Page 8, 28th October 1977

28th October 1977
Page 8
Page 8, 28th October 1977 — Groups which can help

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Groups which can help

Disabled Living Foundation, 346 Kensington High Street, London WI4.

,MIND (National Association for Mental Health), 22 Harley Street, London WIN 2ED.

Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation, 25 Mortimer Si, London WI, Spinal Injuries Association, 126 Albert St, London, NW1.

Union of the Physically Impaired Against Segregation, 2 St Giles Court, Dane Road, Ealing, London W13.

Association of Blind Catholics. Secretary, Paul Questier, 58 Oakwood Road, Harley, Surrey. Action Research for the Crippled Child. Vincent House, Springfield Road, Horsham, Sussex. Catholic Handicapped Children's Fellowship. National Secretary, Miss M. Donnelly, 2 The Villas, Hare Law, Stanley, Co Durham (Stanley 0207 34379). Camphill Village Trust (for the mentally handicapped). Delrow House, Hilfield Lane, Aldenham, Watford (Radlett 6006). Elizabeth FitzRoy Homes for the Handicapped Trust, The Coach House. W, httegates, Liss, Hampshire (Liss 3577). Handicapped Children's Pilgrimage Trust, Secretary, N. P. J. Porter, 95 Carshalton Road, Sutton, Surrey (01-643 5431/2). St Joseph's Centre (Westminster Pastoral Centre for the Handicapped). Fr David Wilson, The Burroughs, London, NW4. Lady Hoare Trust for Thalidomide and Other Physically Handicapped Children. 7 North Street, Midhurst, Sussex (073081 3696).

St Cecilia's Guild for the Catholic Blind, Secretary, Miss C. Beard, 21 Elvin Crescent, Rottingdcan, Brighton.

Share Community Limited (public relations and information service). 170 Kingston Road, London, SW19 (01-5426241).

Useful books

Let me Play by Dorothy M. Jeffree, Roy McConkey and Simon Hewson, published by Souvenir Press at £4 (hardback) or £2.50 (paperback). Feet was I to the Lame by Dr Gustave Gingras, published by Souvenir Press at £.5 (hardback) or £2.35 (paperback).

'The Directory for the Disabled: A handbook of information and opportunities for the disabled and handicapped by Ann Darnbrough and Derek Kinrade, published by Woodhead-Faulkner at £5.75 (hardback) or £4.25 (paperback). The Financial Needs of Disabled Children by Jonathan Bradshawe, published by the Disability Alliance at 60p. Lives Worth Living by Elizabeth and Michael Marais, published by Souvenir Press at £2.75. I am With You by David Wilson, published by St Paul's Publications at £1.25. A Life of Your Own — Mentally handicapped People by Ann Shearer, published by Liverpool Institute of Socio-Religious Studies at 50p. Out of Mind — Mental Illness by Alison Wertheimer, published by Liverpool Institute. of SadoReligious Studies at 60p.

In the Midst of Winter by Louise H adge man. OP, published by Dimension Books, handled by Redemptorist Press, £4.20.

Pilgrimage Trust

More than 1,000 physically and mentally handicapped children were taken to Lourdes last year by the Handicapped Children's Pilgrimage Trust. During the pilgrimage — which is a holiday as well — the children are not housed in hospitals but in family hotels.

FitzRoy homes

The first aim of the Elizabeth FitzRoy homes is to give those in care the love, understanding and sense of security that is normally provided by parents. The five homes are intentionally small with an informal atmosphere as far removed from institutional life as possible. Spastic Sociels, 12 Park Crescent, London, WI (636 5020). Richmond Fellowship for Mental Welfare and Rehabilitation, 8 Addison, London, W14.

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