Page 6, 28th October 1938

28th October 1938
Page 6
Page 6, 28th October 1938 — THE ROSARY IN PUBLIC

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Locations: Florence


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SIR,—Mr. Ronald Pilkington, from Florence, suggests the adoption of some modification of our present routine recital of the Rosary. Many a time I have deplored the current " dry " method used in our churches. There are three methods in vogue:

(I) The priest repeats throughout the first half of the Paternoster, Ave Maria, and Gloria, and the congregation follows with the other half.

(2) The priest and congregation voice in the same way but alternately each decade.

(3) The priest and the choir sing, instead of reciting as above mentioned, in alternate turns.

The last method puts more life into the service. Sometimes the priest may recite his part from the pulpit, or he may walk up and down the central passage while doing the same. But in all these methods the title of the decade is just briefly mentioned for contemplation and the whole Rosary hurried through.

What we oldsters miss is the method current in our youth, of the short announcement of the object of the decade and the prayer at the end of that decade. It takes a little longer time, but there can be no comparison with the instruction that is conveyed and the devotion that it excites. Thus, let us take the following announcement : " The Five Joyful Mysteries. 1. The Annunciation : Let us contemplate, in this holy mystery, how the Angel Gabriel saluted Our Blessed Lady with the title ' Full of Grace,' and declared unto her the Incarnation of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ." Then follow the usual chain, and then, at the end of the decade, the prayer: " 0 Holy Mary, Queen of Virgins, by the most high mystery of the Incarnation of thy beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, by which our salvation was so happily begun, obtain for us, by thy intercession, light to know this so great benefit which he hath bestowed upon us, in vouchsafing to become our brother, and making thee, his own beloved Mother, to be our Mother also. Amen."

There are variations of these modified devotions. in addition, each decade may terminate, before the prayer, with recited or sung verses. Thus:— " By the Archangel's word of love That announced thee from above; By the grace to Mary given; By thy first descent from Heav'n; Child of Mary, hear our cry! Thou wert helpless once as we; Now enthroned in majesty.

Countless angels sing to thee!"

P: W. O'GoemeN.


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