Page 6, 28th October 1938

28th October 1938
Page 6
Page 6, 28th October 1938 — RICH AND POOR SIIOULD CO-OPERATE

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Plea from Catholic Working-man

SIR, —There are many decent fellow; Catholics and non-Catholics too, who would share their last copper or last cigarette with a pal, and one can see them being led the wrong way by Communist agitators. Are we to allow this, or are we to say with Cain, " Am I my brother's keeper?" Some of our poor fellows are in the Communist movement because they think their fellow Catholics don't care two hoots for them. On one or two Saturday nights recently, we (my friends and I) have watched and enquired about Catholics who go to these meetings; interviewed them and convinced them of their folly—not perhaps by brilliance but by sincerity.

Would to God that our Catholic brethren who have had the blessing of higher education would come down from their pedestals and treat the poor not as inferiors, but as brethren with Christ. We who toil in the mines and the factories do not want class warfare but Christian unity. It is necessary that men who have education should not ignore the poor but help them to become familiar with Catholic social principles.

If the poor cannot be educated from a Catholic source, then they will be educated from a less desirable one. We see it happening every day; if the facilities are not given them to study the Encyclicals and a guide in that study, someone will come along with the A.B.C. of Communism or Karl Marx's Das Kapital. Catholic Action is for rich and poor, for it is only by mutual contact between "classes" that social conditions can ever be improved, for after all it is the " oneness " of our Holy Faith that makes understanding much easier.

Therefore, sir, I suggest that rich should co-operate with poor in this very important work, and not isolate themselves as for instance Catholic Societies tend to do, but be members of Catholic Action to one aim, the welfare of Holy Church.


11, Third Avenue, Woodlands, Near Doncaster.

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