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Organisations: Christmas Service of Remembrance, Archbishop's Council, Bishop's Council, Board of Administiation, Diocesan Pastoral Council, University Church of St Phihp Neri, UCM Executive Committee, Whiningtoo Hospital, Oblate Retreat Centre, St Andrew's Primary School, Catholic Youth Service Scotland, St David's Children Society, Ilium Advent Carol Service, Biehop's Council, Metropolitan Cathedral Chapter, Education Committee, St Gregory's Church, Mildmay Hospital, Primary School, RC High School, Archbisluop's Council, Liverpool Arcbdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, Finance Board, Nativity Service, St Pius Primary School, Rescue Council, Cathedral Church of Sr Joseph, Lourdes Pilgrimage Committee, Arebbishop's Council, Council of Priests, Diocesan Centre, Heythrop College, Spirituality Committee of the Bishops, Ecumenical Commission, Advent Service, Guild of St Nicholas, Bishops' Confew.e Overseas Committee, Diocesan Finance Board, University Hospital, London Metropolitan University, Diocesan Education Committee, Board of Diocesan Trustees, Archbithop Council, Life Service, Archdiocesan Finance Advisory Committee, St Stephen's Church, Church of St Thomas of Canterbury, Pastoral Centre, Congress, DiOtreaati EdUCatinn Committee, Ecumenical Service, York Military School, St Monica's Primary School, Malls School, Lourdes RC Primary School, Advent Service for Pnmary Schools, Church of St Joseph, Si Joseph's Primary School, Catholic Children's Society, St Alhan's School, St Columba's High School, Archbohop's Council, Bishop Brown House, Stock Parish Council


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November 30 to December 5

Cardinal Murphy-O'Coonor (Westminster) Sun: Celebrates Mass at the Church of St Thomas of Canterbury. Rylston Road. Fulham, 10.30am. Mon: Presides at Installation Mass of RI Rev Thomas Burns SM as Eleveath Bishop of Menevia, St Joseph's Cathedial. Swansea, 11.30arn. The: Anends 'A Night Coder the Stan' fundrag Concert for The Passage.Royal Festival Hall. London. 7 30pris Wed Attends Reception following the Slate Opmung of Parliament, House of Commens, noon. Fri: Meets with Archbishop's Council. Archbishop's House, 9.30am: attends Advent Service for Pnmary Schools, Westminster Cathedral, 2pm: celebrates Mass, Heythrop College, Kensington Square. London. 5mn.

Archbishop Kelly (Liverpool) Sun, Celebrates Mass end] University students. University Church of St Phihp Neri. Liverpool. 12.30pm: Advent Sequence, Metropolitan Cathedral of Cluist the King, Liverpool, Spas. Tee: Nugeat Care Governing Body. Liverpool. 1.0arn. Wed: Visit Cardinal Heenan RC High School.Liverpool, 10am. Mass svith the Guild of St Nicholas. St Anthony of Padua. Liverpool, 630pm. Thu Sat, Retreat and Lectures St Alban, College. Valladolid

Archbishop Nichols (Birmingham) Mon Wed, CCEE Conference. Rome. Wed: Birmingham Faith Leaders' Group meeting, 7pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting. Archbishop's House, 930ara: University Hospital: Birmingham Governors meeting, 2pm Sat: 150th Anniversary Mass, St Ambrose. Kidderminster. noon.

Bishop Arnold (Auxiliary Bailor of Westminster) Sun: Parish Visitation . Edmonton Mon: English College Martyr's Day Mass.Tyburn Convent. I lam 330pm. Fri: Archbohop's Council meeting. Archbishop's House.. 9ami St Christoues School Mass. 2pm 3.30pm. Sal, Parish Visitation. Enfield, Sam.

Bishop Brain (Salford) Tue. AGM of the Disarm Catholic Welfare Societies Gerald Road. lOam. meeting of the Board of Administiation. Gerald Road. 2pm: celebration of Mass for ?(ith Anniversary of the Consecration of St Gregory's Church. Langton, 7pm. Wed: Chapter Meeting and Celebration of Mass. St John s Cathedral, I I .30am. Thu: Rescue Council Meeting, Didsbury, 1030am: CAFODAdvent Scrim. Salford Cathedral. 7pm. Fri Sat: UCM Executive Committee meeting. Ifinsley Hall, Leeds.

Bishop Budd (Plymouth) Sun: Visitation, Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, Torquay. Mon: Installation of Bishop Tom Burns, Swansea, 1.1_30am.

Bishop Campbell (Coadjutor Lancaster) Sun: Confirmation. St Augustine. Carlisle, out Mon, Attends Installation of Rt Rev Thomas Bans to nevi Bishop of Weevil. The: Meeting of the Board of Diocesan Trustees. pm Wed: Celebrates Deanery Advent Mass, St Impla. Pittston. pm_ Fri: Vicars General meting, am: meetings in the Diocesan Curia, pm. Sat: Begins Visitation of Dalton and Askam parishes, pm.

Bishop Corny (Arundel & Brighton) Fri: Dedication of New Chapel, Lewes Prison, 2pm.

Bishop Doyle (Northampton Sun Toe: Depart for Rome, European Congress or Catholic Snails Conference. Wed Finance Board meenng. Bishop's House. 1030am. Thu. NBRDS AGM. Coleshill, Birmingham. Sat: Diocesan Pastoral Council meeting, Milton Keynes. I lam; visitation begins. All Saints, Blechky. Milton Keynes

Bishop Dralney (Middlesbreugh) Sum Parish Vihanti en. SS Peter and John Maher, Vsithernsea. Celebrate Mass 9am. Mon Attends installation of Bishop of Menevia, Swansea. Tun Holy Hour forClergy.Cathedral,10.3)sant Biehop's Council, 2.30prn Wed. Give Day of Recollection.Newman House, Hull. 7pm. Thu: Safeguarding Meeting. Cum] Office. 1030m. AGM and Mass, Madonna House, 4pm. Sat: Attends 'Spirituality for Survival?' Day, Durham County Hall.

Bishop Evans (East Anglia) Sun. Parish Maiunion,AJdburgh. Moo, Installation of new. Bishop of Menevia, Swansea. I I.30am. The: Sixth Form an Cambodia. St Alhan's School, Ipswich. 9.10am: Seminar, Ipsaich lligh School, Ipm_ Thu, Diocesan Finance Board. Poringbad. I lane Fif SaPP00 for Faith Organisations meeting. Norwich, 2pm. Sot: Co afirmati ons, Haverhill, 6.30prn.

Bishop Hendricks (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun: Confirmations, South Croydon, 3pm. Mon: Installation of Bishop Tom Bums. Swansea Cathedral The Education Committee meeting. I lam. Wed: MASS for St Francis Xavier, Weld Norwood, 7.30pm. Fri, Archbishop's Council. Archbishop's House. lOam: Ecumenical Commission meeting, Brockley. 3pm. Sat: 5fith Jubilee Mass. Tolworth. 6.30pre.

Bishop Hine {Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark) Sun: Confirmations, Parkwood and Wigmore. St Augustine of Canterbury. Rainham. I lam: Confirmation, Duke of York Military School. Dover. 3pm. Toe: DiOtreaati EdUCatinn Committee mectiag.Archtrislma House,London. I lam. Thu: Light up s Life Service, Hospice in the Weald. 6.30pm. Fri: Archbithop Council meeting. London, I Onm.

Bishop Hollis (Portsmouth) Sun: MM. Christ the King, Reading, I Oren Mon: Mass Installation of RI Rev Thomas Burns as I I th Bishop of Meoevia, St Joseph's Cathedral, Swansea, I I..30am. Thu, Bishops' Confew.e Overseas Committee meeting, London. am.

Bishop Hopes (Weseninstert Sun: Pastoral Visitation, St Joseph. Grove Park. Mon Toe: Engagements. Amhbishop's House. Wed. Attends Parish Support Team meeting. Vaughan Houk. 10am. Thu: Engagements. Archbishop's House; concelebrates Mass, Westminster Cathedral. 530prn. Fri. Archbisluop's Council forming. Archbishop's House, am; engagements, Archbishop's House. pm: Concelebratea Mass.Maria A mermen Centre. Kensington , 5.30pm.

Blahop Ktame7 (Birmingham) Mon: Installation of Bishop of Menevia. Swansea, 1 I 30am. The: Deanery Meeting. North Oxford. 10.30tun: Catholic Chaplaincy, Deiced. 2pm: Confirmations. English Martyrs, Rugby. 7pm. Wed, Semiunroll Situation of Christiana in Iraq. Stockholm. 5pm. Thu: Gothenburg Process meeting, Stockholm, 11 ain. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting. Birmingham. 930am. Sat: Farewell and Thanksgiving for Sacred Heart Sisters. Gothenburg and Vastra Frolunda, Sweden.

Bishop Lang (Clifton) Mon: Installation of Right Reverend Thomas Burns as Bishop of Money'', St Joseph's Cathedral, Swansea. I I 30am. Tue: Confirmation. St losepha,Tewkesbury, 7.30pm. Wed, Trustees meeting. Bristol, 10.15am; Confirmation, Si George s . Warming:in 730pm.Thu, Confirmation, St Thestrau Mote. Bradford-en-Avon, 7pin Sat, Ordains Tom Dubois to the priesthood. Clifton Cathedral, Bristol. I lam.

Bishop Langley (Westminster) Sun: Celebrates Mass and Confirmation, St Etheldrada's, Ely Place. I lam: Catholic Children's Society (Westminster) Benefactors' Mass, St Etheldteda's, Ely Place, 3pro. Toe: Pastoral Visit to The Whiningtoo Hospital, (1.30aors Mass, 12.15prn: celebrates 'Thanksgiving Mass St Aloysius Convent, Somers Town, f.30pm. Wed: Parish Support Team meeting, Vaughan House. 10am; celebrates Mass, London Metropolitan University, Holloway Road. I pm: Pastoral Visit to The Mildmay Hospital, 4pm; Christmas Service of Remembrance, The Pains-Dyer Mammal GaniemBerrnatulary,7pm. Thu: Pastore] Visit to St Monica's Primary School. Holston. 930am: Pastoral Visit to Bow Travellers' Site, 2orn. Hackney and Tower Hamlets Deaneries Vocations Evening, St John the Baptist. Hackney, Tem./la( Archbishop's CounciLArchbishors House, 930ane Catholic Children's Society (Westminster) Nativity Service, Wesuninster Cathedral, 2pm. Sat, Pastoral Visitation. St Monica's. Hoxton. ipm.

Bishop Lynch (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun: Parish Visitation, Our Lady Help of Christians. Mottingham. Toe: Diocesan Education Committee meeting, Archbishop's House, I lam Wed: South East Gloms Mass for the Feast Day of St Francis Xavier. St Stephen's Church, Welling. 7pm. Thu: Overseas Mission meeting. Ecckston Square. I lain; Launch of ARCS Project. Heythrop. 6.30pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting, 10.30am. Sat, Mass for South London CarlhboauCblaietcy. Holy Cross. Caroni, fipm.

Bbbup MtGongb (Birmingham) SunParish Visitation, Willenhall. Tue. Celebrates 30111 Anniversary of St Gregory's, Lonmon. 7pm_ Thu Stoke Fomm of Faiths. Hanley. 630pm. Sat. Confirmations. SwanSea Hall Prison, 9asia.

Bishop McMahon (Brentwood) Sun: Attends Signing of the Covenant between Brentwood Cathedral and Chelmsford Cathedral daring Inauguration of Advent Service. Brentwood Cathedeni. 4pm. Tue, Meetingsantemiews, Cathedral House: attends meeting of Stock Parish Council, lipm Fri: Carols by Candlelight. Stock. 730pm.

Bishop McMahon I Nottingham) Mon Diocesan Clem,: Retreat . Oblate Retreat Centre. MS1851011 Hall. Cheshire. Fm Celebrates Masa for the Filipino Community. St Mary's. Loughborough. tipm.

Bishop Malone (Lveigool) Mon. Installation Maas of Right Reverend Thomas Bunn as Bishop of Menevia, Cathedral of Church of St Joseph. Swansea, 11_30am. Thu. Confirmation. St Mary, Billinge, 730pm. Sat: Novena Mass, St Oswald. Old Swan, Liverpool, moon.

Bialsop Noble (Shrewsbury) Mon. Installation of Bishop Thomas Burns as 11th Bishop of Menevia. St Joseph", Cathedral, Swansea. 1130nan. The: DiOcealall Trustees, Curial Offices, tam: Spirituality Committee of the Bishops' Confereoce, Laburnum Cottage, I I 30am: Ecumenical Service. All Saints. New Brighton Thu: Blessing of nerve Foundation Stage Building. St Gregory s Primary School. Bollington. 10.45m. Fri Regional meting with ckogy of the Shropshire and Wrekin Region. Cathedral House, Shrewsbury. 7.30pm.

Bishop 0.Donaghoe (Lancaster) Sun: Confirminien. St Bernadette, Lancaster. I lam. Mom Installation Mass for Bishop Burns, Swansea. 1130am. Tue. Diocesan Trustees' meeting ipm. Fri, Bishop's Council meeting, 10.30am. Sat: Attend Cenacolo Nativity play. Dodding Green, 4pm.

Bishop Pargeter 113irminglaam) Sun. Parish eisi tenon, Perry Barr. Tue: Visits School. Wealey Cook, 2pm: Cunfirmatioas, Weoley Castle.7pm. Wed: Visits School.Bearwood, 2pm: Confirmations Bearwoo.d, 7pm. Thu: Malls School, Kitts Green: Confirmations, Kitts Omen. 7pm. Fri: Arebbishop's Council meeting. Birmingham. 4.30am.

Bishop Rasenthorne (Hallam) Mon: installation of new Bishop of Meacaia, Swansea, II _30ato. Toe: Mission Together, Holy Rood, Barnsley. 10ans: Confirmation, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Doncaster, 7pm. Wed: Diocesan Finance Board meeting, Pastoral Centre, 1.045m: Interfaith Group meeting. Victoria Hall. Sheffield. 730pm. Thu: Chaplains meeting, Pastoral Crow. bpm. Sat: Faith and Light, York. Itam.

Bishop Roche (Leech) Sun: Visitation, St Joseph's, Harrogate. Ilium Advent Carol Service. Leeds Cathedral. 4pm. Mon: Northern Bishops' meeting. Bishop's House. 1030am. Toe: VOs' reeeting.4pm. Thu: Attends Book Launch, Hinsley Hall. 6pm. Fri: Visitation, Si Joseph's Primary School, Pushes,. lOam. Sat: Visitation, SS John Fisher and Thomas More. Burleyon-Nauctedale. tipm.

Bishop Stack (Westminster) Sun: Travels to Rome for Congress on Catholic Schools, 1st3rd December Wed: Conclusion of Rome Conference. Thu: Advent Reflection. Christchurch. Shealey, Hens, Spin. Fri: Archbishop's Council. Archbishop's HOLM, 9.30ara. Sat: Parish Visitation, St Hilda's. Stevenage.

Bishop Williams (Liverpool) Sun: Bootle Pastoral Area Confinnation. St James, Bootle, 3pra: Advent Sequence. Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool, 5pm. Mon' Installation Mass of Right Reverend Thomas Burns as Bishop of Menevia, Cathedral al Church of St Joseph. Swansea, 11.30am. Tue. Archdiocesan Finance Advisory Committee meeting. Liverpool Arcbdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation. 10am. Wed, Healthcare meeting, Liverpool. hat,,. Thu: Attends Roscoe Lecture. St George's Hall, Liverpool . 5pm. Fri: Visits Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary School,Soatlipon,930am Liverixsol Seafarers meeting, Colonsay House, Crosby. Liverpool. 3.30pm. Sat. Visitation, Sacred Heart and St John Stone Parishes, Ainsdak

WALES Archbishop Smith (Cardiff) Sun: Confirmations. St Patrick's, Newport, 10am. Tue. St David's Children Society, Bishop Brown House. 230pm. Wed: Day for Retbed Oterpehllentansam Abbey. I lam; Confirmations. St Aloysius, Gums, Merthyr Tydfil. 7pm. Thu: Diocesan Strategy meeting, Archbishop's House, lines. Sat: Annual UCM Mass. St David', Cathedral. Cardiff. 2pm.

Bishop Burns (Mentality Mon: installation of Rt Rev Toni M Burns as Bishop of Menevia. Cathedral Church of Sr Joseph, Swansea. I L3Dens. WedSat: Pationa7Feat and talks Diocese of Providence. USA.

Bishop Jabale (Menevia) Mon: Installation Mass offhe Rt Rev Thomas Matthew Bums SM as Eleventh Bishop of Menevia, Sr Joseph's Cathedral, Swansea, I 1.30am.

Bishop Regan (Wrexhara) Sun: Visitation and Confirmation. Tysvyn Parish. Mow Installation of Bishop of Menevia. St Joseph's Cathedral, Swansea. The: Meeting with Consultors, Bishop's House, limn; meeting Isiah Proviacial.Pantwaph, 3pm-, Maas. Bangor University Catholic Chaplaincy, 6.30pm. Thu, Confirmations. Pantmaph, 7pm. Fri: Stall of Advent Retreat. The Friary. Pantasapb. 6pm. Sat Advent Retreat, Pardasaph.


Cardinal O'Brien (St Andrew's & Edinburgh) $1111: Dedication of Nativity Scene, Princes Street, Edinburgh ,430pm, Mon: Episcopal Installation of Bishop Tom Burns as Bishop of Menevia, St Joseph's Cathednil, Swansea, 1130am The, Mass and Installation of Canon Joseph McMullan as member of Metropolitan Cathedral Chapter, St Mary 's Cathedral, I2.45pm Wed, Reception. Speaker's House. London, noon. after State Opening of Parliament: meeting of Presidents and Vice-Presidents of Bishops' Conferences of UK and Ireland, Archbishop's House, London, 4pm and overnight. Thu: Meeting of Catholic Youth Service Scotland. Gills, Centre. 4pm, and overnight. Sat: Maas and meal organised by the St Vincent de Paul Society. St Mary's Cathedral. Edinburgh. 12.30pm.

Bishop Logan (3unkeld(Dundee) Sun: Mass. St Andrew s Cathedral. Dundee, 1130am. Mon: Opening of St Andrew's Primary School, Dundee, 9.30am: Judging Stained Glass Competition. St Columba's High School, Perth, 1.45pm. Toe: Diocesan Trustees Meeting, Bishop's House, 1130am; Vocarions Logo Prize Grease, St Bride's Church Hall.Monifieth, 4.30pm_ Wed: Vocations Logo Prize Giving, St Plus Primary School. Dundee, lOstro; Lourdes Pilgrimage Committee meeting. Diocesan Centre, 7pm. Thu: Meeting of Executive of Council of Priests, Bishop's House, noon. Celebration of 100th Edition of Dunkeld News, Diocesan Centre, Dundee, 7pm. Fri: Vocations Logo Prize Giving, St Pius Primary School, Dundee, 10am.

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