Page 3, 29th July 1938

29th July 1938
Page 3
Page 3, 29th July 1938 — Effective Use f Trade Unions

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People: W. I. Brown


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Effective Use f Trade Unions


Organised Youth movements, run by committees wedded to Socialism and near-Communism are the most enthusiastic propagandists.

The attack is affecting Catholics who protest against the prostitution of the true social and economic ends of a Trade Union in the interests of politics and anti-Christianity.

The Civil Service Catholic Guild exists to give spiritual help to its members and to further the true end of the Union. Its aims make it difficult for it to deal with the serious menace.

From a Correspondent Anti-Christian Leftism is rapidly growing in the British Civil Service. It is being propagated by the younger members. In the Civil Service Clerical Association a Youth Advisory Council (Y.A.C.) has been formed. It is confined to men and women up to 25 years of age.

The mind behind this movement is however a high officer of the C.S.C.A.. "Comrade" Berg and behind him is the Secretary, W. I. Brown. Both the latter are, of course, strong and active supporters of Red Spain.

The Council is a loose agglomeration of all young people in the C.S.C.A. but in nearly every Whitehall office a Youth Advisory Council Committee is either formed or in course of formation. Through the Committees Left books and pamphlets, including strong Socialist literature and such things as birth control propaganda, are distributed or sold. At meetings such literature is exposed.

The Tax Departments In the Inland Revenue Staff Federation there is a different Youth movement, run by a rival of W. J. Brown which is of a rather more careful kind.

The character of the Civil Service Association on these matters can easily be deduced from the monthiy organ, Red Tape, and the Monthly Bulletins. Articles on foreign countries in this periodical with a circulation of some 50,000 are consistently in favour of anti-Christian views and philosophies. One Monthly Bulletin boldly stated that it was the duty of members of the Trade Union to join in the May Day Hyde Park demonstration..

The Association arid its Youth Movements seek to win Catholic youth of both sexes and therefore do all they can to " pull in " sympathetic references to Catholics.

Not a few Catholics have as a result become strong supporters but many others have resigned in disgust from a Trade Union that so unashamedly disregards the real purpose for which it was founded and for which its members pay.

800 Against the Rest

To set up against this advancing influence there is only the Civil Service Catholic Guild with its 800 members.

It is however prohibited from fighting in the open because its aim is spiritual rather than political, and it exists also to support the true economic and social aims of the Association.

To serve these two ends the Catholic Guild arranges for common spiritual action and for common study in the Church's social teaching.

The annual patronal Mass was celebrated at Hammersmith this year on July 13. Periodical meetings are held to hear papers and speeches on subjects relevant to the ends of the Guild and for discussion.

It will be evident that, apart from its spiritual action, the Guild is in a very weak position for dealing with a menace which affects the very essence of what its members stand for but which because it is not an overt and acknowledged aim of the Civil Service Clerical Association cannot easily be attacked by a Guild which shares what should be the true social and economic ends of a Trade Union founded for the benefit of all, whatever their religious or political views.

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