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28th November 2003
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Page 12, 28th November 2003 — Bishops' diaries

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Bishops' diaries


November 30 to December 6

Cardinal C Murphy-1 Fiformor Westrien. siert: Sun: l him M & Blesses New Tabernacle at St Margani Clitherow parish (fir-dme Pad:. London). Mon: Inter.iews & Engagenients. Tue.4oin Meets with College of fotoultoes Wed:12noon (AL (Churches together in England) Presidents moiling (Lambeth Palace). bpni M of Thanksgiting to matt the Hie:immix) of the lb:storotion of British Province of Mc Sudety ofJesus Wane Stmetalho:50in Vesper. & gives lecture at Windsor Leadership Trost Conference (Windsx,r Castle, Barks). Fri : lOarn Archbishop's Council; pm: Lourdes Pilgrimage Fundraiser "The Messiah', Sr James. Stunish Placid Sat:liken NI & meets with Renew Imernational le-dill& At Your Wottl bard, Dimesan Core ('immunity Archbishop V Nichols (Birmingham): Sun: Rome coned. Mon:9:30am M St Edward Cenipion Tueani V Archbishop Grimshaw School. Chelnisley Wood; 2pm: Mtg of Seceindroy Heads of RE. mtg. Coleshill Wed:7pm Wolverhampton Deanery Visitation Clcning Maas, St Michael's. Wolverhampton Thu; 1030am Mtg with Governors. of Ne.w man College; 2pm: Mtg with Trustees of Newman College. Eri:9:30sun Archbishop's Council mtg: 7pm: M to mark opening of new Chun h titan...ion. Our Lady & St Anne. Casersham. SatSun 7 Devember: Parish Visitation. Clayton Archbishop P Kelly (Liverpool): Sun:l lam Solemn Mass tor the First Sunday olf Advent. latempolitan Cathedral lit grist axi King. Liverpool; 5pm: Advent Sequence, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool. Mon: Bishops' lauy of Recollection, Leeds: 7pin: Meets with you it trinity, An:lath:hop% Hoar toe V St Eds.:airs College, Liverpool.; 4pnr. Chun:hes Tot/edict in Merseyside mid Regime, Church House, Liverpool; 7:30pm CCRS Prmniaram: Liverpool .Amhdlocesan Centre for Evangelisation. Wed:10:31kem Comsat of Prie.ser: Liverpool Anialioccesin C'enne for Evangelisation; 7:30pm C SI Anne, Liverpool. Thu:10:30am Gamed of Priests. Liverpool An hdiocesan Centre for Esimgelisation: 7:30pm C St Anne. Liverpool. Fri: 10:.30am Nugent Care Sladely Co meaning Healy: Littapool:2prn: Meets with the Archdiocese') Deans. St Oswald & St Edmund Arrowsmith, AstromirnMakertield: 6:30prn (Judd of St Nicholas mtg, Archbishop's' House Set-Sun 7 Decenitar: Ushaw College, I /tinhorn Anidishop Al Bonen i'Sioltoarir Sun. luiv. els to Scotland for Consecration of the new Bidwell:Sleeken. Moo Episcoixil C adieatie ni of Canon Peter Moran. Aberdeen. Tue:12noon Mtg with Permanent Ilaronate Teant, Archbishop's House. Thu:10:1.5arn Education Committee mtg. Archbishop's House. Fri:7:10pin M (en lee Re-Opening oft tar Lady of the Assumption, Nonthflect. Sat:10:30am Investintre of new Kniglas and Dames of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre in

Jermailem, St (fen 's Cathedral Bishop K Conry (Arundel & Rh ighturn:Sunchint V Effingham & West Horsles Pintthes:6:15prn Haddenham cum Dinton Bat test Chrch. Tue9ern Mtg of Sussex Chinch leaders, House of Commons. Wed:I lam Meets Visitation Sisters at Waldron; 7:30pm St Mathew's, West Norwood:Thu:I lam Mtgs in London. Fri: 12pm Blcsaing of New Claurroonw at Cardinal Newman Primary Sch, Walton-on Thames; pm: Mtgs. Sat: V Heron's (Sibyl' Pettish BishopPPargeter Or ham autffiSun: tam C Weolcy Castle. Tee: I 2:15pm Mtgs. !halms! House, Cropthome. Wed:7pm Wolverhampton IN:artery Cloning Mass. St Michael's, Weaver leinept on Thu:1pm V St Ambrose School. Kidderminster; 7pm: C Kidderminster.

30tun Archbishop's Council mtp; 2pm: V St Mary's School. Brcwood; 7pm: C Brewood Bishop T %Mahon (Brentwood): Similpni Presides at Advent Service, Cathedral Mem.6:30pne M St Mary's fleurch, ()elope Stets. tanker, Tue: Mtgs./Interviews, Cathedral House. Wee): Pastond Visit & Confirmations. Fast Ham. Thu: Clergy Day of Recolkaition, Chigoe!! Convent. Fri: MtgAnseniews, Cathiedral House

Bishop D Lang (Clifton), Sun: V SI Benedict. Salmon-on-the-Fosse & Si Hugh, Radstock. Tue: h 1 om Wiltshire Church Leaders tote. Welt 1 put V North Bristol NHS Chaplaincy 'team. Southmend Hospital. Bristol. Thy 10:30itte Headteachers Conference. Bath Spa. lar.10:30.mi Bishop's Co until. St Ambrose. Sat-lint •1 oughts for Light' Advent Service including the presentation of Papal Honours to Tony & Gilliwt Vaiwdlu. St Ckingr. Tatman Bishop M Evans (East Anglia': Mtheelpin Cathedral Appeal Management Ca amok ire. Cathedral House. Tho7:12arn !times:in Fmanoe Board mtg. Diottaan Offices. Sat.3inet Parish ITV & Mass. Bretton. Peterborough Bishop J Rawslhorne Malian* Sum V St Joseph & St Nicholas, Moorends, Mon:10:31.kun Bishops mtg. Leeds: 5pm: Rainbows Trustees nag. Leeds Tue V coned; 17noon: Church Leaders mtg, Sheffield. Wed:1 I:30am Ikons mtg. Bishop's House; 2:30pm Council for liturgy, Bishop's House; 6pm: Hoapiuil Chaplains, Pastoral Centre. Thu; 10am Mission 'together. Holy Rood, Barnsley; 5pm: Caritas my. Nutted Centre Fri .ultkan Ditresan Head teachers Conference. Pastoral Centre. Sat: liken Parish Retreat. St Paul's. Cautky: 6put: V SI Paul's, Carley Bishop A Griffiths (Ilexharn & Newcastle). Sun: loam M St Patrick's. Stockton on Tees; Ipm: Public Speaking Competition. Blackwell Grange Hotel, Darlington; 6:3e rpm M Durham University Chaplaincy. St Cuthbert's. Durham Bishop PO'Dontighoe(1..unesster): Mon:10am Bless New Sports & Arts Block. St Joseph's Prirrouy Schalk 111n.rnear. 4pm: Mrs: brare MIS. Thu:11:3thun Mtg Lancaster Diocesan Head 11-achers' Associtak at Newby Bridge. Fre:10am Cambria Church Leaders Prayer. Gruystokc Bishop DI Koremait (I reds): Sun:Spni Advent Carol ServItX, Catlnxanl. MOM 1 lam Northern Bishops. Bishop's House. Toe, limey Day 14 Reeollettion. The Briery, Ilkley. Wed:7:30put Dinner for WYEC Church Leaders. Thu:10:30am Bishops' Council, Hinsley Hall. Sat: Bkim laity C.'ouncil mtg. Hinsley Hall Bishop A Ruche (coadjutor, leedsg Sun: V of the English & Becht Colleges. Rome coned. Mon:1 lane Northern Bishops, Bishop's House. Tue.: Clergy Dai, of Recollection. The Briery, Ilkley. Wed, 5prit Lectio Divine, Cathedral.

Thu:10:30ani NAT C'ouncil. Hinsley !tall Bishop V Malone trpool waxily Sun: V St laul, Liverpool. Mon: Bishops Day of Recolkin., Irish: 7:30ptit C St Monica. Bootle. '1 ue:10:30am Penance & General Purposes Committer ling, Liverpool Hope University College:apne(.:heretics: together in Merseyside & Region. Church House.l.iverpool7:34)paiC St Thema of the Child Jesus, Sutton Manr, St Helcos. Wc110.3(lani Cowail of Priests I iver. pool Archdiocesan Centre lie Evangelisation, 7:3( m C Our Lady of lasunks & St Joseph, Southport. Thio10:10am Council of Priests. Liserpool Archdiocestm Centre for Evangelisation: 7-30ten C I Inc Lady of SOITUWS, 1.n.17. pool. Fri:2pm Meets with Attiatioccsan Deana St Oswald & St Edmund Amrnsuiith, Ashtonin-Maketheld; 7pm: C thin Lady Inunoculate, Bryn Bishop T Williams ti:nool anvil): Sun:3pin U it Teresa of Avila lairidale. Soutlas et. Muir Bishops' Day of Recollection. Leeds.lue: I lain .1^truhdioccsan George Andiew timil nag. St George. Maghull; 4pm: Churches Together in Merseyside & Region, (1111101 Willi% liverixiol. Wal.8:3Oun I a verpoolCity Center Ecumenical Trani nag. Liverpol: 10:3(kint Building Protest COMIllititle my, I iverpool Archdiotawan Coeur for Evangelisatio; 7:3(Ipm C St Rill,. is Xavier. Liverpool. Thu:7pm C St Benet, Netherton, Fri:2pru Meets with Arthdiocesan Deans. SI Oswald & St Edmund Arnaasinith, Ashton-inMakerlield: 7:30pm C Our Lady of the Annunciation, Bishop Fur, I:imperil Bishop J Croo ley (Middlisbmtigh): Sum9:.10urn M St Leonard & St Mary, Malteat. Me twat' dm n Mig of Mordecai Bahl';, Leeds. 1'ue:11:15ani Holy Hour lin Priests. Cathedral. 6mti: NI Si Thome+ Mom Convent, lierchwexxl, Wed:1030nm Mtg of Trustees. End.sleigh Centre. }lull. Tlin:1 I out ( ) of Bishop of Selby. York Minster. Fri-Sun 7 December. Leads Permanent lkacons Retreat. flte Briery, Ilkley Bishop M McMahon (Nottingham): Sun: V Ss Peter & Paul, Swadlincene. Mon:2pm M St Joseph's Primary Rh, Ncw Merton. Thu:2pm V St George's Printruy Sch. Littleover, Family. Fri:1 I:30am CCRS Review mtg. Bishop's Ruse: 7:30pm The Chiliker lie Chikken Christmas Carol concert. De Montfort liall, Leicester. Sat: Alin M (Ma Huns, Nottingham Bishop C Hollis (Portsmouth): Sun4ain M St John's Cathedral, Portsmouth: 1pne M Si Joseph's, Connor, Pornemoulh. .lue:10/10.30ain DiLlt[lsall Trusters mtg, Bishop's House. Portsmouth. Wed:1030am It ishops'lawitatnee Overseas Mission Committee nag; 1:10pm Cluiplains in Higher Education nag, Thu, I tarn Nahum' Conference Comntunicalions Comte tee. Iii: 10ant Mig, Park Place Pastoral (Untie.. Wickham; 7pm: Bless New Building. Oaklatat, Sch. Waterhawille, SM:11:3Butt Ivlemorial Ma, for Canon Maurice Leclurc.Guemsey. Channel Islands Bishop T Brain (Salford I: Sun: I lam M St loho's Cathealral (First Sunday of Advent) toe: I O.ttkan In Service Clergy Day, St John's C'etheek al. ?poi Ili ely. Hine fir Clergy. St John's t'athedial. Wed:11: Allan, Chapter Mtg & Mass 12. I opro. St John's Cathedral Ther2pm Newman College fromees, Ilinemehrum 7pm: Shp with Hospital Chaptanis. Wadley Hall. Fri-Sint 7 December: UCM lousattive, Hensley liall.reeds

Bishop II Noble t Shrewshury r. Toe:7:31/pm Shmpshin: Welcome to the new Bishop of Lit:h. lick!. Rt Revd Jonathan Gledhill, St Chad's. Shrewsbury. 111u:2pm Newman Colleg. Trustees, Birmingham. Fri:7pm LIMEX nue. Altrincham; 7:30pm Wellspring Christmas Concert, Plaza Theattr. Stockpi in

Bishop C Henderson (S'wark Anvil: Weet 7:451art Celeilnint, do it. I II lam Common it') Mass at St Stephen's, Welling Masi J Hine idc wank Ant lir The 1 lam Smelt. ern Province Manage & Family Life Co ooh nators' nag, West Mall i i ig.'Lliii:10:311um Dirali• san Education Committee mtg. Archbishop:. House. Southwark. 6:30pm Attends Tree of Light Service, Hospice in Weald. Fri:7:30pin Preaches at Solemn Reopening of Our Lady it the Assumption Church. Northfleet Bishop II Tbipp(S'warte Annuli: Sun:10,30mo r 'II. (le, I .lina I y Chunit Sanderaead. Mon:2pit. She on Admissions to Schools. West Norwood wed hhg of Priests Suppon Group. Burgess that hmital5ant Meg of South London Wm, Mind Corranitire. Antaishop's House Satitbni M Inc Cathrehists, Italhum; 6:30p nt Indust. Pallas Patrick 1.yeale SSCf ' et Si Chad's Sono. Norwood Bishop A Hopes (Wminster Avail i Sun: S. our Lady & St Joseph, Heaven cnt'd. Ka. Intcrs. 'Jews & Ingagenrials authhishotislknia Tue: Hammersmith & Fulham Deanety nag Brea,Green; pm. Interviews A Engagements Archbishop's House, Wedditern Iticentary Mase Fame Street. Thu: Interviews & Engagement,. Archbishops House. Fri: I thorn An:hhishop's Council nag. pm: interviews & Engagement,. Anibishop's 14,111SC'. 7:30pm M Underwood Road. Sut-Sun 7 I)ccenthnr: V Parish of St liernadrar. alillingele.n Bishop J O'Brien I Wminstrr. liens arca ) Sun V Most Holy Reek-timer, Sawbtidgetvonti itiestpm laioceum Consultors; 7:30pm AYWI Royston. Will 10ant Church I rakes & Chita Ent:wore mtg. Abbey Gate House; bprn: Ricer) tan. of Jesuit Father,. Farm Street lhulten St George's Sch. Maida Vale: 7:30pm AYWIatet Hocklesdou. Fri: 10am Anhbinhop's Council.

Archbishop PSmith Randal 1: Sun:Ilten t

Si Joseph's Chetah. lin itnyanl, Bereft in tou tie:7pm Diaconate Training at the Pastoral ResoimassCenoe.f'auliff. Wal.7:10011Cfitrils. parishes in Ncaport of St Patrick's, St Michael & SI May's to take place in St Harick's Church. Tlite2:3t1pm St David's Children's Somet Management Committee nag in Bishop Bit teal, House, Cardiff; 7,30dan C for the parishes ol AhatIne & I lawaun to take Mac its St It weld is. Aberdare. Pri:7:30poi C fix the pia isties in Itere. ford of St Francis Xavier. Iichinml anal Our

I sly take place in St linuicis Xavier (hermit

Herefoni. Sa1:2pni Annual Mass for CCM

Walrs in St limida Catherinil. cretin Bishop M Jabale(Mcneria): Sat 1)ccra Mig, Heythrop College

Bishop E Regan IV/rush:1m): Sun: Giving ReIrttat at Pantasaph. Mon Mtg. with Outreach taxmlinators, St Burners. Tar: Chamer Mass & mtg. Well f hauler & Blessing of New Extension at St Joseph's Primary Si-in, Colwyn Hay: 7pm C Colwyn Bay. Thu. V St Anne's Primal y Sch, Wrexham Key: M.Mus. C-Confimiation. V-I4sirarion. 0.0ndination. Mfg-Meeting. &II-School ES. F.ii,rnenfoll Servky.

We. regret we cannot guarantee the inclusion of rash ass' engagements nxs:iveil later dun midday tan the Monday prior to publication. ti..

Archbishop's House; 2:. 1 San Marino mtg.

Archbishop's House 7: it C St Savitun's.

Abixas Luz' igley. Sat-Sun 7 icernber V Saciiid Ikon. 13erkharnsted

Bishop T Bums (Fumes): Starr. C RAF Hail.. Man-Fri: Army ( herscas Visit WALLS

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