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29th February 2008
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Page 14, 29th February 2008 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: St Augustine's School, St Matthew's Academy, Pontifical Council for Culture, Council of Priests, Archbishop's Council, Diocesan Centre, St Mary's School, St Cuthbert's Primery School, Catholic Children's Society Board, Council of Clergy, Spirituality Committee of the Bishops, Eicheristieremiah Centre, Si Francis Primary School, Bishop's Council, St Hilda's Parish Centre, Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth, University Hospital, Catholic Youth Service, Ushaw College, Bishops' Council, East London Church, St David's Primary School, L'shaw College, 730pmFrie Visits Holy Name RC Primary School, Diocesan Education Committee, Centre for Peace and Reconcile.tion, Fazakerley,930ant Induction Service for Fr Baku Appadan, Ursuline School, Curial Office, St Hilda's School, Holy Family Primary School, Pastoral Centre, St David's College, Liturgy Committee, Thor Cathedral Chapter, Conirmatient Royal Naval College, St Francis' Children's Society, Parish Centre, Oratory Primary School, Fos:stare Centre, Working Party, Rotary Club, Mass Diocesan Centre, St Georges Prrnomy School, Whittington Hospital, St Ambrose Barlow RC College, St Augustine's Youth Club, Buckley Parish Centre, Saints College, University of Warwick, Liverpool Hope University, Diocesan Stewardship Committee, Committee for Christian Unity, Gillis Centre, German Church, House of Commons


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March 2 to March 7 Conflate] MurphysO'Connor tWG,M1MSICT Sum Celebrates Mass. Church of St Thomas More. Knebwortlaliests. 10am. Tue. Wed: Meets with Bisops' Conference of Pohnd. Warsasv. Wed Sat: Attends Pontifical Council for Culture meeting. Rome.

Archbishop Kelly (Liverpool) Sun: Solemn Mass for the Fourth Sunday of Lent. Metiopolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool. )lam. Solemn Evening Pewee Metropolitan Catheint of Christ the King, Liverpool. lin. Mon. Governors' Meeting, Ushaw College. Durham, Wed: Nugent Care Govaning Body. Liverpool, 10aun. Thu: Archbishop's Council, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the Ring. Liverpool. 10 I 5arn Fri: 'Leasing Safe Harbours' meeting. St Ambrose Barlow RC College. Bootle. 2pm; Lenten Talk. St John. Wigan. 7.3Cpm. Sac Celebrates Maas, Blessed Sacrament Aintree. noon.

Archbishop Nichols (Birmingham) Sun: Parish Visitation. Bearwriai Tue: Oxford Deanery Visitntice Closing meeting, 7pm. Wed: DSC Meeting. Bath. Thu: Deans; meeting. Maryvale. 1030am: Confumations.Dudley Road. 7pm. Fri: Addresses Conservative Christian Fellowship. London

Bishop Arnold (Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster Sun Parisb Visitation.Wembley Mon St Ethelburga's Centre for Peace and Reconcile.tion. 6 30pm. Tue. Meeting with Congo Bishops. DRC. spin. Wed: Trustees rneeting,Archbishop's House. II am. Thu: Apostleship of the Sea. Day of Recollection. Fri: Archbishop's Council. Archbishop's House. 9_30arn. Sat: Parish visitation. Sudbury.

Bishop Brain (Salford) Stn Pastoral Visitation and Celebration or Mass. St Ann's. Ashtontulder-Lyne. 1030am. Mon The: 7mb:tentedin g. L'shaw College. Durham. The: Station MIMS. St Joseph's, Accrington. 7.30pm. Wed: Pastoral Visantion of St Joseph's Infant and Junior Schools. Reddish. Ithun: Pastoral Visitation of Sick and Housebound, St Joseph's Parish.Reddish. 2 30.prre Stamm Mast St Bernadette's. Withington.730pm. Fn: Private amoietments.Wardky Hall. Bishop Budd t Plymouth) Sun: Visitation. Kingsbridge and Sekund, Mote Visa Wonersh. The: Talk on Eicheristieremiah Centre. P111K1Util. The Fri: Overnight Lenten meeting, Torbay Deanery. Sat: Visitation. Bri.xham/Dartmouth.

Bishop Bonn IBM Forces) Sun: Conirmatient Royal Naval College, Danrnoinh . Thu: Council of Clergy. Government Howe, Aldershot, 1230pm: Chrism Mass, Cathedral Chinch of St Michael and St George, 6pm. Fn-Set: Speaker. St Ives Cornwall Rotary Club.

Bishop Coney (Armlet & Brighton) Mon: Council of Priest meeting. Dabcec, Deans meeting. Dabase: meermg.Redhill. 7.30pm. Tue Fri: Schools Service meeting, Rome Sat Mass (or the first anniversary of Mother Mary Gerson. RIP. Holy Cross Nary

Bishop Doyle (Northampton) Sun: No official engagements. Mon: NBRIA Conference. Bath, I lam. Tue. NBRLA Conference continues: meeting with parish priest-Marlow.apm. meeting with Child Protection Commission Member, Marlow. Spm. Wed: Meeting with St Francis' Children's Society. Bishop's House. 8.30am: Corby Clergy Deanery meeung, Bishop's blouse. I lam. Thu: Tribunal Lunch, Bishop's House. Obey clergy meeting, Olney. Bucks. pm.Fri: Aylesbury Clergy Deanery, meeting. Great Missenden. 11 am. Sat: Visitation. Sacred Hear. Luton; MaS5 CWL. Princes Risborough. am.

Bishop Droiney (Middlesbrough) Sun: Celebrates Mass. St Mark's. Prodlchury. 10.15am. Toe Thu: Pastoral Visit to Coastal Parishes, learn: visit to St Joseph's Convent, Whitby. 11.45ami meet with Priests of Deanery, St Peter's Rectory. 2.30pm. meeting with parishioners of Scarborough area and St George's. Eastfield, 730pm. Wed. Ecumenical Prayer Breakfast with Church Leaders. 7ani: visit to St Augustine's School, loam: 'Ail! to St Georges Prrnomy School to bless new buildings. 1 1.30arn. visit to Madonna House Community. Robin Hood's Bay, 4pm: meet with paishioners of Egtun Bridge, Lealholm-Staitheam 1-4thorPe and Whitby. St Hilda's Parish Centre, 730pm. Thu: Visits retired Priests, am; visit to St Hilda's School. Whitby. 1.30pm. Fri: Bishop's Council. Curial Office, Hun: CCN Broadcast. Lenten Reflasion. 3pm. Sat Attends Catechists Course and Celebrates Mass. Cathedral, I lam.

Bishop Evans iffiest Anglin Sun: Diocesan Youth Counce, Poringland 3pm 7pm. The Wed: Committee for Christian Unity meeting. Wed: Re-opening of khan Centre. Norwich, 5por. Suffolk Churches Together. 730pm. Fri-Sat Christine Muslim Forum (Residential) Bishop Hendricks (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sion Confirmations, East Shon,1030mn. Nigerian Chaplaincy Mass. St George's Cathedral, 3pm. Moo Digby Smart Governors' meeting, Roeharripton. I pm. Tue: London Climb Leaders' meeting. London, 8.30amWed: Commissioning of Eucharistic Ministers, Ursuline School, Winibledon. 230pm Fit: Priests' Penitential Day, Wcmheldon. Sat ConfirrhatWns. Kingston, ipm

Bishop firm (Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark) Toe: Visit to Holy Family Primary School. Maidstone. 10.30am, Thu: Clergy Penitential Day. Aylexford, 1230-330pm. Fri: Visa to Si Francis Primary School. Maidstone. 8.30= • Bishop Hollis (Portsmouth) Mass, Waterside Pansh. St Michael's. Hythe. Hain Tee: Co-ordinating Pastors meeting, Bishop's House. Ponsmouth, 1030am. Wed: Appeals Committee 113BefiRg. Bishop's House, 2_83pm: feefersfrip Course Celebration. St Thomas More, Ilford, Bournemouth, pm. Fri: Diocesan Stewardship Committee meting. Bishop's House. Portsmouth. team. Sat: Livesimply Mass, St John's Cathedral. Portsmouth, 3pm.

Bishop Hopes (Westminster) Sun: Pastoral Visitation to St Aldan of 1 indisfank.ACkni East. Mon: Meeting of Ethnic Chaplains. St Boniface. German Church, 1030am to 2pm Tee: Liturgy Committee meeting, Vaughan House. 11.10arn to 330pm: engagements. Archbishop's House, pm. Wed: Meetiog of Diocesan Tmstees.Archbishop's House. lam engegetnents. Archbishop's Howe, pro. Thu: Meeting of London Ethic Chaplaincies Group. Archbishop's House. I lam to 1.30pm: engagements, Archbishop's House. pm; attends University Chaplaincy prayers groups. More House. 7pm to 930pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting, ant engagements. ArehbishoP's Houk. pm. Sat: Pastoral Visitation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Hayes.

Bishop Kerney (Birmingham) Sun: Mass. University of Warwick Chaplaincy. 1230pm. The: Chapter meeting, I lam: Oxford Deanery Visitation Closing meeting, 7pm. Wed COMECE. Brussels.

Bishop Lang (Clifton) Sun: Visitation, Christ the King. Knowle West, Bristiol. Mott: Schools conference, Bath, 6pm. Wed. ARC meeting. London, 12.15pm. Thu: Council of Priests, Bristol, l lam: Parish Pastoral Council Lenten group, Clifton Carteckal, Bristol, 730pnt Fri: Socking the Face of Christ steering group meeting. Bristol, 10.30am. Sat: Visitation. St Bern a de tie 's Whitchurch.Bristol and The Sacred Heart Parish. Chew Valley,

Bishop Langley {Westminster) Sun: Celebrates Mass, The Whittington Hospital. Highgate Hill. The: London Church Leaders' Breakfast meeting. The Old Deanery, 8.30am East London Church leaders. The Old Deanery, Ilam. celebrates Mass, Canary Wharf in the Prayer Room, Churchill Place. 1230pm, Catholic Children's Society Board meeting, Vaughan House. 4pm. Mat Trustees meeting, Archbishop's Howe, I lam; National Gathering of Traveller Support Network. Fos:stare Centre. Welwyn Garden City. Sere Thu: Traveller Support Network, Welwyn Gamlen City continued. Installation of Honorary Ecumenical Canons. Peterborough Cathedral. 330pm Fri: Archbishop's Council. Archbishop's House. 9.30am: visa to Rederoptoris Mater House of Formation. Merylebone. 6pm.

Bishop Lynch (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun: Confirmations, St Thomas Mare. East Dulwich. Tue., Meeting of the Heads of Primary Schools for the South-East Area. St Thomas Mote Hall. East Duhsich.10am: Confmnarion, St Francis of Sales and St Ganudes.Stockwell, 7pm, Wed: Meeting of the Delegation from "Still Human. Still Hem" Campaign with the Horne Secretary. House of Commons. 230pm. Than Visit to St Matthew's Academy. I lam. meeting of Trustees of Education foe Parish Service. CEC, 330pm. Fri Sa7. Parish Visitation. St John fisher.South Thamesmead.

Bishop McMahen (Brentwood) Sim: Visitation and Confirmation, Canning Town. Tue MeetingslInterviews. Cathedral House; =rads Lecture by Fr Martin Haigh 053. Cathedral. 7.30pm. Wed. Meetingsanterviews. Cathedral House; attends }lip Sherrifs Award Ceremony. Braintree. 5pm. Thu. Attends Lenten Day of Recollection.Chigwell. Sal: Attends Lamm by Fr Nicholas King SJ.Cathedrel. t lam.

Bishop McMahon tNottinihmo Stull Vmitenon, St Anne's, Radeliffesesolrent. Mort: Visits St Augustine's Youth Club. Woodhorough Rd. 7pm. Thins: Education Services meeting. Diocesan Came.Mackwortli. teem. Fri: Working Party.. Diocesan Centre. Mackworth. I lam. Sat: Ordination to the Priesthood of Bro. Laurence OCSO. Mont St Bernard Abhey. Ilam

Bishop Malone fLiserpoollThil: Archbishop's Council. Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King.Lrimpool.10.15am "Co-operatic:a Ireland" Gala Dinner, Lrimpool Town Hall. 7.15pna. Church Colleges Principals' Dinner. Liverpool Hope University. 7 . Sat Church Colleges

Choir Festival. Cathedral of Christ the

King Liverpool.7.30pm. Noble (Shrewsbury) Stet Pastoral Visitation of Our Lady and St John's. Heswaii. Mon Tue: Trustees and Governors of Ushaw College,Duthein. Thu: Day Conference for Dioceson Delegates. Spirituality Committee of the Bishops' Conference. St Andiew's,Waterloa.1030am. Fri: Visiting Primary Heads Conference, Ewloe. am.

Bishop O'Donoghue (Lancasser) Sum Vattanon. St Charles. Grange-over-Seats The: Chap. ter meeting and mass. 11.30am. Wed. Visit St Cuthbert's Primery School. Blackeoce The Fit for Mission Clergy Day. Brettatgb Holt. 1030am 4pm. En-. Prison Chaplaincy meeting. 10.30am. Confirmation. St Patrick. Motecambe,7pm. Sat: Diaconal Ordinance,Andiew, Dawson, St Mary, Cleats. noon.

Bishop Pargeter (Birmingham) Morn Fr Peter Gallagher's Golden Mbilee.Aihustone,7pm.The: C tanning. I lam: Chapter Mass, I2.15pm. Wed: ta liisits Oratory Primary School. Birming ham, 2pm: Confirmations. Birmingham Oratory, 7pm. Thu: Deans' met:trig. Mmyvak. Ilam: visits Schools. Sparkhill 1.30prm Confirmations. Sparichil, 7pm. Fri: Visits St Mary's School, Evesham, 2pm. Confirmations. Evesham, 7pm. Bishop Rawsthorne "Hallam) Sum Visitation, St Teresa's Dalton, 930am Meitatica. Our Lady and St Joseph, Royston, I I .15am. Mon: Ushaw College. The: Faith Forum AGM. Town Hall. Sheffield. 630pm. Wed: Methodat Cenfereew, Morley, 930am Chaplains meeting. Pastoral Centre, 6pm. Fri: Conflict Traosfonnation raining, York. 10am. Sat: Group Leaders Training, Our Lady and St Thomas. Parish Centre, 9.30am. Jubilee celebration, Rossington. 7pm.

Bishop Roche (Leeds) Sun: Visitation, St Augestuse's, Leah, 10am. Mon: Governors' meeting. Ushaw, I lam, Tut Deans meeting.. Himsky Halt. 10_30am. Fri: VGs' meeting. Bishop's Home. 10am. Sat: Education Conference, Leeds Trinity and All Saints College. Leeds. 1030rm Bishop Stack (Westminster) Wed: Trustees' meeting, Archbishop's House, 1 I arn. Attends Board rioting Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth. Thous: Pmyer for the Day. BBC Radio 4. Fri. Archbishop's Council Meeting, 9 3(lam. Sat: :denten rovince l4. visit to York

Bhhop Williams II.iverpoul) Mon: Gammas' Meeting. Ushaw College, Durham. Wed: Nugent Care Governing Body, Liverpool, lthon. Thu: Archbishop's Council. Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool.10.15arn; Mass for the [intuition of Aenlytes.All Saints.Antield, 730pmFrie Visits Holy Name RC Primary School, Fazakerley,930ant Induction Service for Fr Baku Appadan, University Hospital. Aintree, 2pm; Confirmation. Holy Angels. Kirkby. 7.30pm.

WALES Archbishop Smith (Cardiff) Toe: UCM Wales National Conference .Parthowl,930am: Rally at City Temple.Catdiff.730par Wed: Maniage cam meeting, Cardiff,230pm. Thus: Confirmations at Christ the King Cardiff, 730pm, Sat: performance by St David's College.?

Bishop Jobali iMenevia) Tor: UCM Conference, Portheawl. Fri: Aber.aeron Parish Lenten Station Mass, 630pm. Sat: St Benedict's Parish. World Youth Day.

Bishop Regan (Wrexham) Sun: Visitation, Blaenau Ffestinios . Mon: UCM Annual Conference. Porthcawl, pm. Tue-Wed: UCMW Annual Conference, Pothcawl. Thus Diocesan Education Committee, Buckley Parish Centre. 10.30am: Lenten Mass, Porthitmelog Deanery. Bala. 7pm. DPC Steering Group, Rhyl, 7pm. Sat: Meeting with Anglesey, Menai Bridge 1pnt 4pm.


Cardinal O'Brien (St Andrew's & Edinburgh) Sun: Lenten Mass. St Margaret's. Gorebriclge. 931teen. Lenten Mass, Our Lady of Consolation. Bonnyrigg, 11 31hun. Moir Meeting with Paul aritnis. Chief Executive of SCIAF, I lam; meeting regarding Cathedral fabric. St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh. 2pm. The: Meeting with Father Tom Ryan of the Loyola institute the Ministry. 4pm. Wed Meeting of Catholic Youth Service, Scotland, Motherwell Diocesan Offices. I lam: meeting with Dean of Midlothian and East Lothian Deanery. Father Joseph McMullan. St David's. Dalkeith.3ptn. Lenten Sethon Mass for Midlothian and Boss Lothim Deanerv.St David's. Dalkeith. 730pm Par Meetng of Bishops' Council.Gillis Centre. Edinburgh, I lam: meeting of Council Priests, Gillis Centre. Edinburgh. I pm; Retrial Mass for Mrs Anne Mane Hepburn. St David's Primary School, Dalkeith. 6.30pin. Fri: Meeting with let Hoe Douglas Alexander MP. City Chamhers. Glasgow. 10ant. meeting with Dean of West Lothian Deanery. Father Basil Clark, Broxburn, 3pm; Lenten Station Mass for West Lothian Deanery, Ss John Cassius and Nicholas. Brosburn, 7.30pm.

Bishop Logan tOunkeldillendee) More Meeting of the Charles nester Trusi, Bishop's House. Dundee, 530pm Tue: Priests for Scotland. Abereromby St. Glasgow. 11 am. Wed: Mass Diocesan Centre. Dundee. noon: Diocesan Vocations Team, Bishop's House. Dundee, 5pm. Thor Cathedral Chapter meeting . [lam. Fn, Fabric and Planning Meeting. Diocesan Centre. Dundee. 11 .15ant.

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