Page 11, 28th October 1938

28th October 1938
Page 11
Page 11, 28th October 1938 — ORGANISING CATHOLIC GRADUATES

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People: B. V. Crowley
Locations: Bradford


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" After-care " For University Men And Women

From Our Educational Correspondent

From the Catholic point of view the problems of opportunity, method and materia of instruction are constant throughout the whole range of education from the lowest to the highest and, human nature being what it is, the danger of leakage or lapsing is proportionately the same with the elementary schoolboy leaving to become an errand boy as with the University student entering one of the professions.

This is Realised

That this is realised is shown by the constitution and activities of the University Federation of Great Britain which was founded some twenty years ago.

The general aim of the Federation is stated to be the intention to assist in the Catholic education of persons of academic standing in a manner suited to the University status.

Catholic education is divided into the religious: the development of a sense of spiritual responsibility and of membership of the Catholic Church (with the addition that " essentially this means personal sanctification "); and the intellectual : the development of an education qua Catholics, part passe with secular studies.

It Will Console Them The parish priest of the poorest slum parish subscribes to those principles for his children and the slackest parent in the parish may take from them the consolation that it is not only his children who are being chivvied to learn the catechism and receive the Sacraments.

So far, the University Catholic Federation has devoted most of its attention to the Catholic students at the Universities, but a reorganisation of the Secretariats is now proposed which is designed to organise graduates and hold the students when they leave.

Organisation for Graduates In brief, the purpose appears to be the maintenance of the existing student activities in the Universities and the addition of an organisation to cater for the special needs of graduates.

One duty of this organisation will be to encourage the entry of graduates into the appropriate Catholic professional societies and guilds.

The aims and objects of the Federation, together with details of the reorganisation scheme, are given with convincing modesty in the Handbook, which may be obtained (price Is. 3d.) from Mr. B. V. Crowley, M.A., 27, Ashfield Avenue, Frizinghall, Bradford. It also includes notes and articles by distinguished contributors, including an article by Fr. J. Murray, S.J., on " The Catholic Outlook on Foreign Affairs."

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