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29th January 1954
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Page 2, 29th January 1954 — POINTS FROM • LETTERS

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Keywords: Religion / Belief

Old Breviaries

One came into my possession a few weeks ago by way of a secondhand bookstall. Printed in English in 1879, it bears on the flyleaf the initials M. H. D. L. Inside were several papers evidently used for bookmarks. One a ten-page leaflet "SS Rosati! B.V.M." printed abroad in 1888, also an old leaflet with words and music of "Quis Ut Deus," Chant des Pelerins au Mont St. Michel. Of more recent years is a card "Steps to Holiness" by Fr. Joseph Dcgan, and a publication from Buckfast dated 1937. Needless to say, I wonder to whom it originally belonged.G. M. PUGH, Post Office, Rhodes, Middleton. Manchester. I have searched Dublin for an English edition of the Breviary, without success; perhaps some reader might put me in touch with one. In Dublin we have a number of habitcd Confraternities, viz., small groups of men attached to various parishes who, in addition to the normal duties of collecting, stewarding, etc., also meet several evenings each week to recite. in English, Vespers and Compline of the Divine Office. I wonder if there are Confraternities of this kind in any part of England. T. MU.DOWNEY, 57 Church Road, East Wall, Dublin.

Devotion to St. Joseph

Your correspondent's plea for a greater devotion to St. Joseph is very timely. Indeed we honour him too little and could well follow the example of Eastern Christians. In this connection it is interesting to note that he was proclaimed as patron of the Universal Church by t h e Armenians several centuries before this great honour was given him in the Wcst.-"UN1VERSALIS."

'Lux Veritatis'

I should like, through your column, to appeal to some publisher to mark Our Lady's Year by letting us have in pamphlet form a translation of the Encyclical Lux Veritatis, written by Pope Pius XI in 1931, fifteen hundred years after the Council of Ephesus. S. 0. LIONAIN, 127 Morehampton Road, Donnybrook, Dublin.

Feast of King Alfred ?

In Part II of Britannia Sancta (Lives of British Saints). the feast of King Alfred the Great is on October 28, and a life of him is given for that day. The date of the book is 1745, so perhaps his feast was still kept in the 18th century? SISTER MARY EMMANUEL, 0.S.B., Benedictines of Our Lady of Angels, Princethorpe Priory, near Rugby.

Children's Bible Stories

There are in bookshops at present a number of attractively bound NonCatholic Bible Stories and Lives of Our Lord written for children. These are being bought by Catholic parents who do not realise the source from which they come. Many of these books omit important facts and some are heretical. I quote from two : (a) Jesus knew how hard His mother had worked to keep Him and His brothers and sisters after the death of Joseph their father; (b) they were quite a big family. Besides Jesus, who was the eldest, there were James and Joseph. and Judah and Simon, and at least two sisters whose names, unfortunately, we don't know. Could not some of our Catholic writers devote some of their time to producing books which are both sound in doctrine and pleasing in appearance.-F. J. McDosseeLs, La Retraite, Weston-super-Mare.

Evening Mass

As the Evening Mass on Holydays of Obligation have proved to be a huge success, especially in our parish, which is very industrial, I now wonder if the Bishops would make further inquiries from the various Parish Priests with a view to allowing EvenMass on Sundays for the benefit of shift workers and others who find it impossible to attend in the morning. -M. E. K. 1Risest, Manchester.

Do "Martha" and her supporters realise that parish priests have quite enough work on their hands without taking evening Masses on weekdays and Sundays? The majority of parish churches have four or five Masses on Sundays, from 7 a.rn. to 11 a.m.: surely no one is too busy (or too idle) to be able to attend one of them. Moreover, I should imagine it would be preferable for a housewife to go to an early Mass on a weekday rather than in the evening, when the family are at home.-SYMA M. R. QUINN, 18 Walpole Street, Chester.

In my request for more evening Masses T did not mention Sunday Masses (most of us can surely manage that). I was thinking of first Fridays and other days of devotion -so few people are able to attend weekday Masses-and we already have it on holidays of obligation.ANOIHER MARTHA, Ilford.


Is not the name "Aloysius" simply the Latin equivalent to the Greek "Alexis"? The Russian for m "Alexer has as its diminutive "Alyosha." "Louis," on the other hand, would appear to be merely a Frenchified form of the purely Teutonic "Ludwig," acquired in Gaul during the period of Frankish domination.-HENRY BEST, 101 TOWyIl Way East, Abergele, Denbighshire.

Wine in Celtic Britain

Peterborough, in the Daily Telegraph (London Day by Day. January 16), stated that "wine making in England ...goes back to Roman times," and that Mr. George Ordish. "whose vines are in his garden at Yalding, Kent," has just written a book on the subject. Certainly in medieval England there was no lack of wines from established vineyards in the City of London, Hampton Court and elsewhere. Perhaps other readers can supply further information.-(Miss) M. Laseiciesee, 17 Gregories Road, Beaconsfield, Bucks.

Reference to Mr. Ordish's book is made in the Jotter column. page 4. -Editor, CATHOLIC HERALD.

Good Friday Can anyone tell me why Good Friday is not a hoiyday? It is treated so casually here in the Black Country. Work, etc., is carried on as usual.ANNE COLLINS.15 Salop Street, Brade's Village, Oldbury.

Prestunably because Mass is not said on Good Friday. Editor, CATHOLIC HERALD.

Nuns' dowries

I read the beginning of Josephine Foley's "full and frank story" in a Sunday paper and would like to point out that she is apt to give a very wrong impression when she says "her uncle was a very generous man-he helped to pay the £2,000 dowry required by my Order." May I say, having a fair experience of convents and Orders of Nuns, that it is possible to be a very holy Sister in many Orders which do not require any money at all, only a clean bill of health.-(MRs.) M. M. FLETCHER, 11 Mythop Avenue, Lytham.

Rome and back on £40

Could any of your readers tell us, from information or experience. if it is possible for a young couple (with own car) to get to Rome in the summer for £40.-HorEsurs

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