Centre on Alcoholism. Tender Area Bishops' meeting. Archbishop's HOutia.Spm. Wednesday: NI to celebrate centenary of the arrival of the Holy Family Sisters in Bromley. Bromley parish church, 7.30am, Friday: C. North Cheam. 7.30pm. Saturder Opening of new diocesan residential Youth Centre, Whitstabie, 3tim Archblehop Couve de Mundlie of Birmingham Sunday: COM ECE Brussels. Wednesday-Thursday: V. American College. Louvatn. Seturdey: U Cl Candidates. °soon College, 11am V & C. St Joseph, Rugeley.

Arehblehop Weed of Cardiff Sundisy: C. St David, Newport 10.30am. Mender hi & Initiation of Parish Programme. Our Lady & St Patrick, Maesteg, 7orn Tuesday Chairman's Dinner. South Glernorgen. CC Headquarters, 7.30pm. Wednesday: Lourdes Coffee Morning, Civic Offices, Barry, 10.30am. C. SI Gabriel, Newport, 7.30pm.

Arc hbishop Warlock of Liverpool Sunder V and C. Our Lady of Victories, Hightown Monday:Diaconate 0. An Hallows College. Dublin, i 30prn Tuesday: Returns from Dublin, am. Governor's Meeting, Upholland College, 4pm. Wednesday. Governoda Meeting continued. Upholland College. am. Thursday: Financial Secretaries Meeting. Upholland College, 4.30pm. Reception. Town Hall, Liverpool, 8pna Frlday: Financial Secretaries Meeting Continued, Upholland College. Saturday: 0 of Rev Barry McAllister, St Mary's, Wigan. 11am.

Bishop Alexander of Clifton Yummier Bristol South Deanery Conterence. St Ambrose, Leigh; Woods, 11am LICM Quarterly Meeting, Holy Cross. Bristol, 7.30pm. Thursday Ecumenicai Day at Lambeth Palace_

B ishop Cleary, Auxiliary for Birmingham Workday: M, ST Edmund's School, Wolverhampton, 2.300m. for Little Sisters of Jesus. Aston. Birmingham, 7 30pm.

Bishop Budd of Plymouth Sunday: V and C. St Mara's, Poole. Hite of Entry into Catechurnenale. 11.30am. C. 3.30prn. Mondaytrrlday: Induction of Parish Priests, Axminster and Lyme Regis, 7pm, Saturday: Meetino with Permanent Deacons, Exeter. 11am.

B ishop Brewer of Lancaster ToestleyrWednesday: Governors meeting. Upholland. Thunder Finance Board meeting. Bishop's House. 10.30arn. V. St

Marys School, Lea Town. Forum for Marriage & Family Life, Bishop's House, 7pm. Friday: Cumbria Ecumenical Executive Council Meeting, Penrith, 2pm C. St Catherine. Penrith, 7pm.

B ishop Bork•, Auxiliary for S•tfoxd TuesdaylWedneattey Northern Bishops Meeting et Uohol rand Collage.

Bishop Clerk el East Anglia Sunday: Pastoral V to Ramsey and Whit-Assay_ Monday Celebrates V for Campion Day. at Camden Hausa College. °stoney. Miadiesex, 12 noon. Wednesdey Diocesan Schools Commission, College ol Consultors, at Diocesan °noes. Poringland, 11am-3pm, Thursday: Council of Priests, Diocesan Offices, Poringland, 10.15am. Friday Blesses Christmas Window, London Si, NOMIch, 11.30arn B ishop Emery of Portsmouth Sunday: V to OM Lady of the Annunciation. Jersey, Cl. Tuesday: Finance Committee, 3pm. Thurader C. Si Swithun's, Valley. Tpm Feder Meeting of the local Church Leaders. am. C, St Mary's Alma, 7pm.

Bishop Gray at Shorostney Tueedey Meeting of Deans. Curial Offices, I lam. Uphoitand Governors. Wednesday: C. Our Lady of LourOes. Leaaowe, 7.30pm Thursday: Social Services. &fermis, 7pm, Friday Mission Service. St Anne, Rock Ferry. 7pm, Bishop Guanellti, Auxiliary lor Westminster Sunday: Young People. Bisnop's Open House, Pope John House, 7.30pm. Monder M at Canticle Convent, St Kathelne's Dock, Sprn Tuesday Camden Deanery Meeting, 40.30arn_ Wednesday: CWA Meeting, 10am Thursday: Hackney Deanery Meeting. 10.30am. Kingsmead Community Meeting. 2pm Bishop Herirdgen of Msnevie Sunday V and C,

O ueensierry Tuesday Soon Glamorgan County Councir Function, pm.

Bishop Augustine Hands ol Middlesbrough Sunday C, SI William,. Market Walchlon, U. 12 noon.

PW•dn•scl•y: Meeting ol Bishops' Committee, Upholland. Thursday: Legion of Mary M of Thanksgiving, 50th Anniversary Sacred Heal, MIddtesiorough, Itorn. Friday: Ecumenical Meeting with Archbishop of York.

B ishop Hervey of ',forth London Sunday M, St George. Sudbury, 12 noon. Monday G, SS Sebastian

& Pancras, Kingshury Green, 7.30pm. Tuesder Deans' Meeting. 115711. Oh:Mena. Finance Board, 3pm. Meeting, Westminster Bishops, 4.30pm.

CDA, 10em, Thursday Meeting, Thei Churches' Council on Alcohol & Drugs, Lambeth Palace, mem_ Saturday: M for the Sick, Mary Immaculate & SI Grisgory the Great, Barnet, 3pm.

Bishop Henderson, Auxitiary tilf Southwark Sunder Continuation ot pastoral. V. Herne Hill. Monday Diocesan Finance Meeting, Methodist/RC Committee Meeting. 11am, Wednesday NI for Goan community, Welling, 7.30pm. Thorsdier: Day C,onference on Alcohol Abuse, Lambeth Palace, 10.30-Spm. Friday V, Our Lady's Primary School. Blacklen. Selurday: Commences Pastoral V, Duiwico

Bishop Mohan, Auxiliary tor Liverpool Sundey:

Pastoral V. Sacred Heart, Hindley. Tuesday: V of Primary School, Sacred Heart, Hindley. Governors' Meeting, Upholland, 4pm. wednewary Governors' Meeting Continued, Upholland. Thursdny: Meeting of Merseyside Council ot Voluntary Service. MI Vernon Green, HO Lane, Liverpool, 2pm. Friday: Trustees Meeting, Catholic Social Services, 12.30pm. Management Committee Meeting, Catholic Social Services, 2pm. Saturday: C, Out Lady 01 Sorrows, Liverpool, 8pm.

B ishop Jukes, Auxiliary for Southend Sunday: V to Ashford parish. Monday: Chairs Deane' Meeting, West Mailing, llarn. Tuesday V, Mayfield Convent Smcohywi,2.3.0pmBishgos'Meing, 8}mTh"r"sTconr:::.atu,beip.4,etchu1ohes'Counci on alcohol and drugs. 10.300m. Friday/Saturday: V to B ishop Kelly of Salford Sunder M at the Good Shepherd, Blackburn, 9am. Si James' Anglican Church, Eitackburn. Signing of the Local Covenant. 10.30am, Toesday Deane' Meeting at Werdley HMO lien. Uphollancl Meeting, 4pm. Wednesday: Llphoiland Meeting am, Ushaw College, Durham, pm, until Saturday_ Friday 0 lo tire Ciaconate al St Cuthbert'!. Stockton, 7.30pm. Saturdar Dedication of St William's, Bolton, pm.

Memo Konsisel of Leede Sunday: M. Our Lady ol Mt Cannel, Stisden, 10.45am, Inauguration Cl LEP, Mount St Mary's, Leeds, 4pm. Monday: Governors' rnors' Meeting, Trinity & All Saints_ Tuesday M. s Campion School, 10.45am. Northern Bishops' Meeting, Upholland, 4pm. Thursdey: Catholic Social Welfare Society, 11am. AGM Leeds Musical Festiva!, 3pm. Friday. TASC. RCIA, 7pm Saturday M. St Mary's CeiBriltscho'Lpa Li:IP' earY of Hexham & hiescastle Sunday: V

▪ C, Sacred Heart, Boldon Colliery. TueradaylWedimsday: Board of GOvernors Meeting, Upholland. Thursday: C, St Charles, Gostorth, 7pm. Friday Dedication of Chapel at Sr NiCrOlaill Hospital, Newcastle, 2pm, Saturday: 0 of %W. Paul Tully of the Priesthood, 11.30am. Sundry V & C, SI Bede's, Jarrow

Mishap SwIndlehurst, Auxiliary foe htexhum I N emcastie Sunday V & C, St Thomas More, Hartlepool TusedayfWedniseolay Attends Board of Governors Meeting, Upholitincl, Thursday C. AS, St Joseph's Sunderland, 7pm.

Bishop MeGul enema ci Nottingham -Sunday: WC St Joseph, Leicester, 3pm. Tuesday: kit at Sacred Haan, Loughborough, 7prn. Wednesdny: V. students at Oscott College. Noon_ Thursday: Ecclesiastical Education Commission Meeting, 1 tam_ Frider V. Housebound, Oakham parlsh. Schools Carpi Service, De Wetted Hail, Leicester, 7.30pm. Sean:lay H or Leicester Circle ol Catenians. Leicester, Noon.

Blehop McMahon ol BrentwoodSumiar Presides at Advent Liturgy. Cathedral. 4.30pm, Tualadey: CAFOO Jubirree Meeting, Cathedral House, 7.30pm, Wettnesder M and C, SI Augustine's, SarkIngside, 8orn Thursdey: Chairs meeting of Bishops' Pastoral Liturgy Committee, Cathedral Hauser 12 noon, Mend' C Thomas ol Canterbury, Woodford Green. Born. Bishop Moverley of HeliumSunder V & C, Askam, tarn Tuesday Governors meeting, Liphollend. Thareday: School NI, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Doncaster. 10.30arri, Friday Meeting with local church leaders, ta 3Cam. Higher Degree Congregation, Sheilield University, 7.30pm. Saturday: M and AGM, Sheffield Catholic Teacher Federation. St Mades Cathedral. Itiam, Mehra, Mullins, Arai &shod In Swansea Sunday Liaotarnam Abbey. 2,30prrt_ PAondar CMAC, 8.30pm. Tuesday: Danner at South Glamorgan County Headquarters, Cardiff, 7.30prn. Wednesday Catholic Record Society Council Meeting, London, Spin. Friday: Meeting 01 Principals at Catholic Collegets, Birmingham B ishop Murphy•O'Connor of Arundel li Brig/Poe Mender Preaches at Tile City University Graduation Service, St pool's Cathedral, 12.150m. Tuesday: Chapter meeting. Arundel Cathedral. am. Inducts parish 0051, St Edward the Coolessor, Keymer, pm.

Bishop O'Brien. Auxiliary tor Westminster Sunday V at 51 Bortaventure's Church, Welwyn Garden City Monday: Harts Area Advisory Council at St Michael's House EMm. Toomey V. Alien Hair, 3.30pm Wednadery CDA at Archbishop's House, 10ion Thureder Harts Area Education Team at St Michael's House, 4.30per. Folder C. Church Of the Resurrection, Grovernil, Hemel Hempstead, 7.30pm. Seturday: .1 and P Committee meeting Cl A rchlaishoO'S HOUSe. 1 lam Ramo O'Brien. Auxiliary tot MIddlmbrough Qndar Ealtish Council ol Churches Committee on Evangelism at Damascus House. Tuesday BCC Committee on Evangelism at Damascus House. Governors Meeting at Uphalland Wednesday Governors Meeting at 'Joh:slimed Saturday Morley Male Voice -Choir at St Charles Church, Hull.

Bishop Raw:Morn.. Aux-Nary for Liverpool Monday: Pastoral Formation Meeting. Curial Offices, 930am. Tuesday Patrons M, St Mary's, College, I sem. Governors' Meeting, Uph011ared, 4pm, Wednesday: Governors' Meeting Continued, U0holland. C. Sr Francis de Sales, Liverpool, 7.30pm. Thursday: Meeting, 10.30am. Lambeth Palace, 4.30pm, Friday: FICHE Principals Meeting,

B Irminfaham.11arn-3prn. C, Our Lady of Waisingharn. Netherton, 7.30pm.

B ishop Thorne of Horlitempton Sunder V. Gram Missenden. Tuesdny AS at Passlonist Monastery, Bantry, 7.30pm. Wedneeday:C, Buckingham, 7.30pm. Thursday: Lambeth Confereoce on, AloOtiad AWN!, Justite & Peace Commission, Luton. 7.30Pcn. Rider, Joint Course, Osoott College, C, Italian Church,

B edford. lien Saturday: Deacons' Meating, Northampton, V. Chesham Boas. pm.

B ishop Triop, Auxiliary her Southwark Sunday Vat Walworth. Mender M al St Veronica's Sohooi, Walworth. 9..311am. Friday M at St Clare's Convent, Balham, Dorn Saturday V at Mellor Street, Bishop Vitalmalsy firm Spree.) Teuradar Episcopal COunc II Meeting, Farnborough. 1 tern. Friday: USCA Executive Meeting, Farnborough, 4.30prn.

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