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28th November 2008
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Page 7, 28th November 2008 — CHRISTMAS TIME!

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During advent 16,800 babies will be destroyed by abortion in Britain

Dear Catholic Herald readers, Long ago, a young girl called Mary was told that there was no room for her or her unborn baby, our blessed Lord Jesus Christ.

And this Christmas, 700 young pregnant women will be told the very same thing. Will you help me change this?

The Abortion 'industry' doesn't shut down for Christmas. In fact, the festive season is one of its busiest times of the y ear. That's right, Dear Catholic Herald readers, many tiny, innocent little lives will be lost this Christmas 16,800 during advent alone. I need you to help me stop this carnage.

Like Rachel weeping for her children [Matt:2vs.181 Who will shed a tear for these lost lives? Who will comfort the shocked, often guilt-ridden, women pausing, only a heartbeat away from making the biggest mistake of their lives?

For them, this Christmas and every other Christmas for the rest of their lives, could be a lonely, miserable time, haunted by sickening memories and crushing guilt unless we do something urgently to alleviate their pitiful situation.

But what will the overwhelming majority of Christians do?

Absolutely nothing!

unborn little children? As usual this Christmas, many Christians will be fully indulged in a self-satisfying spending frenzy, showering their children with every conceivable toy, game and trinket under heaven. And that is up to them, however, who will remember the Experience the real meaning of Christmas

This Christmas, I am asking you and many others to really, really live the Christian message of Christmas. I need you to open your heart and

help someone make it through Christmas by protecting the countless innocent babies and mothers facing the misery of an abortion.

Nothing is more important. Surely you can see how wonderful that would be?

Right now, LifeLeague volunteers are once again gearing up for a cold Christmas out on the streets of Britain and Ireland. We plan to extend "emergency cover" right throughout the festive season, at as many abortion and referral facilities as we possibly can.

I simply must provide this unique service throughout the Christmas period as no one else will. Lives are literally, hanging in the balance!

Men and Women volunteer to serve the needy

It's like this. If I and other LifeLeague volunteers don't turn out, then hundreds of

women will be left alone and completely vulnerable with only the abortion clinic to turn to. I simply cannot contemplate this, but I need your help, and I need it now in order to avert this annual disaster and wholesale Slaughter of the Innocents.

You see, I have organized the volunteers, however, to provide national cover, I will have to organise transport, food, and in some areas, emergency accommodation for women who decide to keep their babies.

As usual, this costs money. Our volunteers are heroically chipping in all they can but this year, money is tighter than ever, as you and I well know. Many of our volunteers also struggle to make ends meet.

Sacrificing this Christmas• for the Innocents

LifeLeague 's finances are seriously depleted after yet another full year of campaigning, so I have no alternative but to ask you to help me. I know your finances are hard stretched at this time of year, as are everyone's.

But surely, as we celebrate the birth of one small baby, our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST, it would be shameful not to do all in our power to protect the 16,800 babies, made in HIS image and likeness, who will be purposely and painfully put to death during the festive season of 2008?

Surely, if we can afford to 'eat, drink and be merry', we can sacrifice of ourselves financially to give a tiny baby the chance to share this world with us!

Open your heart for the unborn I implore you not to forget our unborn babies and their mothers this Christmas. Please open your heart to their plight by helping me provide personal counseling, emergency care and prayer vigils throughout the country. Help me provide practical help to those with noone else to turn to this Christmas.

You and I both know that many lives have been saved by this Annual Project, and the plain truth is, if I don't organize volunteers to man their posts across the country, no-one else will. This means that young women will be left easy prey to family pressures and smooth-talking • 'counsellors' in the abortion clinics.

Some people willing to give their all

I have pulled together a group of volunteers for this mission. These brave individuals are willing to exchange their Christmas in front of a warm fire, surrounded by friends and family, for a

cold, wet Christmas out on the streets just so that vulnerable women can have someone to turn to in their hour of need.

So please, send a gift, no matter how small today. Even on Christmas Eve, when we are busy with our families and church services, seven hundred women will be travelling from all over the UK and Ireland to abortion clinics about to destroy their own babies. We cannot allow this to go unchallenged. Only our volunteers stand between these women and the abortion clinic.

Babies will die, even on Christmas day Even as we look forward expectantly to celebrating the birth of our Saviour — remember that this very same Christmas night, 700 tiny, innocent babies will be purged from a world that had no room or love for them the equivalent of wiping out two whole Primary schools!

Therefore, I pray that you will understand how urgent this request is. If our selfless volunteers can save just one child, then their efforts will have been worth it.

My estimated costs for the project are £8250. In the scale of things, this is normally not a massive amount for our organisation to raise but, at Christmas time, it's almost impossible to raise even meager funds. So please, don't cast this letter aside until you have your cheque written out.

I am depending on your support to help these young girls and their precious babies.

Life or Death situation I cannot stress enough just how vital your contribution is.

Think about it — how could we possibly enjoy Christmas with our children and grandchildren while thousands of unborn children shamefully perish?

Yet, some refuse to do anything about it. I'm sure you will agree with me that the thought of leaving thousands of young mums and babies alone, without help, at the 'mercy' of abortion clinics, is just too ghastly to contemplate.

What would our Lord want you to do?

Please, this Christmas, remember the words of our Lord: "Suffer the little children to come unto Me". I need your financial help to make those words a reality, please support this mission of mercy.

Please send the most generous pro-life gift that you can today. Babies saved by this project will be the best Christmas present any of us could ever ask for.

Thank you so much indeed for your help. Yours in Life,

414ee IltaAteoese,

Alice McWhinney Project Coordinator PS. Christmas is a special, but heartbreaking time for us. It's a time when children are, quite rightly, exalted and pampered. Yet, the plight of unborn babies and their young mothers is often ignored.

Please remember the mothers unborn babies and LifeLeague volunteers who will be out on the streets this year as you are saying grace over your Christmas dinner. Pray for me. I'll be praying for you.

P.P.S. If you have a credit card you can now donate instantly by telephoning 0870 240 3158 (DAY) 07977 195 577.(After 6.00pm)

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