Page 16, 28th October 1938

28th October 1938
Page 16
Page 16, 28th October 1938 — Moir= (Nterei: 8 p.m., "Cavalleria Rustier:sue (111asnagni).

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Moir= (Nterei: 8 p.m., "Cavalleria Rustier:sue (111asnagni).

MONTPELLIER : 6.15 p.m., Lecture-Recital: 16th and 17th Century Organ and IIarpsichord Music.

STRASBOURG: 9.15 p.m., Talk by M. Roul Follereau, President of the League of Latin Union : In the Steps of Father de Foueauld,


BEROMUNSTER : 4.45 p.m., Sacred Choral Musics. Immo : 7.30 a.m.. Organ Recital. 10.30 a.m., Excerpts from German Masses (Pepping and Schutz).

MILAN, NAPLES & ROME GROUPS 7.50 a.m., (Rome Group), Organ Recital from the Cara melite Church. Naples. 10 a.m., IIissa Cantata from the Basilica of the Annunciation, Florence. 11 a.m.

Ruuo EIREANN : 12 noon, High Mass from Thurles Cathedral. 7 p.m., Great Irish Nuns (No. 6).

RENNE8-13RETAGNE ; 10.15 a.m., Ponlifieal High Mass from the Cathedral. Celebrant: I.E. Cardinal Verdi er, Archbishop of Paris. Maas (de Lassos).

Sorress: 5.20 p.m., Liturgical Music (Records). Srerra*ar: 12 midnight, "Joseph Haydn" Biographical Sequence with Music (Part 2). WARSAW : 8.30 a.m. (for all Polish Stations), High Mass and Sermon from Nolo.


LEIPZIG : 7.15 p.m., "I Lombardi " (Verdi). lianto EIREANN : 8.20 p.m., Plainsong for the Feast of All Saints, with Explanatory Notes. 8.50 p.m., Chamber Music through the Cam. turies-Soh amen n.


Beacestoornia: 7.15 p.m.. Enterre vivantCycle for Baritone and Orchestra (Othmar Schoeck). Conductor : The Composer. Beassius (1) : 10 a.m., Pontifical Iligh Mass from Malines Cathedral. 5 p.m., Recital of Contemporary Belgian Organ Music,

Banana (II): 10 a.m., High Mass from Antwerp Cathedral. 4 p.m., Passio Domini nostre jesu Christi seconrioin Matthasum (Longheval).

Bunersar (I): 9 a.m., High Mass. 2.30 p.m, Choral Concert.

Riivansuat (I): 9.40 a.m., High Mass from the Chapel of the Montfortain Fathers, Oarschot. 6.55 p.m., Fr. YAM Maagdenburg, C.SS.R. 7.55 p.m., Fourth Symphony (Bruckner). 10.20 p.m., " Resurrectical "Records and Poems.

Maui, & Roma Gaon's: 10 a.m., Miesa Cantata from the Basilica of the Annunciation, Florence. 11 a.m., Address.

MONTI OFINERi: 7 p.m., Kyrie from the Mass in F (Pergoleai).

Nam (Darn Towm): 5 p.m.. Lt11110AbrOILI Concert. Requiem (Mozart). Requiem (Faure).

Pears (Rum Paws): 10.40 a.m., Poems and Prose on Death. 11.25 a.m., Organ Recital by Pierre Revel. 11.55 a.m., Address by Abbe Barbera: All Saints' Day 1938, Vision of Peace.

PARIS (RADIO-CITE) : 2.30 p.m., BeethovenSchubert Concert from the Chapel of the lnvalides.

Somas: 8.50 p.m., Organ Recital. 9.10 p.m., 11'mtruse " Play (Maeterlinck), 9.40 pan.. Organ RecitaL Droosamai: 9.15 p.m., Musaalisclie Exequien for Soloists, Choir and Organ (Schutz).

Breassouita: 9.30 a.m.., Pontifical High Maas from the CathedraL 11.30 a.m., Address by Mgr, Ruch, Bishop of Strasbourg : The Feast a AM Saints. 5 p.m., See Paris (Eiffel Tower). 8.30 p.m., Music for All Souls Eve from the Cathedral. 9.30 p.m.

Yaaavel 9 am_ Mass from St Mark's. 11 a.m., Sacred Music (Records). 4 p.m., Sacred Concert. 7.30 p.m... Sacred Concert


Reasaare (I): 1-30 p.m.., Records: Sacred Music. 6 p.m., Recital by Charles Ilene (Organ) and Frederic Anapach (Tenor). B pm., Concert. Requiem (Brenta) (first performance), 'King David " Oratorio (Honegger).

BVDAPSST (I) : 9 a.m., Requiem Mass. 4.30 p.m., Organ Recital. 6.45 Hubay Commemoration, with Mozart's Requiem.

Lerioasouao: 10.5 p.m., Concert by tho Cathedral Choir.

MBAR, NAPLES & ROWS Groups: 10 a.m., Requiem Mass from the Basilica of the Annunciation, Florence. 4.15 p.m. (Milan (croup), Sacred Concert. 4.15 p.m, (Rome Group), Choral Concert. 7.30 p.m. (Naples Group), Organ Recital. 8 p.m. (Milan and Rome Groups), Requiem (Pizzetti). 8 p.m. (Naples Group), Sacred Concert. Conductor : La Rosa Parodi. 9.30 p.m, (Milan and Rome Groups), Organ Recital. 9.30 p.m. (Naples Group), Organ and Vocal Recital.

Penis (PTT): 6.40, 8.15 and 8.40 a.m., Sacred Music on Records. 8.30 p.m. (also Strasbourg, Rennes and Nice). Requiem (Verdi), from the Conservatoire.

Pam (Ramo-Ctrs): 10 a.m., Mims solemnis (Beethoven) (Records).

PARIS (RADIO PARIS) : 8.40 am., Mass, Assnmpta est (Palestrina) by Dijon Cathedral Choir (Records). 19.10 a.m., Records: Gregorian Chants.

Ramo &loam, : 7.55 p.m., A Painter, a Picture and Period Music (No. 2) : Raphael-Talk by Walter Starkie with Palestrina and 31arenzi Music.

RADIO-Mmerneinatim: 9.10 p.m., Sacred Concert.

RADIO NORIAANDY : 12 noon, Sacred Concert 9 p.m., Three Centuries of Organ Music.

ZAGREB: 11.20 a.m., Requiem (Verdi) (Records). 7 p.m., Sacred Music from St. Mary's Church. 8 p.m., Quartet, The Seven Words from the Cross (Haydn).


Besorcesersa: 8 p.m., Mozart Concert. Bassiau: 85 p.m., Symphony No. 2 in C minor (Bruckner).

KAI,IIND110116 : 9.40 p.m.. Fa n fa si a and Fugue in D minor for Organ (Heger).

PARTS (PTT) : 5.35 p.m.. Organ Recital by Line Zilgien from the Schola Cantorum.

RADIO EIEREANN : 7.4.5 p.m.. Concert by Senior Pupils of the Sisters of Charity Blind Asylum, Merrion.


MlIAN, NAPLES & Rowe Gaon-es: 9.30 a.m., Maly (Perosi) from Milan Cathedral.

PARIS (VIM: 8.30 p.m.. Faure. Festival from the Conservatoire.

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