Page 1, 29th April 1960

29th April 1960
Page 1
Page 1, 29th April 1960 — KENNEDY & CATHOLIC VOTES

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People: Kennedy, Pius Xll
Locations: Menzingen, Surrey


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"I WANT no votes solely on

account of my religion," said Senator Kennedy, the Catholic contender for the Democratic nomination in this year's presidential election, in a speech to the annual meeting of the American Society of Newspaper Editors at Washington !ast week.

He poured scorn on the commentators who had interpreted the results of the Wisconsin primary in terms of religion and quoted a "very careful analysis" he had received the week before.

"It conclusively shows two significant patterns of bloc voting," he said. "I ran strongest where the average temperature in January was 20° or higher, and poorest where it was 14° or lower—and I ran well in the beech tree and basswood country and not so well in the hemlock and pine."

Rebutting arguments that he should avoid religious controversy by withdrawing from the race for the presidential nomination and accepting nomination for the vicepresidency, the Senator said: "Surely those who believe it dangerous to elect a Catholic as president will not want him to serve as vice-president, a heartbeat away from the office."

Holy Cross, when interviewed at the congregation's mother-house at Menzingen, Switzerland, last week about the simplified form of head-dress that the 3,421 Sisters in the congregation's 468 houses adopted at Easter.

The change is in keeping with the late Pope Pius Xll's advice that nuns' habits should express the naturalness, simplicity, and modesty of the conventual life, In place of the starched veil standing away from the head the Sisters now wear a simple black veil falling over the head: our pictures show the old and the new headdress.

Sisters who have been members of the congregation for more than 40 years may keep the old style if they wish.

In this country the Teaching Sisters of the Holy Cross have convents at Gerrards Cross, Bucks; Corby, Northants; New Malden, Surrey; and Westminster. Abroad, the congregation is to be found in Switzerland. Germany, Italy, Chile, the Argentine, South Africa and India.

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