Page 5, 29th August 1969

29th August 1969
Page 5
Page 5, 29th August 1969 — Forget the Ulster: saddened past of by your comments

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Locations: Dublin, Belfast, Derry


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Forget the Ulster: saddened past of by your comments

on Dublin's role

I HAVE no doubt that you meant well in your editorial -1comment and that Mr. Norman St. John-Stevas was likewise disposed in his article last week referring to the agony that is the six north eastern counties of Ireland today. One is therefore saddened to read: "The best service that Dublin can render is to button its lip" and "The Prime Minister (Mr. Lynch) has not helped by his theatrical posturing over the United Nations Just What do you expect the Dublin Government to do while people in the six counties are machine-gunned, teargassed and burned out? Is it to say nothing, or do nothing, thatmight bring the agony to Is it wrong for Mr. Jack Lynch to establish hospitals and refugee centres near the Border, manned by the De. fence Forces, where succour would he available to needy people from the Bogside of Derry, or the Falls District of Belfast, or Shankhill for that matter? Is it wrong that the Irish Government should ask the U.N. Assembly to discuss the problem with a view to taking remedial measures and even to send a peace-keeping force to that part of Ulster?

Some day. please God, Orange and Green, or, if you prefer, Catholic and Protestant will live in harmony in Ulster's six counties, just as they do in the other three counties of that Province and in the remainder of the country. I am quite sure that the CATHOLIC HERALD and its contributor, Mr. St. JohnStevas, long for that day, but I don't think that your comments are likely to speed its coming.

Sean Moore, T.D.


IT is pathetic to read the juvenile impressions of Mr. St. John-Stevas on the recent Ulster crisis. He speaks in schoolboy cliché of the "theatrical posturings" of the Irish Premier over the United Nations! What kind of bovine creature would Mr. Lynch be if he did not take construcive means to stop the Ulster bloodbath?

I am an Ulsterwoman of Scottish ancestry, and little attracted. to the Southerners. Yet I admired the humanity and correct procedure shown by the Dublin Government. That the U.N. adjourned the matter shows how far on the "way out" that association of politicians is. I thank Mr. Lynch for what he did. And I am pleased that he can never be linked in history with head in sand dissociationwith a human holocaust on his doorstep, so to speak.

Mary Louden London, E. 7.

IN our Catholic churches here

in England we often say a prayer asking God to bless our Sovereign Queen Elizabeth and all the Royal Family.

As Northern Ireland is under the same Sovereign, is this prayer said in the Catholic churches there?

M. Ryan

Newport, Salop.


WHAT a pity Paula Davies' article about Lepra (August15), describing how help could be given by sponsoring a child with leprosy, did not include an address. Could we have it, please?

Joan Eckhoff Manchester, 19. The address of Lepra is: 50 Fitzroy Street, London, W.I.

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