Page 11, 28th October 1938

28th October 1938
Page 11
Page 11, 28th October 1938 — Fussy, Cranky, Sarcastic,

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Fussy, Cranky, Sarcastic,

An interesting departure was made at the Abbey Theatre last week when a play entitled " Pilgrims " was produced—the first work we have seen from the pen of Miss Mary Rynne, sister of Mr. Stephen Rynne, whose notable book on rural Ireland, Green Fields, I wrote about her some months ago. Mr. Rynne is husband of Miss Alice Curtayne, the noted writer of Catholic biographies.

The play, Pilgrims, was so good that it crowded the theatre. 1 am going to borrow the description written in the Leader by Miss Nuala Moran, one of our best writers on the theatre.

" I consider," Miss Moran writes, " that Miss Rynne had great courage to tackle such a subject, and 1, for one, will take more interest in my companions on the next pilgrimage I join after this lifting of the veil.

"There arc pilgrims and pilgrims, but the author chose the most ordinary— judging from externals, Fussy, cranky, sarcastic, hot-tempered, ordinary people; but in each heart, despite failings, shortcomings, pettiness and passions, the lamp of faith burns steadily.

" We crossed the Alps with the callow girl, whose only petition to the Madonna was to pass an examination; with the lonely, childless. married couple; with the young consumptive facing death; the love-stricken doctor; the broken-hearted—yet outwardly cheerful--mother of a deaf mute; the dreaming spinster whom no convent will accept; the energetic yet wholly unimaginative man who worships God in muscle and sinew. And the inspiration of all these perfectly ordinary people is Nano Vaughan,

whose faith is purer and stronger, yet e loves them all with an understanding love akin to the love of God for all His creatures.

" Judging from person,] experience of Catholic pilgrimages I noticed a lack of the customary cheerfulness in putting up with hardships and inconveniences in Miss Rynne's group.

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