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29th January 1937
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Page 12, 29th January 1937 — FILMS THAT ITALY MAKES

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People: Giovanni Papini
Locations: Rome


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Saints Better Box Office than Cuties

From Our Film Correspondent The Italian cinema industry has received very little bush in this country. Because the subjects it has chosen mainly. centre round events in Italian history, such as the Scipio Africanus production featuring real elephants, it has got itself a bad name as a mere publicity organ for the glorification of Mussolini's country.

But this is only half the story. This Italian home industry is fostering another very different proposition and is opposing Hollywood's luxury parade and false values with spiritual realities.

Side by side with the production of the life-of the great Italian hero Scipio Africanus, a film is also being shot .01 the life of a ,great Italian saint, Catherine of Sienna.

The script of St. Catherine has been written by Giovanni Papini, the great Florentine, father of the Catholic literary movement who last year held Carducci's Chair of Literature at Bologna, and the story deals with the return of the saint from Avignon.

Bishop Recommends

Up till this time there has been no home industry, and Italian cinemas have been entirely dependent on Hollywood. Catholic Action has been restricted to choosing the good, of which there are many—and boycotting the bad.

It is reported from our correspondent in Rome that a worthy bishop in a country district said of the films showing in his diocese: " Whett I say it's bad, then you stay away. But when I say it's good then you've all got to go."

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