Page 7, 29th January 1954

29th January 1954
Page 7
Page 7, 29th January 1954 — EPISCOPAL ENGAGEMENTS

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Cardinal Griffin.Sunday : Visitation and Confirmation at the Church of Our Lady and St. Bridget, Isleworth, 6.10 p.m. Tuesday : Blessing of candles and procession ; presides at Capitular High Mass in Cathedral, In a.m. Friday, February 5: Offers Mass in the Cathedral for members, living and deceased, of Society of St. Augustine, 8 a.m.

Mgr. King, Bishop of Portsmouth.Tuesday : Clothing and profession ceremony at La Sagesse Convent, Romscy, 9.30 a.m. Saturday, February 6: Sings Pontifical High Mass for the golden jubilee of the Mercy Convent, Bournemouth, 9.30 a.m.

Mgr. Ellis, Bishop of Nottingham.Tuesday (Candlemas Day): Profession ceremony at the Sacred Heart Convent, Rearsby, Leics, Saturday, February 6: Attends dinner at the Criterion Restaurant, London, at which a presentation will be made to Fr. Leo O'Hea, S.J.

Mgr, Rndderham, Bishop of Clifton. -Saturday : Attends K.S.C. dinner, at Yeovil. Sunday : Confirmation and Visitation at the Hole Ghost Church, Yeovil.

Mgr. Cowderoy, Bishop of Southwark.-Tuesday : Blesses candles and assists at High Mass in the Pro-Cathedral, 8 p.m

Mgr. Beck, Bishop of Brentwood.Saturday : Attends annual dinner of Ilford Catholic Tennis Club. Sunday : Attends annual meeting of the Brentwood branch of the Perpetual Adoration Society at St. Vincent's, Becontree. Monday: Attends reception for Catholic members of the All Blacks' touring team at the Challoner Club. Tuesday : Presides at clothing and profession ceremony at the Convent of the Sacred Hearts, Chigwell.


Westminster.-Mgr. Gordon Wheeler, M.A., of the University of London Chaplaincy, has been appointed Administrator of Westminster Cathedral and Dean of the Precious Blood Deanery : Mgr. Canon Cuthbert Coilingwood, of Westminster Cathedral, will receive another appointment shortiy ; Fr. Joseph McVeigh, chaplain to the Forces, has been appointed to St. Mary's, Chelsea. as assistant, in place of Fr. William Anderson, M.A.. who has resigned; Fr. George Tomlinson, M.A., of the Cathedral, to the University of London Chaplaincy ; Fr. George Lee, of Commercial Road, E., to Ponsbourne Park as chaplain; Fr. John McDonald. L.C.L., of Chelsea, to St. Edmund's College as Professor of Moral Theology; Fr. Peter Lowry, of the diocese of Oslo, temporarily to Westminster Cathedral as a chaplain.

Birmingham. The following are appointments of parish priests: Fr. D. O'Connor, of Uttoxeter, St. Gregory's, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent ; Fr. D. Ford. of Dorchester-on-Thames, to St. Mary's, Uttoxeter, Staffs : Fr. W. Connick, of Hethe, to St. Birinus's, Dorchesteron-Thames: Fr. M. Forde, of Birmingham, to Our Lady and All Saints', Stourbridgc; Fr. T. Bagnall, of Blackmore Park, to St. Benedict's, Atherstone, Warwick ; Fr. J. Bullen, of Atherstone, to St. Vincent's. Birmingham ; Fr. T. Power, of Souldem, to Our Blessed Lady and St. Alphonsus's, Blackmore Park, Worcester ; Fr. C. O'Healy, of Northfield, to Holy Trinity, Hethe; Fr, L. Damp of Coventry, to St. Joseph's, Souldern. The following are appointments of assistant priests: Fr. E. Motherway, of Nechells, to St. Gregory's, Longton; ; Fr. D. Duggan, of Longton, to St. Joseph's, Chasetown I Er. S. Kiely, of Chasetown, to At. Joseph's, Nechells; Fr. A. Adams, of Gravelly Hill, to the Sacred Heart Church, Hanley ; Fr. P. Heath, of Banbury, to St. Austins, Stafford ; Fr. J. Flynn, of Stafford, to St. Michael's, Wolverhampton ; Fr. E. Whelan, of Birches Head, to St. Patrick's, Birmingham: Fr. G. Bolton, of Kingstanding, to St. Mary's and John's, Gravelly Hill, Birmingham; Fr. P. Regan, of Wolverhampton, to the Church of Christ thc King, Kingstanding, Birmingham ; Fr. D. Ryan, of Walsall, to St. Brigid's, Northfield, Birmingham; Fr, A. Ireland, of Saltley, to St. Philip's, Smethwick ; Fr. L. Smith, of Dorridgc, to St. Mary's, Walsall ; Fr. F. Dudley, of Smethwick, to St. Patrick's, Stafford : Fr. J. Lacey, of Birmingham, to SS. George and Martin's, Birches Head Fr. A J. Emery, of Northfield, to SS. George and Teresa, Dorridge, Warwick ; Fr. P. Lees (recently ordained), to St. Brigid's, Northfield ; Fr. J. P. Lane, of Birmingham, to the Church of Christ the King, Coventry.

Southwark.-Fr. Ambrose Woods has been appointed parish priest of Ashford. The following have been appointed assistant priests: Fr. Henry Minter to Upper Norwood Fr. Lionel Munns to St. Joseph's, Brighton : Fr. Leo Moore (Raphoe, Ireland) to Richmond : Fr. Edward Adlem to Canterbury, Fr, Peter Flavin has been appointed an Army chaplain. Fr. James Breslin (Raphael and Fr. John Hurley (Ross) have been recalled to their own dioceses.

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